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By October 23, 2014 crossfitter-of-the-month
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Congrats Kim on being our next CrossFitter of the Month

From the Trainers

“I nominate Kim L. for CrossFitter of the month for her consistently positive attitude and smile during class. She rarely gives herself enough credit when it comes to lifting and is often surprised by her own strength. Kim asks questions and isn’t afraid of trying something new. Lastly Kim is such a positive role model for her girls and continues to show them that strong is the new sexy. “-Kenzie

“Kim has made great improvements in the gym and is always working towards that perfect technique. She is always positive and always happy to be with us at the gym. Her dedication to a daily, consistent routine has always kept her coming back for more and it is awesome to see. Nice work Kim!” – Ryan

“Kim is more than deserving of being our CrossFitter of the Month! I remember the first day that Kim gained enough confidence to venture from the Elements class to a regular WOD and she never looked back. She is a complete joy to work with. Her consistency and push to be better in the gym, along with her dedication to nutrition out of the gym show in her success. She also adds such a positive element to our box. Congrats, Kim!”- Shannon

“Kim’s dedication, great attitude, and hard work have paid off! She’s a joy to have in class and a wonderful part of the gym. Congratulations to Kim as our CrossFitter of the month, well deserved”- Doug

“Congrats Kim. It’s been great to see you have do consistency and step out of your comfort zone to challenge yourself a bit. The hard work is paying off and the results are showing!”- Chris

“I nominate Kim because I have seen an unbelievable transformation that I honestly did not know she was capable of making. It just goes to show that when you commit to a goal and put the work into achieving it that it can be possible. She has made some good progress in the gym and did awesome in her first nutrition challenge with the gym. She has two daughters and both have been motivated by her to join the teens and kids programs…..this is awesome!” Eric

From Kim

Wow! Is all that I have to say to this nomination! I want to give a big thank you to all of the Crossfit PC trainers!
Kenzie, Doug, Shannon, Eric, Ryan and Chris I am forever indebted for all of your support and faith in me. Never and I mean never, have I had such great results from a training program! Between all of the fantastic coaching and Shannon’s nutrition tips…. (the Paleo Challenge app is superb!) I have started to make amazing changes to my lifestyle and body!

I am a true Utah native. I moved from Salt Lake City to Park City in 1983. I am so fortunate to have grown up in this amazing town and now raise my family in the same fantastic place! It is so beneficial to live in such an active, healthy community. I married my high school sweetheart 24 and some odd years ago. We have two beautiful, smart, crazy daughters. Currently, I am the antithesis of a paleo crossfitter… I make specialty cakes! And yes, they are full of sugar (that’s the name of my company!) and gluten! Terrible – I know! During the winter months, I am a PCMR Mountain Host. That’s why you wont see me at the gym on Tuesdays. I also love to travel, play in the desert, ski, fly fish, scuba dive, and drink wine!

In years past, I have mainly focused on cardio work outs – running, mountain biking and hiking. Weight lifting was terrifying and cardio made me feel that I had actually accomplished something. Never, had I put the two together and really never got eating healthy and exercise to work at the same time… I was mediocre at one or the other.
I knew for a couple of years that I should get my bootie to the Crossfit gym down the street. I actually had no clue what it was all about… but I saw people that looked great and loved their ‘box’! I had no knowledge that Chris Spealler was a super hero, no knowledge of ‘the Crossfit Games’, and zero knowledge how amazing crossfit actually would turn out to be! I am so thankful to my girlfriend that finally talked me into giving crossfit a try and I wish that she would re-join in the fun!!

I started Crossfit 1 year ago. On my first days working with Kenzie, Doug & Eric, I thought I may just die right there on the spot! 10 wall balls… in a row?! Are you kidding me!! I’ve come a long way… did 145 yesterday!

For some crazy reason, I keep coming back for more! The trainers give me confidence to push myself… I mean, they are professionals – right? If they tell me that I can do it, then I must be able to! They are the best in the business! Not to mention my fellow crossfitters! The 8:30 class is full of cheerleaders! Even when my WOD doesn’t hold a candle to theirs, they are still supporting and cheering me on. They all remind me that they started at ground zero too!

Crossfit has brought many improvements and struggles for me. There are the obvious things like sore muscles and a tired body but the #1 worst thing is the overhead squat!!! Hope to graduate to the 35# bar some day! GRRR! But, the benefits greatly out weigh the struggles. I am much stronger, in better all around shape, can climb a rope and I have made some amazing friendships. I am even working on getting my entire family to be crossfitters! Both of my girls – ages 11 & 15 love crossfit too! The husband… well, he is still a work in progress!

If I could design the ‘Kim’ WOD… tough question… I would include some split jerks, a rope climb or 6, maybe a few burpees (did I just say that?), and some kipping pull–ups – that hopefully, someday, I will be able to do at least one!! Ooh and it would all be done to some foot stomping, toe tapping country music! …Eric will be pleased!

My favorite benchmark work out…. funny question… I had to look them up to see what they were! If I had to choose, I’d say Grace. Because that is what I feel like when I do clean and jerks, graceful… NOT!!

If I could choose a super power… I think that I would fix things in this world that just aren’t fair. You know, like… cure kids with cancer, swoop in and save the decorated Marine from getting killed in a tornado while in his own bed,
and of course save all of the homeless and abused pets in this crazy world!

Someday, I hope to rock double unders, pull-ups, and RX a WOD. With the help and encouragement of my new friends and the CFPC trainers, anything is possible – right? Again, I want to express my gratitude to all of the CFPC staff and athletes. Thank you for including me in the family!


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