Congrats Jay on being our next CrossFitter of the Month

From the Coaches

“Always great to see Jay in here giving it all he can, when he can. Even when Jay gets tied up and busy he’s always do throwing down whether it’s here with us or at the firehouse. He loves his lifting and gymnastic moves which always makes for some great conversation, brain picking, and mini clinics between us, ha!Jay puts a lot of effort into solid technique and is always working on dialing in flawless form. Keep moving that weight and keep flying up on those muscle ups Jay!” Ryan

“It’s cool to see Jay rip up some of those gymnastic skill elements and I appreciate his relaxed attitude as well as the focus he puts in towards technique in the barbell lift. It’s cool to see him take advantage of the accessory programs which can be a valuable tool. Keep up the good work Jay!” Eric

“Happy to have Jay as CrossFitter of the Month. Jay is always paying attention to detail, listening to coaches, asking questions, and showing consistency day in and day out. He also frequently takes advantage of the accessory programs that are offered through the gym and it pays off. Glad to have him a part of our community and always look forward to seeing him in class.” Chris

“Jay has been with CrossFit Park City for a few years now and what I appreciate is his passion for the sport. Jay has volunteered at regionals twice now and he also does workouts at his base at work if he is unable to make it into CFPC. If you can’t find him in the afternoon classes he likes to come in at noon and work his high box jumps. All around great guy and I love having him in class”- Kenzie

“Jay Rocks! I enjoy seeing him at the gym and his positive attitude and demeanor are contagious! He’s throughout about his fitness, asks great questions, and is a true asset to the gym!” Doug

From Jay

My wife and I moved to Utah in 1996 and Park City in 2006. I have been working for the Salt Lake City Fire for 20 years and am looking forward to retirement. For 8 of those years, I functioned as their media specialist, producing media content for various departmental needs. My wife is a special education teacher, working on a masters degree. I have a degree in advertising/public relations but am currently in the first year of a law doctorate program. We have four girls, ages, 12 – 16, all involved in different activities. My oldest, Hannah, and I are volunteers for the National Abilities Center, a great organization. We all enjoy nordic skiing, hiking, rock climbing and mountain biking.

I started at CrossFit Park City in July, 2013. We had been using some high intensity, functional training at the fire department and I wanted more of that type of training. Much like most of you, I have always enjoyed trying different activities, scuba diving, paragliding, weight lifting, rock climbing, parasailing, etc. CrossFit seemed like a great way to be fit enough to try almost anything. The methodology does work. I have noticed how it is possible to PR on a particular lift even weeks after the last training session on that lift. Strength, agility, mobility and aerobic capacity are key to functionality, especially as we age.

The training staff at CrossFitPC is great! They present the technical training information in a very consistent manner. Yet, they all have their unique styles of teaching. That’s the fun part. It’s never boring. I really enjoy the social aspects before and after class. I always enjoy hearing other people’s life experiences. I’m usually pretty quiet during class because I don’t want to interrupt or lose focus. However, just know, I am holding back a plethora of humorously, sarcastic comments.


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