Congrats Jake on being our next CrossFitter of the Month

From the Trainers

“Jake has done a great job of staying consistent over a long period of time and making schedule adjustments to do so. It takes a lot of willpower to come to open gym on a consistent basis and workout by yourself, this is awesome and very difficult to do! He’s always a great addition to the class……especially when he beats Addy in the workouts. Keep up the great work!”- Eric

“Congrats Jake, well deserved. I appreciate your great attitude, dedication, and good conversation at the gym. Also, I love watching you throw down solo during open gym times, I know that it can be tough to get done on your own, and appreciate that you make it happen! You’re a great part of the community and I enjoy seeing you there whenever you come in. Congrats again!” -Doug

“Jake was one of the first people I met at CrossFit Park City back in 2009. 6 Years later and I look forward to having him in class or at OPEN gym. He gives each of us trainers and ADDY some sort of witty comment and keeps us on our toes. Jake is a no stress exerciser, he comes in and tackles each workout and is clearly sold on the programming of CrossFit (member since 2007). His hard work pays off, his daughter is a competitive Volleyball player and attends MOVE 2 nights a week to work on her strength. Way to set a good example in and out of the gym Jake!” -Kenzie

“Jake is definitely what we like to call “O.G.” The fact that Jake has been with CrossFit PC since 2007, and still going strong, is almost a bigger and cooler accomplishment than being CrossFitter of the month! Jake has been with this crew since the beginning and to this day still believes in Crossfit and trusts what it has and will continue to do for him. I had the pleasure of having Jake on my team for the intra gym competition and can confidently say he is an incredible athlete that can push past his own limitations to find new heights, conquer new skills, and tell me to get a move on! Always great to see his dedication at hard work in the gym almost every single day, and very Stoked to still have him as member so he can continue giving Steve Addicott a hard time. Keep on trucking Jake!” -Ryan
Kenzie R. Groot, M.S., ACSM HFS, CrossFit Level 1

“I still remember crushing Jake in the Rec Center with push ups and 200 meter runs. So great to have a committed member and friend in the gym. It’s been a pleasure watching his kids get involved with some of the programs and even more so to hear him continually heckle Addy. Taking full advantage of class times and Open gym hours Jake seems to always be getting the work done even on a tight schedule. Keep it up Jake… mostly the heckling you do to Addy. “- Chris

From Jake

This is awesome… I really appreciate the nomination and thank you to the training staff for the honor. I am continually amazed by the passion and depth of knowledge displayed by CFPC trainers. You guys know your stuff and are occasionally funny, so thank you again.

I don’t want to brag but this is my 2nd time receiving Crossfitter of the Month. The 1st time I believe CFPC had 5 members so I think it was by default. I had to ask Kenzie when Chris started the affiliate because I couldn’t remember how long I’ve been crossfitting. It turns out I have been doing this for 9 years…I can’t wait till I get strong.

My father was career Navy so I grew up all over the place and never lived anywhere for more than 3 years until I moved to Utah. I have been in Park city for 13 years now and can’t imagine living anywhere else. Every once in a while I need to step back and make sure I don’t take this place for granted. There is so much to do in this town and state. Aside from crossfitting, I spend as much time as possible skiing, trail running, camping in the desert, mountain biking, and playing sand volleyball. I own a small business where I trade and distribute dairy commodities. I have 2 kids – Audrey 16 and John 11. Audrey has started doing the MOVE CrossFit program. I am so envious of her… if I started CrossFitting at sixteen I might be strong by now.

Nine years ago I was doing bench press and lat pull downs with Addy at the Basin fieldhouse when I noticed Chris running a crossfit class. I had no idea what it was all about but was drawn to it immediately. I soon discovered everything about the CrossFit formula works for me…amazing community, great coaching, and you always hurt no matter what. There are many days I walk into the gym sore and worn down but still end up having a great workout. I am always inspired and motivated by all the positive people and camaraderie at the gym.

Over the years I have seen many improvements but I still suck at double unders. I can’t wait until spring when we start running again and doing less double unders. If I could design a custom WOD it would be a 30 minute amrap (love the longer wods) of muscle ups, 800 meter runs, power cleans and toes to bar. Favorite benchmark wod has to be the filthy fifty. Mentally it’s easy to move from one exercise to the next and know you’re done with it.

My super power would be time travel. I could go back nine years and start over….I would be a beast (maybe).


  • bonita vanderkooi says:

    Congrats – very well deserved. Thanks for introducing me to CF! Even though you’re a total pain in the ass I still love ya!

    (Addy – feel free to correct….)

  • Lavinia says:

    Congrats Jake! I remember those days when there were only 5 of us at Basin Rec. We’ve come a long way since then. We still miss you at the 5:15 class, traitor!

  • Nancy Tallman says:

    I’m glad you mentioned this was your second time being CF of the month, as my first thought was “how could it take Jake 9 years to be CrossFitter of the month?” Well deserved. Miss seeing you at 5:15

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