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By July 18, 2015 crossfitter-of-the-month
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Congrats Terry and Aimee on being our next CrossFitters of the Month

From the Trainers:

“Proud of the Preston family as our CrossFitters of the month. I enjoy working with all of them and their dedication to healthy family living is inspiring. Keep it up!”-Doug

“I Love having Terry and Aimee in class. They both come in ready to attack a workout and use the time almost as a date for the two of them. They work hard and enjoy their hour here. I appreciate their dedication to technique and listening to their body when scaling may be needed. Lastly TP and Aimee set a great example for their three kiddos, two of which we have the pleasure of training. The boys work hard and want to get technique down (as well as get gainzzzz!) Great job Preston family! Keep it up.” -Kenzie

“It is awesome that Aimee continues use her amazing athletic background to crush the workouts and Terry continues to strive for the mediocrity that most former basketball players try to achieve….haha!. On a more serious note they are both great to have in the gym and are a lot of fun to be around. It is great that they have made fitness a family affair and they do an amazing job of leading by example for their kids.” -Eric

“The Preston family is awesome! From the dedication they show from parents to kids they are well deserving for CrossFit couple of the month. So cool to see their commitment to a healthy lifestyle have such a positive effect on their kids. Plus, I can pawn my Reebok gear off on them since no one else is my size.” -Chris

“Congrats to the Preston’s on being this months CrossFitters of the month. Amy and Terry are great and it’s always fun seeing them in the gym. They are very hard working in and out of the gym and it definitely shows even during the toughest of WODs. They’ve always made great improvements and have achieved incredible feats in the gym. I always love seeing them partner up on every partner WOD as husband and wife ready to take down and couple who oppose them! Of course it’s all in good fun! Even their young ones are on the rise in the gym so watch out for those younger Preston’s and the next generation. Keep up the great work guys! ” -Ryan

From the Prestons:

Who is Terry & Aimee?

We are proud parents of three (Chase 15, Alivia 12, Miles 10). Both transplants to Utah (locals now I guess after 24 yrs), we met at the University of Utah in 1992 both members of the University’s athletics department, Aimee competed on the UofU gymnastics team and Terry the U’s basketball team. Married 18 years we love living in Park City enjoying as a family all that our spectatcular community has to offer.

What do you both do for work?

Aimee is the Executive Director of the Youth Sports Alliance based in Park City, Utah. The Alliance supports winter sports activities for youth in Summit and Wasatch counties, promoting good sportsmanship and healthy lifestyles through participation, education and competition.

Terry is Area Vice President Cardiac Sales for St. Jude Medical and works throughout the Intermountain West.

Where are you from?

Aimee: Scottsdale Arizona;
Terry: Mequon, WI

When did you start CrossFit?

Terry began CF in late 2010,
Aimee early 2011

What keeps you going at CFPC?

CF has been a tremendous community to be a part of providing great coaching, high intensity work, in an atmosphere of very impressive individuals and a collective community. We have used CF as dedicated time together as a couple, it has provided us an outlet to achieve together and keep our sanity during stressful, busy schedules. Invaluable!

What do you feel have been your biggest improvements/struggles with CrossFit?

Improvements: Strength gains, diet improvements (80/20 Paleo adoption), Mental clarity post workout!


Terry: All things flexibility, plateauing, taking rest days.
Aimee: Plowing through even when you shouldn’t. Trying to listen to my aging body and rest, lay off when needed.

If you could design a workout what would be in it?

TP- deadlifts, muscle-ups (bar or ring), run, OHS, HSPU
Aimee: Handstand pushups, uphill run, power snatch, toes to bar.

What is your favorite benchmark workout?

TP- Tie between Diane and Helen,
Aimee: Fran or Nancy

If you could have a super power what would it be?

Terry: Time travel
Aimee: moving objects with my mind

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