Congrats Siri of being our next CrossFitter of the Month

From the Trainers:

“To me, Siri is what the CrossFit program is all about…….overcoming physical and psychological obstacles and having an improvement in quality of life. I have seen a lot of progress from Siri over the last year and she is doing things that I didn’t know she would be capable of doing. This type of effort and consistency has been motivating and inspiring to myself as well as other members of the gym. Beyond the physical feats that she is doing, I have noticed a huge change in her overall mindset…..which for many of us could be the most important thing to change. Siri, you are awesome and we are proud of you! ” – Eric

“Siri is giving it her very best every time she’s in the gym. Since coming back from a tough shoulder injury she’s stayed smart and worked her way back to getting stronger than ever one small step at a time. She’s always pushing herself to new heights all while staying healthy and mindful of what her body can handle. Great job on pushing yourself to those new PRs and stepping up to that next level Siri!” – Ryan

“Congratulations to my wonderful wife! Your hard work and effort pays off and I’m happy for you that others have started to notice it. Spending so much time at the gym, I love being able to share time there with you and even workout with you from time to time. Keep up the hard work and I love you!”- Doug

“Siri has shown a great level of commitment over the past year in the gym. She continued to do what she could in the gym while rehabbing her shoulder and stuck with CrossFit through a variety of subs with her shoulder. I recently got to have her on my team for the intragym competiton and she was a team player and always willing to step up to the plate. PR’d her snatch twice in one day and did burpees for 7 min with a head cold and no complaints. It was awesome to see her step outside of her comfort zone a bit and rise to the challenge. Plus, she has to put up with Doug everyday. Is there a separate award for that?”- Chris

“Siri is absolutely deserving of CrossFitter of the Month. After having surgery on her shoulder she diligently worked through Physical Therapy and rehabbed her shoulder. While rehabbing you could find her in the gym constantly working within her abilities and improving such movements as her air squat or building a strong core through GHD work. I am so impressed by her strong will and positive attitude and I love having her in in class. Keep up the good work Siri!!” -Kenzie

From Siri:

Wow, this was very unexpected! Thank you Chris, Eric, Doug, Kenzie, and Ryan for helping me become a better athlete. I really appreciate all the help you have all given me over the years.

I am originally from Roseville, Minnesota and moved to Park City with my amazing husband Doug in 2003. Before coming to Utah, I had the great opportunity to work in Glacier National Park in Montana which sealed my love for living in the mountains. Long story short, we came to Park City for one winter season and never left. I think I truly fell in love with Park City during our first summer here. I love to hike and explore with our dog Oliver, so what better setting! I’ve had several jobs since moving ranging from a city bus driver to dog trainer, and I currently work at The Montage Deer Valley as the Residential Accountant. I am also able to bring my dog training skills to good use there as I am currently training our newest canine ambassador for the hotel, Parker (a frequent visitor to the gym). It has been really fun to be able to combine my ‘real’ job with my ‘fun’ job, (you can decided which is which since my boss is a member of CrossfitPC). ☺

Growing up, I was always on some sort of team…mainly basketball and soccer. I loved being a part of a team and staying active. During college I wanted to try something different so I joined of The University of Minnesota Lumberjack team. It was a lot of fun and something very different!

Moving to Park City, I loved hiking but I got to a point where I needed something more. I hated going to the gym and lifting weights by myself, so when Doug got into CrossFit it piqued my interest. I was very apprehensive at first. I don’t remember the exact workout but it was a partner workout, so naturally Doug was my partner. I just remember being in the parking lot throwing med balls over our heads as far as you could. It was really fun but I was wondering what I was getting myself into! After that, I was only in the gym periodically because my work schedule would not allow me to be a regular. I didn’t really get into in until about 2 years ago when my work schedule became more consistent.

The community is the main reason I love coming to the gym. I really enjoy having a fun group of people to work out with. The way which everyone supports and encourages each other makes our gym such a great place. Then you have the trainers… Some of the jokes may get old (ie. “your shoe’s un tied”) but it makes warming up so much more fun when there are lots of laughs. I appreciate the trainers pushing me to do better, or putting more weight on your bar when you are on the running portion of the work out.

I had shoulder surgery in January so it has been a struggle for me to let the recovery happen. I just wanted to be able to jump right back into things, but I can’t. I am finally getting to the point where I can start doing work outs with the prescribed weights. I still struggle with overhead stuff, but I am focusing on strengthening my upper body so those movements are not as difficult, and I am determined to be able to do pull-ups soon.

If I could design a work it would be something similar to the dirty 30. I enjoy the workouts that have multiple movements in them. I may not be great at all the movements so to have movements I can work on and ones I am good at makes for an all-around good work out.


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