Natalie Groenenboom

By February 15, 2013 crossfitter-of-the-month

Here’s why our CFPC Trainers nominated Nat this month for CrossFitter of the Month!

Shannon: She is an inspiration in the gym! She comes in, works hard every time, has a positive outlook and is always there to encourage others. AND, she has the best cartwheel at 9 months pregnant that I’ve ever seen!!

Eric: Because she always works hard (before, during, after pregnancies), has been consistent, and makes people feel welcome in the gym. However, if I see Nat wearing a Rich Froning t-shirt I may have to take away the Crossfitter of the Month title!!

Doug Z: She continues to make gains even while pregnant and worked hard through her pregnancies

Chris: Always consistant. Even through two pregnancies and she is smart as she comes back after recovering from them. She understands the concept of scaling and taking her time to get back to where she was. It had always paid off for her.

Kenzie: I nominate Nat for CrossFitter of the Month because she always brings a positive attitude to the gym and goes out of her way to cheer her community on. Not to mention she is one of the most fit, determined, fantastic pregnant mama I’ve seen!

I’m just a Texas girl living a great life in the mountains with a hot hubby (pinch myself often!), 2 kiddos and 2 dogs!

servpic-7I was a flight attendant for 11 years ending my aviation career flying the rich and famous on private jets for a company called NetJets. That’s where I met the hot hubby. Yes, he’s a pilot. Yes, it’s so cliche. I then moved to Park City to be with Rick (Boomer) temporarily. Well, that was in 2006. We now have 2 miracles: Knox (20 months) and August (4 months)……oh and by the way did I mention we are Crossfit Junkies?

servpic-9Almost 4 years ago, I tagged along with Anna Crabtree to try out this “Crossfit thing”. I remember some squatting, some rowing, and some wall balls. I immediately went home and told Rick that I would give up pedicures to budget for this new fitness adventure. No need…..he was smitten from first WOD as well! Crossfit also caused me to then immediately retire from long distance running. Can you give me an Amen?!?

Seeing my friends and the crack cocaine aspect of Crossfit is what keeps me coming back. I WILL do a muscle up one day and I WILL walk on my hands across the gym one day. Now, I’m not sure if I will ever NOT hate burpees but I’ll keep wishing.

I definitely have improved on my lifting form and strength over the years. I NEVER thought I would be that girl. I just ran. Of course, I also ate grains/sugar everyday all day too. Things change. Funny, because now I kind of cringe and dread the body weight only WODs. Can we at least mix in a light barbell and do some snatches?

If a WOD were called “Nat” it would be:
3 rounds: 20 Box Jumps, 15 Hang Power Snatches (95/75), 20 sit ups, 15 Hang Power Cleans (115/95)
So, Chris and Eric, pretty please???

DSC_0021Nancy used to be one of my favorites but she was just so unpleasant last time, I think I’m de-friending her and friending Grace or Isabel.

Oh….and super powers? EASY. I want to read minds (but be able to turn it off), just like my favorite vampire. Don’t laugh people! You know that could come in handy!!!!


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