Mountain Meltdown!

By May 8, 2016 Daily WOD


Nat and Jim enjoying the track, friends, and a P.B.R.!

Awesome job this weekend guys! Thanks to all who participated, running, stuffing goodie bags, setting up, taking down, and volunteering! Rain or shine, CrossFit Park City has the best members around!

Comments: Best moment of the Mountain Meltdown?


  • Nat p says:

    Of course the torrential rain!!!

  • Jill says:

    Best moments for me was getting to the top of the road to the sled drag and being greeted by Lavina, Laura and Kim who were so excited to see me! Roark literally tackling me at the finish line, Nancy greeting me at the finish, Pip encouraging me on the rope climb. Dave being there to support me The list goes on. So proud of Julie for doing so well and for Chris and the entire CFPC gang for putting on a first class event! What an amazing birthday present for me to finish this at 68! ?

  • Mike Bacon says:

    That guy Doug at the start was just top notch!

  • Susan Rutkowski says:

    Watching my husband be the first to cross the finish line! Super proud. Congratulations to everyone who did this event! Fun to watch all of you☺

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