Mark Smith & Claire Daugherty

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Congrats to Mark Smith & Claire Daugherty for being our next CrossFitters of the Month

For starters, we joined CFPC to help us continue to play hard in the mountains, and at that, our CrossFit training has been incredibly successful. As a bonus, we have had a lot of fun and gotten to know a truly awesome community.

The first time we met, in Chicago in 1994, we got to talking about how much we loved lifting weights and playing outside. We took off from there. While we had many adventures living in Chicago, it quickly became clear that we needed to head west to the mountains. We moved to Utah in 1996. In 2000, we got married on top of Gobbler’s Knob. Over the years we have obsessively rock climbed, mountain biked, backcountry skied, climbed big mountains, trail run, backpacked, road biked and gone scuba diving. We have always pursued these activities together, and they have provided an exciting foundation for our relationship.

A couple of years ago, age and career distractions were really taking a toll on our fitness, and it seemed like if we really knuckled down, we could make a little progress, but then always ended up slipping back past where we started. It was starting to seem like to a certain extent the party was over, and it was time to accept getting old, fat and weak and turn our focus to less physically taxing hobbies. During one of these ‘time to get back on track’ periods, Mark stumbled upon the CrossFit main site while looking for squat technique videos. He really liked the attitude, intensity and technical focus presented in the videos. As our first workout, we timed each other in our living room for Tabata squats. It was devastating and humbling and we could barely walk the next day. We were in love. The fact that we could completely wreck ourselves in four minutes was super exciting. We obviously needed to pursue CrossFit further.

We randomly picked CFPC from the local boxes, and stopped by. Our first workout with Chris and into classes with Eric made it obvious that things were going to be pretty tough for a while. But the supportive community, scalability, and general stubbornness kept us coming back. We also really loved the diverse physical challenges, and clung to the hope that we could move toward the capabilities of the other folks in the gym. We have always enjoyed heavy weightlifting, and the camaraderie on heavy days really helped us start to feel integrated. How many places do you get a bunch of women high-fiving around the squat rack? CrossFit became our new obsession. We have been at it for about two and a half years now. In that time we have experienced steady strength, endurance and technical gains. There have been many things that we were convinced we could never do and then all of a sudden we could. At this point, we are starting to expect things that seem far-fetched. One example of this is muscle ups. They will happen. It is just a matter of time. Our bodies are so much more fully functional and injury resistant now, and our goal of being able to continue to play hard in the mountains is being fulfilled. Our capabilities on skis and mountain bikes are far beyond what they have ever been. But the people have made our CrossFit experience rich and sustainable. We really appreciate and admire our coaches, and will frequently muse on how grateful we are that we first chose CFPC. We have made so many wonderful and interesting friends in the gym, and often, getting to see and work out with them is what gets us out of the house and off to the gym.

Thank you CrossFit PC – our lives, health, fitness, community and relationship are all deeply enriched because of you. See you at the next WOD!

Colin House

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Congrats to Colin House for being our next CrossFitter of the Month.

I am originally from South Africa and after serving my two years mandatory military service came to the US to play volleyball. I ended up playing both professional indoor and beach volleyball and have always had a passion for staying in shape. From a profession standpoint I guess you can say I am a serial entrepreneur, as I love to build, fix and sell companies. We moved from the Bay area about 5 years ago to Park City and absolutely love it up here. I currently own a social media company called KiN2 that has a Facebook app that lets you find family relationships and see how you are connected to famous people.

Over the years I travelled a lot in my profession and it became harder to keep in shape. I tried the gym routine, among many other things, but eventually got pretty seriously into cycling. The problem was that by last year, even though I was cycling 4+ days a week, I had also become the heaviest ever, which is an absolute killer climbing all the mountains around here. Losing weight was becoming a serious problem and although my legs were super strong from cycling, that was it. A good friend, Paul Morgan, had been telling me about CrossfitPC for several years, but never really paid any attention until about 7 months ago, when I finally decided to give it a try. I would probably say I was addicted after the first few sessions with Eric and Chris, although I can honestly say I have also never been as sore in my whole life, which incidentally lasted for at least the first two months. I must have been a pitiful sight at first as I could not even do a pull-up without the bands and thought I was going to pass out after each WOD.

About five months ago, Mike D. introduced me to the Paleo diet. The combination of eating right and CrossFit enabled me to lose 35 lbs and almost get back to my college volleyball weight. I am definitely getting stronger, faster, and better at most of the WOD’s, however there are still several ones I struggle with… the handstand pushup has eluded me for a long time, but will crack the code on that some day along with mastering the double-unders.

There are many things I love about Crossfit, but I especially like the variation in workouts and the feel of the CrossFit Community. I guess the results speak for themselves; CrossFit just works and has changed my life. The CrossFit team of Chris, Eric, Doug, and Kenzie have been amazing at encouraging me, pushing me, and helping me master the technique. Thank you for everything you do for our community and for each one of us individually at the box.


