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Congrats Mikelle and Riley on being our next CrossFitter’s of the Month

From the Trainers

“I haven’t yet had the pleasure of working with Riley or Mikelle personally, but after watching their performances in the Open I can say our next generation has a bright and strong future. These two were awesome to watch not only because of their performances, but also because of their motivation and encouragement they expressed for one another. They were always there to cheer one another on and push themselves to new height and new limits. Keep training hard and smart girls cause you have a bright future ahead of you! Oh and for Mikelle, GO UTES!”- Ryan

“Riley and Mikelle are the future of CrossFit Park City! They both showed great determination and support of one another and their peers throughout the open. It’s refreshing to see kids that are embracing a whole new lifestyle of fitness and hard work. Congrats to the two of you. It was inspiring to watch you work!” – Chris

“I nominated Riley Weldon and Mikelle Losee for our Crossfitters of the Month after witnessing amazing strength and determination during the 2015 CF Open. Both girls were exposed to movements we have not done in our teens class and tackled them with grace! I have the privilege of working with the girls in our Teens class and am always impressed by their work ethic. They come in excited and are determined improve their skills. Recently Mikelle Clean & Jerked 100 pounds and Riley got her first Handstand pushup! How cool is that? These girls are on their way to great things! Congrats ladies!”- Kenzie

“It have been great getting to coach Mikelle and Riley in the teen class. Not only have I gotten to see them grow with their physical performances but I have also seen them grow into awesome young adults that are just great to be around. I think they have both found that they are much more physically capable than they thought was possible before and challenging themselves by participating in the Open helped them to realized this more as I saw them do things they previously had not done and push themselves to levels that they perhaps had not gone to before. I’m really proud of you guys for more than just participating in Open but for your effort all the time, for your attitudes, and the way you continue to grow physically and psychologically. Keep up the great work”- Eric

“Mikelle and Riley are awesome! It was great to see them go for it during The Open, especially with the events which were out of their comfort zone. Their great attitude and positive energy is an asset to our community, and I always look forward to seeing them around the gym. Congrats ladies!” -Doug

From mama Kim of Mikelle

I couldn’t be more pleased or proud that Mikelle has been nominated for Crossfitter of the month. Not only has Crossfit helped her improved her fitness, it has taught her learn how to work harder and dig deeper in everything she does. Mikelle runs on the Park City High School track team as a freshman and is faster, stronger, and more detected than ever, thanks to Crossfit. Mikelle has lived in Park City her whole life. Being a member of Crossfit has helped her be more involved with her community. I’m thankful that Crossfit Park City includes her as one of the family.

From Mikelle

I started Crossfit in the heat of last July. I can’t tell you how much I love Crossfit. It was always a challenge for me to get my butt off my couch and go work out. Now, because of my strange addiction to Crossfit, there is no contemplating weather to go to work out or not. The amount of happiness I get from just walking through the doors of CFPC is amazing. The coaches and the people are just so awesome, and they motivate me to come back again, and again. While I’m there I am motivated by my coaches, Kenzie and Eric, and also by my peers.

When I started Crossfit I couldn’t do a pull-up, or even a proper squat. With hard work, dedication, and lots of time, I can now do countless kipping pull-ups and squats are probably one of my favorite exercises. If I could design a workout it would have kipping pull-ups (of course), burpees, box jumps, back squats, and handstand holds (on the wall). My favorite workout so far was the one we did before Thanksgiving that was called ‘Merry Thanksgiving’ and all I remember about it, is that there were a lot of reps, and I couldn’t walk the next day. And for some very strange reason I love the feeling when your legs hurt so much that it is difficult to walk. It sort of makes me feel like I know I worked hard. If I could have a super power I would be to save lives that were in danger no matter what the situation.

I just want to give a huge THANK YOU to all my coaches who have helped me in my ‘Crossfit journey’. Eric and Kenzie, I would be no where without you guys. You both are really awesome coaches and I’m blessed to have you guys as my daily coaches. Chris, thanks to you I can finally do pull-ups and dead lifts without wanting to jump off a cliff halfway through my workout! Yay! Doug, thanks for always giving me crap, it means a lot. Shannon, thank you for guiding me through the rough challenges of the Paleo diet, and also helping me with my science project, I will miss you!

From mama Julie of Riley

Riley is an 8th grader at Treasure Mountain here in town. She was born two months early in Philadelphia and almost didn’t survive. Riley has been a fighter since the beginning! She’s an amazing big sister to Luke and Finley, the compassion and patience she possesses with them are greater than most adults we know.

We’re extremely proud of Riley for stepping out of her comfort zone, believing in herself and finding the confidence to participate in the CrossFit Open. She learned a lot about herself and what she’s capable of! We can’t wait to see her tackle the Open in 2016!

Riley started CrossFit Kids with Eric when she was 7 years old.

From Riley

What keeps you going at CFPC?
I keep going to crossfit because I like how it makes me feel really good after I’m done, it makes me feel like I have done something well that day.

What do they feel have been their biggest improvements/struggles with CrossFit?
My biggest improvement and struggle has been handstand push-ups because I got my first couple in the open but I had a lot of trouble doing them!!!

If they could design a workout what would be in it?
If I could design a workout it would be handstand push-ups, squat cleans, and pull-ups

What is their favorite workout?
I like rowing, thrusters, front squats, burpees,..

If they could have a super power what would it be?
If I could have a super power, it would be super fast speed


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