Mike Bacon- CrossFitter of the Month

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Congrats Bacon on being our next CrossFitter of the Month!

“Bacon has put in a lot of hard work with the training and nutrition side of things. He has been consistent and recently has devoted more time to technique improvements and it has been paying off well. He’s a good supporter of the gym and is awesome to be around”- Eric

“I nominate Bacon because of his consistency, additional work outside class times, and amazing mustache with is Halloween costume.”- Chris

“I nominate Bacon for CrossFitter of the month because of the awesome motivation and dedication he brings to the gym. Bacon is constantly pursuing and targeting his weaknesses and practicing movements he struggles with to further improve his overall fitness. Keep beating those weaknesses to death Bacon!” -Ryan

“I’ve had the pleasure to get to know Bacon both inside and outside of the gym. He is a great guy with a lot of heart and drive. He has persevered through a lot personally and it is great to see him push himself in the gym as well. He takes advantage of the open gym time and is always willing to hear feedback. He is a hard worker, great friend and constantly trying to better himself” -Katie
“Oh where to start with Bacon…. Not only is he consistent with his fitness, takes care of himself nutritionally, he works on his weaknesses, 2+ times a week! He is always asking for feedback and works hard to improve on all things CrossFit. Bacon is a genuine guy outside the gym and even though I yell at him (EVERYDAY TO SHUT HIS TRAP WHILE WE TEACH)……he is very appreciative of our coaching. Way to go Bacon, well deserving!”- Kenzie

“I nominate Mike Bacon for CrossFitter of the Month because of his overall effort. He’s always receptive to tips and cues on how to improve his technique. Mike also completed a zero point Paleo nutrition challenge, showing great commitment and success in and out of the gym”- Shannon

“I nominate Mike Bacon because he’s great to have around the gym. He’s fun, funny, works hard, and has a great attitude.” -Doug

I am extremely excited to be the CrossFitter of the Month. With so many great athletes at our box it is an honor to be recognized by our amazing trainers. I am lucky to have you all helping me every day (even if I am interrupting you).

So who is Bacon?

I grew up in Western Massachusetts and spent the first 23 years of my life there. I always played sports growing up and in high school played both volleyball and golf. Upon my first ski trip to Park City when I was 16 I knew I wanted to one day live here. After receiving a History and Political Science degree from Western New England University I decided it was finally time to make the trek West. I landed a job with American Express and currently work there as a Systems Analyst (sounds thrilling, I know).

When did you start CrossFit?


I had read a lot about CrossFit and decided to try it out when they offered it at another gym in town. After a couple years of going through the same routines I was instantly hooked. When I realized that one of the best CrossFit boxes in the country with some amazing coaches was right up the road I knew I had to check out CrossFit Park City. I have been going to CFPC since February and have fully embraced the CrossFit methodology.

What keeps you going at CFPC?

The constant progress I have seen and my desire to continually improve have been extremely motivating. The infinite variety and scalability ensure that I am never bored. The changes I have seen in my performance and the challenge of always trying to beat myself from the day before are also a big factor. Another great thing about CrossFit is how it has improved other activities such as skiing and hiking. I would also be remiss if I did not mention the amazing community at CrossFit Park City. From day one I was welcomed completely and everyone made an effort to help. Whether it is the coaches or my fellow athletes, having someone there to cheer me on when I am having a tough WOD is something you cannot find anywhere else.bacon4

What do you feel have been your biggest improvements/struggles with CrossFit?

I have definitely seen some awesome gains in my strength. My conditioning has also improved lately which is something I have focused on because that has always been a weakness of mine. My biggest struggles are with some of the more complex/difficult movements. The snatch/overhead squat and some of the gymnastics moves are a work in progress but all of the coaches are always willing to help break it down and offer me some great advice.

If I could design a workout what would be in it?

I have something in the works called “Bacon’s Pyramid.” There are deadlifts, box jumps, double unders, and wall balls just to name a few. And yes eating bacon is also part of the WOD…

What is my favorite benchmark workout?

I like Fight Gone Bad. It has a little bit of everything.

If I could have a superpower what would it be?

I think being able to fly would be pretty sweet.

In closing I would just like to once again thank Doug, Chris, Eric, Kenzie, Katie, Ryan, and Shannon for everything you do. You guys make CFPC the amazing box that it is. Thanks!

Doug & Tanya Roach

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“I nominate the Roach’s for CrossFit Couple of the month because of the awesome positive energy they bring to the gym. They are always super friendly and very supportive of our community. Whether it’s Tanya’s willingness to never give up on any workout or Doug’s ability to push himself and others around him to perform better. The Roach’s are a great addition to our gym’s community.” -RyanROACH

“I nominate Tanya and Doug for Crossfitters of the month because their fun personalities and support of each other are contagious. Tanya has stayed consistent and has persevered both in the gym and with her nutrition. Doug is always pushing to be stronger and faster, while maintaining focus on technique. Both have made great progress as a result.” – Shannon

” I’m nominating the Roach’s because Tanya wasn’t afraid to stick with a program that was outside her comfort zone and it has paid off a ton. Doug pushes himself on the daily basis and does a nice job of working within his abilities but still pushing the envelope.” – Chris

“I nominate Doug and Tanya because of their great attitudes and work ethic. They are always fun, friendly, and encouraging. They work hard and see results because of it. Congrats Doug and Tanya” – Doug Z.

