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By September 24, 2015 Daily WOD, Slider
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Congrats Nick on being our next CrossFitter of the Month

From the Trainers:

“Nick is a total workhorse and is always pushing himself 110% each and every day. Nick’s attitude is incredible and he is always fired up for any workout no matter what it is. He works hard every single day on weaknesses and is fired up to improve his Olympic lifts in the revamped Barbell club. Nick is always wanting to learn and is constanly asking for help on efficiency tips and anything to improve his already impressive skills. He also enjoys helping me improve my knowledge in my Exercise and Sports Science major by constantly quizzing me on anatomy! Congrats Nick, well deserved and keep up the great work!”- Ryan

“Nick is awesome! Not only is he a fit dude, he’s great to be around! He is eager for instruction,works hard, and his enthusiasm is infectious. Congrats Nick!”- Doug

“Nick is a great example to those around him in the gym. He works hard, takes feedback from coaches with appreciation, and understands the CrossFit methodology. Much respect for his continual work and bridge between the PT and CrossFit communities.” Chris

“Given Nick’s educational background and current occupation, I appreciate his open-mindedness to the CrossFit Methodology and the movements, as it is easy for individuals in the medical field to be close-minded to others when it comes to exercise, strength training, and movement mechanics. I also love the intensity and energy that Nick brings to his workouts and the effort that he puts forth. Keep up the good work dude and you keep making those #gainz”-Eric

“Nick joined CrossFit Park City only a few months ago, however he already had a great foundation in the fundamental movements. Nick comes to every class with enthusiasm and excitement. I am always impressed by his go to attitude and internal drive. Beyond that Nick uses his background in athletic training to answer any questions from our members or from our trainers! Super stoked to have Nick at CrossFit Park City!”- Kenzie

From Nick:

I am a husband, father of 2 beautiful little girls, a CF-L1 Trainer, CrossFit Addict and Licensed Athletic Trainer. I work for Dr. Vernon Cooley at the Rosenberg Cooley Metcalf Clinic in Park City and at TOSH. I also work with the US Ski Team and Norwegian Short Track Speed Skating Team. In addition to this, I have worked as a Strength Coach for North Summit High School for the past 8 years. Previously I worked for The University of Utah Football Team, and spent a year working as a member of a Sports Medicine Team in the NFL. I was born and raised in Summit County, but I have lived in Idaho, The Bay Area, and lived for a time in the Philippines. Currently I live in Heber City with my wife Maychel and two girls Myla (5), and Taya (3).

I began CrossFit roughly 3 years ago after a former athlete of mine at The University of Utah introduced me to CrossFit. He invited me to his gym and the first WOD I ever attempted was “Murph”. Although it almost killed me, I was hooked from that moment and decided I would never train another way again. I have only been a member of CrossFit Park City for the past 7 months, but it has become my home away from home. I have been to a number of different CrossFit Gyms across the country and the camaraderie, elite level of coaching and programming, and family environment at CrossFit Park City are second to none.

My biggest improvement while I have been a member at CrossFit Park City is my overall understanding of how important technique and programming play a role in achieving true functional fitness. While I tend to excel in body weight movements and running, my biggest struggle is with Olympic Lifting. I have improved more in the past 7 months at CFPC at both of these lifts than I had previously over the past 18 years and I look forward to turning these weaknesses into strengths with the guidance of our awesome trainers.

If I could design a WOD it would definitely be a “grind it out” chipper with plenty of gymnastic movements, moderate weight hang squat cleans, and a running element. No Rower, No WallBall because of my height impediment!

My favorite Benchmark WOD is “Mary”. These are my 3 favorite body weight movements.

If I was able to choose a super power it would be super human strength, or precognition (the ability to predict the future).


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