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By February 4, 2015 crossfitter-of-the-month
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Congrats Evan & Anna for being our next CrossFitters of the Month

From the Coaches:

“Evan and Anna are outstanding examples of what it’s like to have strong community support in and out of the gym. They love being as social as possible with everyone in the gym and even like to bring the party to their own house on a daily basis, Millertime! They have really been there for us in the past few years. From throwing a Mountain Meltdown to celebrating your PRs just a big as you do they are a great addition to the community. Well earned and well deserved guys! Can’t wait to see you accomplish even more in the future here.”-Ryan

“I nominate Anna and Evan for CrossFit Couple of the month because of their involvement in all things Gym related. Not only have they dedicated their fitness to CrossFit they have embraced the lifestyle associated with it. They eat paleo, they promote our community, they engage in CFPC events, and are always cheering members on in the gym. I love their commitment and believe they could not be a better fit for Crossfit Couple of the month.” Kenz

“Evan and Anna are AWESOME! I am really glad that they are a part of our community and appreciate the impact that they have had on the gym as a whole. In the gym they work hard and as well as providing some humor and fun elements to the classes as well. I look forward to the adventures that await them!!” Eric

“Evan and Anna rock! Their investment in the community is awesome and they are a wonderful addition to the gym. They make the gym a better place and I’m excited to see them every day. Keep it up!” Doug

“Anna and Evan are more than deserving of the CrossFit Couple of the Month! Their support in and out of the gym for our community has been amazing. I love how they take the time and make great efforts to pull people together for fun activities. Their efforts in the gym are equally awesome, with personalities that make CFPC what it is! Congrats you two.”-Shannon

“Love seeing Evan and Anna in the gym. They have been a dedicated couple in their fitness and have been a huge part of the CrossFit PC community. Their investment in their own fitness and the relationships they have built with others in the gym has been fun to watch and be a part of. Plus, I’ve heard of some epic cheats after paleo challenges that you can count on from them. ” Chris

From Evan & Anna:

Wow! Thank you so much for nominating Millertime for CrossFitters of the Month! Super excited! Millertime consists of Anna Michalko-Miller and Evan Miller, both originally from the Twin Cities, MN and have lived in Utah since 2007. In addition to the Charley Brown Dog, our family is expecting to grow with our first little addition arriving in August! The passion of Anna’s work-life is teaching, and has been teaching Elementary School for 10 years. Evan is a “Marketing Gun for Hire”… whatever that means. We warn everyone that comes to stay with us for a couple day ski vacation to be careful, because you might just find yourself still here enjoying life 8 years later.

We cannot thank the sport of CrossFit, and CrossFit Park City, enough for the personal impact that it’s had on our lives. The Paleo challenges, the Framily that we’ve grown to love in the parking lots of Regionals, to the trip we all embarked on to go down to the Games together and whatever future craziness we have planned. We thank you all for the impact each and every one of you has on our day-to-day lives and well-being (yes, even Bacon).

CrossFit Questions:
A: I started CrossFit over in Heber in Nov 2011, and tricked Evan into coming a couple weeks later. We started at CFPC in Aug of 2012

What keeps you going at CFPC?
E: The trainers. I’ve had the privilege of dropping in all over the country, and you cannot beat our Trainers.
A: My friends. And dance parties.

Biggest Improvements/Struggles with CrossFit?
A: Increases in overall fitness and energy level – still struggle with gymnastic movements
E: 2014 was a really good year for me, and the extra training I put in with Doug really showed me that I am capable of PR’ing everything. All the PR are belong to me.

IF you could design a workout, what would be in it?
A: Dancing in the “rest” between barbell movements.
E: Something like “The 50’s” from last year that really challenges my weaknesses on gymnastics, but let’s me play with a barbell too.

Favorite benchmark workout?
A: Dirty 30! and Team Workouts like in the Team Series.
E: Helen. Because I’m not good at it, and it’s always a terrible fight.

Super Power?
E: You’re seriously asking the nerd that question? How about the ability to regenerate damaged, or destroyed, areas of cell structure at a rate far greater than that of an ordinary human. And I’ll take an adamantium skeleton while you’re at it.
A: Umm… Teleport without Evan, and the ability to steal Evan’s powers if I need to.


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