Weekend WOD

By January 30, 2009 Daily WOD


Shahan, Chris, and Dutch showing off their L-sit in Santa Cruz after the Cross Fit Games.  
6 Rounds for time:

12 Push Press

12 Burpees 


  • Speal says:

    Nice comments on yesterdays post gang! Speaking of rest. I’m in the hotel this morning and the fire alarm goes off. Yeah, no fire, a water pipe burst early this morning and we had to go outside. You know what that means… no rest 🙂

  • senta says:

    so, was this a result of an ice storm??

  • Sarah S. says:

    So does the pipe breaking also mean that you are going to make everyone suffer in the workout on Monday? I hope you don’t get stuck on a plane again on the runway for our own sake! ahhhhh!!!!

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