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Congrats to Lizy Nielsen for being our next CrossFitter of the Month.

Read a little about Lizy’s story and watch her video.

I grew up in Park City, a life-long resident. I easily came to the realization in college that Park City was the only place I wanted to live. No other place offers the lifestyle, recreation and community we enjoy in this incredible town. I was a skier from an early age, but after years of cajoling from my brother I finally decided to strap a snowboard to my feet… was love at first swoosh.

My winters are spent on the mountain, snow-shoeing with my dog and entertaining the many visitors that take advantage of my location. Summers are spent on the surrounding trails, picnics at Deer Valley, outdoor concerts, biking, golf and any other outdoor activity that comes this way. My interest in hiking expands outside Summit County. I have backpacked many trails in the Olympics, Southern Utah and have even climbed Mt Fuji in Japan. Kilimanjaro is on the bucket list. Hopefully that adventure will happen sooner than later.

I started Crossfit in 2010 due to the influence of a friend. She had joined three months previous to this time, and convinced me that it was the exact program to pull me out of my workout funk. I have always been active, thought I was in good shape, and felt like a new routine would re-energize my gym attitude. Years of 1 ½ hour cardio sessions and 50 sets of 20 bicep curls with 10lb weights had me bored and frustrated that I wasn’t seeing the results I thought I deserved.

Crossfit changed everything for me. It was difficult at first. I was irritated that I was so far behind everyone in class, that I couldn’t do many of the movements and I felt like such a wimp. I was not strong…..well, not Crossfit strong.

This frustration almost brought me to the point of quitting. One day I decided that I would give it a few more months and I was going to do every single workout and challenge the weight in each one, even if that meant failing. Up to this point I used 55 pounds for every single exercise that utilized the barbell, 35lb bar with 10lb plates on each side. Every exercise, every movement, every task. The moment I changed my attitude my whole body changed. I never believed I could have the results that have occurred in the last 6 months. Those results are external and internal, and I believe the internal results mean more to me than the visible/physical. I have more endurance, greater speed, increased confidence and I am more outgoing with the people around me, inside and outside our box.

I am grateful to CrossfitPC and the people that encourage me every day. All of you make this program the addiction I cherish. It is now so much more than a good workout. Crossfit came at a time in my life that I really needed some happiness and inspiration….all of you have given me that and so much more.

Thank you,

Mike Lennon

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I moved from Iowa to beautiful Park City in 1993.  I have worked for Park City Municipal since 1994. I am currently the building maintenance supervisor.

I have been happily married going on 17 years.  We have five children:  Kiana barely 15, Sarah almost 12, Micah 10, Noah 8 and Nathanael 6.  They homeschool and their PE is crossfit.  We have gone to India as a family three times and I have gone 12 times since 1995.  I have a passion to see lives changed and God’s work done.  I have helped with orphanages, drilling water wells and tsunami relief.  Here is a link of a good friend and mentor that I go to India with.  Drilling a water well in a village is like an exteme home makeover for that entire village and has changed my life forever.  Also, crossfit PC is changing my life for the better.  I’ve lost 52 lbs and want to lose about 30lbs more.  I feel stronger, confident and more fit than ever and have reached goals I never thought I could.  This truly is great community of people in the gym.

My favorite WOD:

Filthy Fifty+10,000 lbs overhead anyway you want with any weight you want.  The 10 rounds 10 rep WOD, also.  I like the workouts that seem crazy and intimidating.  I think about them all day and afterwards they USUALLY are not as bad as first thought.

Most inspirational people:

Billy Graham and Reinhard Bonnke.

Super Power:

would be like Superman so I could drill water wells around the world and maybe beat Chris, Eric and Doug in a WOD.

Senta Beyer

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I am the Trails Project Manager/Planner for Basin Recreation and have been in this position for the last 10 years, facilitating and currently maintaining close to 120 miles of non motorized trails in western Summit County. I feel so fortunate to be part of such a great community organization.

I enjoy all that the Park City mountain lifestyle has to offer from biking, trail running, water activities, hiking high mountain peaks, all forms of skiing and PC Crossfit. I would have to say at this point in my life, my most favorite activity is camping with my husband, Craig and three kids, Jessica, Brayden and Chase… the highlights of my life. Biking, hiking and skiing with them beats any epic event or adventure, hands down!

If I could, I would stake claim to not only one, but two super hero powers. First, I would love to have the ability to be super organized each and every day. Second, would be lightning speed to blaze trails and summit high peaks in a short amount of time. So invigorating to be looking DOWN on everything around you!

CrossFit has become a family addiction in the Beyer household. We all love the diversity of the workouts, the cross training CrossFit provides for other activities and the “community” associated with the gym.