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By March 26, 2015 crossfitter-of-the-month
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Congrats Nat on being our next CrossFitter of the Month

From the Trainers:

“Nat has been doing an amazing job the last couple of months by putting extra focus on her nutrition and by taking extra time to focus on technique by utilizing skills sessions. It has been awesome to see her hit a lot of “firsts” the last couple of months due to this effort and I love to see when hard work pays off! She also does an amazing job of dancing to Michael Jacksons song “Thriller”, the choreography and the moves are on point!!” -Eric

“Always great to see Nat in the class setting. I have also had the pleasure to do some one on one work with her and it’s awesome to see things “click” for her and watch her improvements. Well done on the paleo challenge, your consistency in the gym, and your great attitude. It has paid off without a doubt. ” -Chris

“Nat Pepito embodies the term CrossFitter of the month, if not Year! You can find her in programmed class, Open gym, OPEN prep class, and taking advantage of personal trainings! She has such a drive to improve her technique and she works on it endlessly. Most recently she tackled the PALEO challenge and the results paid off! She looks great and feels great. Way to go Nat p!” -Kenzie

“Nat is awesome! She’s been one of the most regular attendees in classes since we started checking in and has seen results because of it. Her dedication to her diet has given her a huge boost and she’s setting new PR’s every week! Awesome Nat!” -Doug

“Nat is the definition of the term ‘Attack your weaknesses.’ She has worked so hard in every class, every prep class, barbell class, one on ones, you name it she has done it to improve her overall fitness. Her improvement in and out of the gym has been as awesome as it is inspiring! Always brings energy to the class and is always willing to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. No matter the workout, movement, or scheme of things Nat will always be there. Great Job Nat!” -Ryan

From Nat:

Who is Momma Pepito?

I was born in Queens, New York and moved to Dallas, Tx when I was 6 years old. Needless to say I was not happy growing up in Texas so I decided to join the Marine Corps. Best decision I have ever made! I met my husband in the Marines.

I am a mother of two awesome kids, Andrew, who is 24 and Kalynn, who is 21.

I am a former Marine, who eloped to Las Vegas at the age of 18 with my hubby Andy Pepito.

After we got out of the service we moved to Long Island and I was a Postal Worker for 11 years. We decided to move to Park City in August of 2002 after visiting my family that previous winter.

We packed up and started over. I went into the daycare business with my Mother and Andy started a new landscape company.

Little did we know that 3 months later, I would be diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. Obviously, I kicked cancer’s ass and have been cancer free for 13 years.

What do you do for work?

I am the owner of The Kids Cabin, an hourly daycare facility here in Park City.

I grew up in the in home daycare environment. My mom did this for a living and I was always very involved with the kids in my house. When we moved to Park City, I decided to give Daycare a try and discovered that I was really really good at it! Who knew!

I love my job and work all the time!

1) When did you start crossfit?

I started crossfit at Silver Mountain in July of 2012 and I loved the concept and I wasn’t bored anymore. I worked out with Andy Cordray and Mike Bacon for a while, and they moved to CFPC. Andy came into my Daycare one day and told me that I HAD to go to CFPC for real CrossFit.

So Andy, Andrew, and I joined CFPC in March of 2013. It was a rude awakening to say the least!

I couldn’t do any of the lifts and couldn’t do a pull-up to save my life.

One thing that stood out to me was the community. I made so many new friends within 3 months of joining and I consider them family!

2)What keeps you going at CFPC?

CFPC is my therapy. It takes away the stresses of running two daycares and life in general.
I get bored easily and Crossfit keeps me on my toes always. There is ALWAYS something to improve upon. It never ends and that is good!

3)What do you feel have been your biggest improvements/struggles with crossfit?

My biggest improvements in Crossfit have been Pull-ups in general. I have never ever been able to do any kind of pull-up and it took me a year and a half to get one! Now I can do chest to bars.

My biggest struggles continue to be my fear of lifting heavy weight and running. I am getting better with this…the struggle is real!

4) If you could design a workout what would be in it?

If I could design a workout it would have pull-ups, burpees, and snatches in it.

5) What is your favorite benchmark workout?

I love Annie.

6) If you could have a super power what would it be?

My superpower would be telekinesis!


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