There are tons of ways to exercise, and we sincerely applaud any person who is out there trying to be healthier and more active. Seriously. We are in an era where many people are sedentary for the majority of the day. This lack of activity makes us sicker, weaker, and more unhappy as a culture. The cure is movement. We think CrossFit is the BEST way to move - and here’s why:

  1. CrossFit helps cultivate a well rounded representation of fitness through a variety of movement patterns, time domains, and loading. CrossFit specializes in not specializing - in other words, we train it all. Benefits include, but are certainly not limited to: improved cardiovascular health and lower blood pressure, increased bone density, increased body awareness, better joint health, and improved body composition.

  2. Results are measurable. We record our workouts each day in detail so we can clearly see when we are making progress. This progress inspires us, allows us to set achievable goals, and puts the focus on what our bodies can do rather than just what they look like or how much they weigh.

  3. CrossFit classes are run by professional coaches. You get guidance through your warm-up, skill, strength, and workout pieces. Our coaches are trained and certified in CrossFit and will help you, teach you, and ensure that you are moving with the best and safest technique. This hands on approach allows us to help our athletes continually learn, improve, and stay safe.

  4. CrossFit is community. Unlike a regular gym, everyone knows your name. We actually care if you show up. We cheer for you during tough workouts and chat with you after class when cleaning up and stretching. Your classmates are your team, friends, and family. Lifelong relationships are made here.

  5. CrossFit will make you a better human. It doesn’t just give you physical results but mental and emotional as well. The mental toughness, humility, patience, commitment, and resiliency that are developed here in the gym translate directly into the rest of your life.


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1 Year Package - $195/month

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Drop-in Classes

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