From the Trainers

“The Snavely crew! Well deserving of CrossFit couple of the month! While juggling full time jobs in which one is constantly traveling and two kiddos under the age of 7, the Snavelys continue to make their Health and wellness a priority by coming in to CrossFit consistently. I love having the whole family come in, you can tell what a positive influence Jon and Leslie are on their daughter Katherine and son “shifty” Matthew. The two kids always want to imitate their parents after workouts. Keep doing what you do Snavelys! ” Kenzie

“Love the Snavely’s! Largely because John is such and easy target for heckling and he can dish it right back… not really, although that is great. Both have been members for a number of years now and have shown their commitment to health and fitness by their consistency in the gym. Even after a knee surgery from skiing John continued to come in after recovering and used CrossFit to gain some of the strength back in his leg which I have a huge appreciation for. It’s a pleasure having their family be a part of ours at CFPC.” -Chris

“Jon and Leslie are CrossFit PC couple of the month! I love seeing you guys at the gym and enjoy the atmosphere you help create as well as the friendly banter. Keep up the good work!” – Doug

“Love the Snavely’s and the fun energy they bring to the gym! Even when it’s a whole family affair they are always having fun and working out stress free. Can always count on Leslie to be there for a partner WOD and can always count on John with some quality, smart-alec humor to liven the mood. Keep it up guys you’ve been killing it!” -Ryan

“Let’s face it, we wanted Leslie to get the CFer of the month award but we were afraid that Jon would throw a fit so we were forced to do a couple of the month award…..okay, just kidding. I love having both of them around and in class. I always enjoy having Jon around and he does a great job with the heckling. He has been with us for quite a while now even with a few set-backs and works hard on a consistent basis. Leslie is a ton of fun to be around but honestly I thought she was going to be really cautious and timid with the weights, etc but I was wrong. I have seen her work hard, challenge herself, and get after it. It is great to watch. Keep crushing it guys!” -Eric

Congrats Jon and Leslie on being our next CrossFitter’s of the Month

Jon started in fall of 2010 & Leslie started in Nov 2014. We both love the challenge that CFPC gives us. It has helped us to realize that we can do more than we think, and the encouragement of the trainers and the other people in the CFPC family helps us along.

CrossFit has really helped us to recover from a few injuries and introduce to kids to fitness.

When asked what do you feel have been your biggest improvements/struggles with CrossFit?

Jon – My biggest improvement has been increases in my endurance overtime. This has helped my CFPC work, but also my mountain biking and skiing.

As for struggles, muscle ups. I almost had them right before my ACL surgery and have been plugging away at trying to get them again ever since. ;

Leslie – My biggest improvement areas have been in adding weight to the power lifting elements. I remember not even being able to keep track of what a clean, jerk, snatch were for the first few months, let alone being able to trust my body to do the movement safely and ultimately add weight. The team at CFPC has helped me to build my confidence so that I can begin to get stronger and push myself.

As for struggles, running! It is something I need to keep pushing myself to do when it is in the WOD, and often I have my little people at the gym with me so don’t want to leave them alone for the trainers to babysit! Or, that is an excuse.

If we could design a workout what would be in it?

Jon – Burpees and Overhead Squats

Leslie – For me, I like the times where we work on something for the first 5-7 minutes and then add in a full WOD to follow. This helps me practice things that I wouldn’t normally. My most recent favorite was the Power Snatch practice with Power Snatches and Box Jumps to follow.

Our favorite benchmark workout?

Jon – Nancy

Leslie – Cindy

If you could have a super power what would it be?

Jon – What do you mean if?

Leslie – I would love the superpower of making more time in my day.


  • david says:

    Great Family.. It been great getting to know them both at crossfit… I’m fortunate to work out with John weekday mornings at 8:30 and many weekends and we’ve become good friends. We have a lot of fun together as I’m one of only a few people who understands his east coast sarcasm. Or maybe I’m just being sarcastic myself and don’t really enjoy…

  • brooksadd123 says:

    YAY! Leslie and Jon are so deserving of this! Such nice people and dedicated to CrossFit — wish I saw more of Leslie but I am grateful to Jon for motivating me to push myself during our WODs. Congrats Snavelys!

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