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By March 2, 2015 crossfitter-of-the-month
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Congrats Wayne on being our next CrossFitter of the Month

From the Coaches:
“Wayne is great to have in the gym. He asks good questions of the particularities of the movements to further his understanding and has a fun demeanor to him. He has been consistent and does not cherry pick the WODs, even if they are workouts that contain a bit of running. I heard a while back that he went to a competition to support our gym members he ended up participating in the competition on the spot to help out the team when one of the team members could not finish……that is just plain cool”- Eric

“Love seeing Wayne in the gym. He is the quiet beast. Although he already moves well he takes the time to listen to the coaches and improve during the instruction portion of the class. You can also find him making use of open gym hours working on Olympic lifting which is always bonus points in my book. Great attitude and supports those around him in workouts, team or individual. Guys like Wayne make my job easy as a coach.”- Chris

“Wayne likes to keep a low profile at the gym and while he is lifting an insane amount of weight he hates to draw attention to his successes in the gym. Although heavy lifting is his strong suit he continues to work on his endurance and takes advantage of open gym hours to improve his skills. I love having Wayne in class because he’s quick to crack a joke and is appreciative of trainer feedback. I also nominate Wanye because he jumped in when we needed someone during the Lululemon throwdown a few months back. Well deserved Wanye!!!”-Kenzie

“Wayne is great to have in the gym! I’ve gotten to know him a bit more and he’s great to be around, easy going, fun, and funny. He works hard in the gym and I love to see him push his limits with the Olympic lifts. Congrats Wayne!!!”-Doug

“I’m super pumped to have Wayne as a member of our gym and our community. His love for Olympic lifts and throwing around heavy barbells always keeps him coming back for more during any open gym time. He also shows up and does a workout he doesn’t want any part of just because he knows it will further improve his skills. With all the support we have shown Wayne he gives it back just as much by being the ultimate fan. Wayne has shown his support to me by always coming to watch me perform at any local competition and cheers loud even when I’m at the brink of devastation! He even came out of the crowd and jumped in on the competition when an extra man was needed, in loafers! Congrats Wayne, glad to have you part of our CrossFit PC family! ” -Ryan

” don’t get the chance to work with Wayne very often, but when I do I love his work ethic and positiveness. He’s always open to suggestions and cues, and that combined with his consistency has lead to great improvement. Congrats, Wayne!” -Shannon

From Wayne:
Wow, this was a completely unexpected but pleasant surprise. I still feel like the new kid who just moved into the neighborhood but I guess it has been almost a year since I moved to Park City. Thanks to Chris, Eric, Kenzie, Doug, Ryan & Shannon for considering me, I couldn’t have found a better community to become a part of. It is a great feeling to watch and follow an athlete you are inspired by and when you get the chance to meet them in person they are even nicer and more humble than you could have imagined. Chris was that person for me. The gym and community that he has built is incredible. Through my travels I have had a chance to train in dozens of CrossFit boxes and I have never seen such a great staff as we have. I don’t think I know of a CrossFit affiliate besides Park City with 3 coaches who are part of the Crossfit HQ Seminar Staff.

So, who is this new guy… This Wayne character. Well I was born and raised in Ohio. I grew up playing football, basketball and baseball like most kids. I really loved basketball but the elusive growth spurt never hit and in junior high I started focusing on wrestling and football. Since there would be no growth spurt, I realized I would have to work harder in the weight room than anyone else in order to compete. That is where my love of the barbell started and still continues to this day. I was fortunate enough to continue playing football in college and started for 3 years as a running back at Baldwin Wallace College. After those 4 years I wasn’t ready to join the workforce so I accepted a scholarship to get my Master’s Degree in finance at the University of Akron. This gave me two years to figure out what the hell I wanted to do. After graduating I boarded a greyhound bus headed for New York City for the first time to start a career as a trader on Wall Street. I worked as an equity trader for several Institutional Money managers. This led to an opportunity to join a new startup Money Management firm, Integrity Asset Management. We built the firm over the next 7 years and then were acquired by a large capital management firm in 2011. The purchase of our company afforded me the chance to work for myself and over the past 3 years I have been keeping the electric on by trading my own personal accounts.

In grad school I got the chance to take a spring break trip with friends out to Colorado for a snowboarding trip. The first time I saw the mountains on that trip, I knew I would be trying to find a way to get back to them and find a way to live in a ski town. The purchase of our company handed me that opportunity to get back to the mountains and that is how I find myself in the land of powder, Utah. Now if someone could just tell me where they hide the stuff that would be great.

When did i start this thing called Crossfit?

In 2010 I was planning a trip to Park City for a snowboarding trip with friends. Sitting behind a desk staring at screens all day did not seem to be the prescribed training regimen for a week long powder fest. Another trader had recommended that I try this thing called CrossFit and brought me along to CrossFit Cleveland. I was completely crushed by the first workout and found what I had been missing in my life after finishing competitive sports in college.

What keeps me at CFPC?

The trainers are phenomenal and the community is top notch.

Biggest Improvements/struggles with CrossFit?

My biggest struggle has always been with the gymnastic movements (rings) and that weird thing they call running. I would be very happy if they locked us in the gym and forced us to work only with barbells and kettlebells. I know this is a pipe dream and so I am determined to get better at running, unfortunately I think that means I am gonna have to run more.

If I could Design my own workout…

It would involve no running, maybe some rowing, definitely some pullups and hand stand pushups all intertwined with a few heavy barbell movements in it. – Ok trainers come up with a good one for me 🙂

Favorite Benchmark workout

I like the short and sweet ones. I’m pretty good at Grace but if I want to know where my current fitness level is I turn to FRAN. Its a bit sadistic but it lets me know where I am at pretty quickly.

Super Power I would want most?

I hate to be a copycat but Anna and her skill of teleportation would be the best superpower. Whats that? It just dropped 2 feet of fluff in Japan. Boom, I’m there and back in time for the 4:30 workout.


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