Congrats Teddy on being our next CrossFitter of the Month

From the Trainers

“It’s awesome to see how dedicated and how motivated Teddy has been from the very start! Teddy puts in great work and is always striving to improve. Even through pregnancy Teddy has never given up and to see her m compete in this year’s Open is incredibly inspiring and motivating no matter who you are! Never give up Teddy and keep fighting the good fight, the whole CFPC Fam is proud of your effort! ” -Ryan

“How awesome is Teddy! So great to see her getting fit each day. When we first met, she had discovered she was pregnant and had decided to discontinue her intro sessions. Shortly after our conversation, she let me know that she’d like to continue and has been consistent ever since. She works hard, is easily coachable, and her effort is inspiring. Keep up the good work Teddy, glad you decided to keep it up!” -Doug

“Teddy has set such an awesome example for all of our members. It’s easy to be intimidated when you walk in the doors and aren’t sure what to expect, but Teddy stuck with things all while being newly pregnant and has consistently come in the gym, worked hard, scaled when needed, and had a positive attitude. So awesome to see another mom taking care of themselves and there soon to be little one. Plus, she signed up for the Open… bonus!”- Chris

“Teddy has been with Crossfit Park City for less than 9 months and is taking the afternoon classes by storm! Starting a new exercise program at the beginning of pregnancy can often turn people away and in this case Teddy takes every workout as new experience, scales down to her comfort level and maintains great pacing to control her heart rate. She listens to the coaches and asks questions or options if needed. I love having her in class as she sets such a postive example to expecting moms. Congrats Teddy, happy to have you as part of our community”- Kenzie

“Teddy is a great person to have around the gym and I have NEVER heard a single complaint or negative comment. It is unique to have someone start any new fitness program, especially a CrossFit program, after finding out that they are pregnant so that alone is extremely impressive. Beyond that she is participating in the CF Open competition…….this is amazing! I am looking forward to seeing what you can do once this baby is born! Keep up the great work Teddy”-Eric

From Teddy

First I want to say how honored I am to be “CrossFitter of the month!”… This was definitely a surprise and I had to reread Kenzie’s email a few times to let it sink in! I really want to say THANK YOU to our absolutely incredible coaches (Kenzie, Doug, Chris, Eric, Ryan, & Pip) for your support, constant feedback, and welcoming me into this wonderful community of people… Your positivity, hard work, and passion for CrossFit is truly inspirational and contagious!

I moved to Utah from the Seattle area in August of 2014, first to American Fork and then to Park City two months later with my husband Ryan, our now almost three year old son Ryder, and our chi-weenie dog Batman. It’s kind of a long story but to give you the short version, eleven days before Ryder’s first birthday, we heard the words no parent should ever have to hear… “your son has cancer, it’s Stage IV, and the chances of survival could be about 50/50”. We were swept into the hospital right way and he began chemotherapy. Ultimately, we didn’t see eye to eye with his doctors and after a serious staph infection lasting six weeks, two port surgeries, and about a month inpatient, I looked at Ryan and asked him if we should move to Utah (we had talked with the oncologists at Primary Children’s, among many others, early on but were on a “no travel” restriction during Ryder’s infection). Without hesitation Ryan said yes and two weeks later we were on the road to our new beginning leaving behind all of our family and friends. We both agree it was the best decision we’ve ever made and since our move, Ryder has made leaps and bounds and we’ve all begun to heal as a family in this wonderful community we are blessed to now call home. His current oncologist is also much more optimistic that it’s no longer an “if” but “when” Ryder beats cancer regardless of how and how long it takes to get there. We’re still a long ways from out of the woods but we’re learning to make the best of our situation and live and love that much more fully. We’ve also launched a website dedicated to helping families navigate through supporting their kids with alternative and integrative cancer treatments called as we credit so much of Ryder’s progress to the many natural protocols we’ve implemented since his diagnosis. Between managing the site with Ryan, chasing after Ryder and keeping him on his daily regimen, and of course going to CrossFit, my days are pretty full and very blessed!

After going back and forth for weeks, I started CrossFit at the end of August, 2015. I had sampled my first class about a week before Ryder’s diagnosis and then my world came crashing down so it was definitely a big step for me to try again. Ironically a few days after my intro class, I learned I was pregnant! It was a bit of a surprise but a huge blessing to say the least. I thought I was done with CrossFit before I started so I thanked Doug and explained why I couldn’t continue. He let me know that if I wanted to I could and they could just scale the workouts so I thought OK, no excuses, I’m going to do this. I am so thankful I did because this has been another huge part of my own healing process and has given me the gift of even more positive energy for Ryder and baby number two… which is why I keep coming back! I feel stronger both mentally and physically even though I’m almost nine months pregnant. I really can’t wait to see what I’m capable of after Ryder’s little sister gets here!

I see my biggest CrossFit improvements whenever I work with a partner and feel that extra pressure of keeping up. I never really think I’ll be able to hang on but then when I do I’m thrilled! My biggest struggles are double unders (which I couldn’t do even before I was pregnant) and anything that involves hanging from the bar!

If I could design a workout, I’d throw in running and deadlifts…I had to google “benchmark cross fit workouts” but I settled on “Grace” 🙂

If I could have a superhero power it would be to wave my magic wand and cure cancer but if there’s anything I’ve learned, cancer is a marathon and not a sprint and I know I’ll never stop fighting to get there.


  • Suzanne Pretorius says:

    Teddy, congratulations! You are such a sweet, strong badass. Kaitlin and I just love you and it was a special treat to see Ryan and Ryder at the open cheering you on! xoxo

  • Susi says:

    Congratulations Teddy! You are so inspiring. And it sounds like Ryder is ready for Crossfit too… Burpees being his favorite 😉

  • Sarah says:

    Congrats Teddy! It’s so inspiring to see you in the gym working hard! You show that little lady who’s boss! 🙂 You have such an inspiring story. We will be praying for Ryder that The Lord completely heals him! The little sweetness! Congrats again and we are all excited to meet your little girl! (And bring you meals!)

  • Sean says:

    Congratulations Teddy! Watching you complete 16.4 in your stage of pregnancy was nothing short of astonishing. I wish you and your family the best in your marathon to beat cancer.

  • Kaitlin says:

    Yeah Teddy! Huge congrats. You’re a rock star and your little boy is the absolute cutest 🙂

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