Kris Dougherty | CrossFitter of the Month

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Congrats Kris on being our next CrossFitter of the Month

From the Trainers

“When Kris first came to CFPC I honestly didn’t know if she was going to stick with it or not…..not because the workouts were too hard or anything but because she came from an endurance background and I think she was probably a bit skeptical and hesitant at first. I am really glad she chose to stick around! She has been consistent, works hard and is just a ton of fun to be around. I appreciate that she doesn’t complain and she just puts forth a good effort all the time. Keep up the great work Kris”- Eric

“Good to see Kris still loving it and continuing to work hard after all the years she’s been with us. She’s always dedicated to showing up and getting her workout in, but the best part is she is always smiling and having a good time. No matter how crazy the workout is she’s always there cracking jokes and bringing in the humor at the right time. Always count her in to be there with her 5:30 peeps and cheering one another on until the end! Nice work Kris! “- Ryan

“Kris is the quiet and dedicated one in the gym. A true runner that has taken on CrossFit for a well rounded base. It’s been great to see her improvements over the years and a pleasure to have her in class. Always listening and working hard. “- Chris

“Kris was one of the first people I met at CrossFit Park City! She set the example of consistency, determination and hard work. She has been a role model for me since! I appreciate having her in class as she brings a fun & positive attitude to the 5:30pm classes. Way to go Kris!” -Kenzie

From Kris:

First of all let me start by thanking Chris, Doug, Eric, Kenzie, and Ryan for this! I’m humbled that you guys would nominate me, Thank-you!

I was born in St. Augustine, Florida. My Dad’s job moved us to Salt Lake City when I was 8. I moved back and forth from SLC to Florida a few times and ended up settling in Salt Lake. I went to Judge Memorial High School, followed by the University of Utah where I majored in Computer Science. After college, I got married, lived in DC, Pensacola Florida, Yuma Arizona, Shreveport Louisiana, and returned to the most beautiful place I’ve ever been, Park City, Utah. I share my life with my wonderful and amazing son, Fisher, and our furry canine, Henry.

For the past 7 years I’ve worked for a company in Park City called Lifestyle Electronics. I program and create graphics for user interfaces (iPad’s, in-wall touchscreens, iPhone’s) for Smart Home control. I control things like house audio & video, theaters, lighting, blinds, HVAC, hot-tubs, driveway heaters, garage doors, cameras, door locks, security, safe rooms, wine rooms, etc. Anything you can think of really.

When did you start Crossfit?

I started Crossfit PC when it was across the parking lot in the old location. I believe it’s been almost 6 years ago! Back when Sarah Spealler was my son’s first grade teacher and Eric O’Connor was his P.E. coach. I was reluctant to try Crossfit, I had never lifted weights and I was afraid I would injure myself or end up looking like a professional body builder. Ridiculous right! I’m happy to report that I’ve never been injured thanks to the incredible coaching we have here at Crossfit PC. I know our safety is their number one priority and I’m so thankful for that. As far as looking like a professional body builder… Yeah right, I wish! I’d just like to RX a workout!

What keeps me going at Crossfit?

The community, the coaches, the variety, the FUN! I love to trail run, hike, mountain bike, ski, surf, you name it, if its outdoors I want to do it or try it. Bottom line, Crossfit allows me to do all these things without ending up on a stretcher at the end of the weekend! The Crossfit PC community is amazing too. I love the energy of the afternoon classes, everyone is so nice, supportive, and funny! It’s a place I look forward to going after a long day at work.

What do you feel have been your biggest improvements/struggles with Crossfit?

Biggest struggle, overhead squats and push-ups. Biggest improvements, everything, but to be specific I guess I’d say cleans and rope climbs.

If you could design a workout what would be in it?

How about some trail running, mixed in with some deadlifts, pull-ups, and rope climbs!

What is your favorite benchmark workout?

Angie! I still have to do the push-ups on my knees though, they kill me!

If you could have a super power what would it be?

Healing. But if I can’t have that one I’d take mind control, that could get interesting J


  • Susi says:

    Congratulations Kris! I am glad too you stuck around 😉 So fun working out with you and to see your smiling face in the afternoon classes!!

  • Brooks says:

    YAY Kris! So well deserved. Wish we had the opportunity to work out together…I hope we do soon! Congratulations!

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