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Congrats Laura on being our next CrossFitter of the Month

From the Trainers

“Congratulations Laura! I appreciate Laura’s willingness to learn and her constant interest in improving her technique. Her hard work and dedication are inspiring and she’s great to be around!”-Doug

“Laura is consistent, works hard, asks questions, and is receptive to suggestions from trainers. So great to see her improvement over the year. I am especially proud of her willingness to participate in last years Open with such a great attitude. Knowing her abilities but still working to push through perceived limitations set a great example to others around her. “- Chris

“I nominate Laura because she is constantly trying to improve. She takes the teaching cues we give her in class and puts in extra work at open gym to improve her technique. I enjoy her positive attitude in class, she helps make the 5:15 class awesome! I am impressed with how far she has come in her time with CFPC and I look forward to seeing her progress over the year!”-Kenzie

“Laura is a dedicated and persistent individual. What I enjoy most about about having Laura in a class is her constant willingness to ask questions and seek out additional assistance. She’s never afraid to speak up and ask a trainer to watch her perform a movement to make sure she is 100% on the right path. Always asking for additional efficiency tips and the best way to approach each and every workout, Laura is on a constant mission to better herself. Keep up the good work Laura!”- Ryan
“Every time I have Laura in class she attacks the workouts! She has done a great job with staying consistent and working on the mechanics of the movements. She uses her fitness to help her do things she loves outside of the gym as well which is something that I appreciate. Keep up the good work!”-Eric

From Laura

Who is Laura? What do you do for work? Where are you from?

So first off…Wow-Wheeee what an honor! I am humbled and excited at the same time! To be recognized and nominated by our world class trainers has truly made my year! Thank you so much Chris, Eric, Kenzie, Doug and Ryan for the recognition, for watching out for all of us while pushing our potential at the same time. Our gym is a magical place filled with a tight community of fun and hard work because of the energy and commitment you all have. You have each been instrumental in bringing me to a whole new level of fitness that I never thought would be possible in my later years!

Now and since you asked, a little tale about me…I hail from a big group of crazy Italian and Irish New Yorkers. On the Italian side, my grandfather was thrown on a ship at the age of 9 with his Aunt and 2 cousins to come to America from a small farming town in southern Italy. As an adult I realize how brave and fearless he was to land at Elis Island, not speaking a word of English, and figuring out how to make a life for himself in NY. I’m proud to have that determination and courage running through my veins. On the Irish side, I’m convinced they partied themselves into a life in New York. They taught me that life is a barrel of laughs and to not take it too seriously. The shining star is my life is my 4 year old nephew, Levi – he reminds me everyday that life is beautiful, which is his most frequently used word.

I was born in NYC and raised in eastern Long Island in a town called Farmingville. Growing up with 2 younger, active brothers, made me into a tomboy and young athlete. In junior high and high school I played basketball, softball, volleyball, ran track and field (my least favorite) and played field hockey through college, which was my favorite of them all. I attended college at SUNY Plattsburgh, received a degree in teaching and taught computer programming to grades 4 through high school as my first real job. Also coached HS field hockey for a few seasons, which wasn’t nearly as much fun as playing. I was constantly fined by the referees for being on the field too much during play!

After teaching, I found a career in sports and retail marketing and merchandising, which I have loved – worked for 2 Olympic Games (Atlanta and SLC), FIFA World Cup Soccer in Paris, managed events for Foot Locker which got me to Super Bowls, and NBA, MLB and NHL all-star games. After the Salt Lake Olympics, I went back to school and got a degree in photography. After graduation, I shot professionally for a few years, mostly for magazines and sport organizations. I am currently the VP of Partnerships and Client Services at Huge Brands USA, which is a national merchandise development and production company based in Salt Lake.

When did you start CrossFit?

In 2012 I was training with a Personal Trainer in Brooklyn, NY and out of nowhere one day he said to me “Man this Spealler guy in Utah is amazing” Having befriended Jill a few years prior to that I thought “Hmmm, there can’t be that many Speallers in Utah”, so I google searched ‘Spealler Crossfit Utah’. The gym’s website came up and there was a video of Jill doing pushups on one of the CFPC website pages. Then I learned about Chris’s legacy and got real curious about the sport, so I asked my trainer to teach me some crossfit movements – needless to say he tried – but when I moved out to Park City and started at our gym in May 2013, I quickly learned that what I was doing in NY was not crossfit.

What keeps you going at CFPC?

So many things but mainly: the great community of people that motivate me every day, the life long friends I have made, that I can deadlift and clean a 50lb bag of cat litter onto my shoulder and carry it to a register, and squat while reading product labels on the bottom shelf in the grocery store for minutes on end, while everyone else in the store is bending from their hips!

What do you feel have been your biggest improvements/struggles with crossfit?

For the first 6 months my struggle was adjusting to the altitude and learning to regulate my breathing, especially while running. My biggest overall struggle then improvement has been mobility. Since I’ve started with massages with Gerritt and learned what it takes to keep my body mobile, lose and limber, I feel that my movements and technique have been better.

If you could design a workout what would be in it?

Double Unders, Deadlifts, Pull-ups and hang power cleans

What is your favorite benchmark workout?

I actually have 3 – Annie, the hero WOD DT and Fight Gone Bad

If you could have a super power what would it be?

I would like the power to change hindsight into foresight – I believe this would save the human race from many bad decisions.


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