“Tanya and Doug are 2 of my favorite people to see in class. They are always incredibly positive and are constantly pushing themselves and each other. Its wonderful to see a couple having so much fun in the gym” – Katie

“I nominate Doug and Tanya because Tanya has stayed committed and achieved things that she used to think were impossible. Doug has a great attitude and had a good level of fitness before joining us but has still seen lots of improvements due to his commitment. Overall they are extremely supportive and have made CrossFit a fun family activity.” – Eric

“The Roach’s are a perfect example of CrossFit couple of the month. Tanya was the first to join and her positive attitude is contagious. You can’t help but smile when she is trashing talking the workout of the day because she turns around and tries her hardest and is determined to finish. Doug is receptive to feedback and is constantly getting stronger and faster. Good thing he listened to Tanya to join! Way to go Roach’s, well deserved.” – Kenzie

We are jazzed to be a Crossfit PC couple of the month!

We are from the South as many of you have noticed. I’m from Greenville, SC and Tanya is from the “Deep South”, Johannesburg, SA. We met in college in 1989 when I was evading the campus security – yes, she aided and abetted a curfew buster. After college we got hitched and spent our vacations traveling the Caribbean in pursuit of pristine diving locations. Wow, that was 21 years ago (two kids, 6 homes and 3 states ago to be exact), and here we are sharing another mutual interest, Crossfit. Tanya earned her Masters in Counseling and uses it daily as a homemaker, I am a Sales Vice President for GlaxoSmithKline, a pharmaceutical company based out of the UK.

After our move to Park City in 2009 and seeing the active lifestyle here, Tanya joined Crossfit PC in August of 2011 to be better able to enjoy all our area has to offer. I also thoroughly enjoyed all PC had to offer which resulted in a nasty bike crash on Flying Dog that required surgery, lots of screws and a shiny new clavicle. Afterwards, I honestly thought I was relegated to just running and biking for fitness because of the injury. After seeing Tanya’s results and hearing her talk about how Crossfit improves functional fitness with fun, constantly varied workouts I decided to join Crossfit PC the following year.

What keeps us at Crossfit PC?

The people are a big part- it sounds hokey but there’s something about suffering with your fellow human beings. We’ve forged great friendships and always enjoy seeing folks at the gym and around PC. The continuous improvement and constant challenge keeps us coming back. There are even days when I get the butterflies before a workout and as you know, the older you get there are less things out there that can elicit that feeling. Of course, we have an incredible staff that keep it fun while imparting world class Crossfit coaching.- Doug

What do you feel have been your biggest improvements/struggles with CrossFit?

Surprisingly, I have experienced big improvements in mobility which seems counterintuitive with the soreness that intense workouts can produce. I also enjoy learning and progressing with lifting technique, the Olympic lifts in particular (something we didn’t do a lot of in the old Globo gym days). The expert coaching we receive has allowed me to safely increase load and intensity while moving more efficiently. Now for the “struggles” part….Like most people, I like to breathe – when I get to that place of exhaustion involving oxygen deprivation I have a certain technique that I have perfected. It involves bending over to grab the knees in a stance that resembles someone trying to breathe through all orifices if you know what I mean. Many of you have seen this performed, it’s called “doing the Doug”. If you haven’t seen it yet, check me out on the workouts that involve a run. – Doug
One of my biggest improvements was adding more weight to my bar. It seemed like I hit a mental plateau in the “55lbs” for most bar workouts. After talking with the trainers they advised me to keep good technique but increase the intensity by adding more weight. To my surprise I have hit several new PR’s on lifts and look forward to more progress. Struggles…let’s see, for starters squatting technique – sounds simple stand up, squat down but I’m still not efficient, push-ups without knees, double unders, overhead squats, wall-balls, ring dips and hand stand push-ups. Let’s face it I’ve got a lot left to look forward to on my crossfit journey. -Tanya

If you could design a couples/partner workout what would be in it?

Here’s the first workout that we did as partners while on a vacation in Monterey. We represented CFPC well, only one other couple beat us and they were Navy Seals!

Two Rounds for Time
70 Squats
60 Pull-Ups
50 Wall Balls
40 Sit-ups
30 Burpees
400 meter run
One partner working at a time.

Favorite Benchmark Workout?

Grace – Short, rewards good technique and has plenty of intensity. –Doug
Helen – did this as a “girls only” WOD one evening and had a blast! – Tanya

If you could have a super power what would it be?

I would be Omnipotent. It would allow me to have the power to weight ratio of Chris, the wit of Kenzie & Doug Z., the gymnastic ability of Shannon, fortitude of Eric, catch as many fish as Sherman, run like Doug Dillon – you get the picture. –Doug

Carbonesis – the ability to eat carbs and not gain weight (Jessica and I coined this one and believe it should be an official superpower) – Tanya

Nancy Tallman – CrossFitter of the Month

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Congrats Nancy on being our CrossFitter of the Month.

“Nancy has been consistent over the last few years and has seen great results. She comes in with a positive attitude, works really hard, supports others, and celebrates improvements in the gym. She has been a great supporter of the gym and it is appreciated” -Eric

“I nominate Nancy for CrossFitter of the Month because of her commitment and consistency. She is always looking to improve her technique and challenges herself with each workout. Her devotion to nutrition and a healthier lifestyle is a great example for others!” -Shannon

I nominate Nancy for CrossFitter of the month because she is consistent and dedicated to improving. She works hard and sees great gains because of her effort! Way to go Nancy!”- Doug

“I nominated Nancy because of her consistency and dedication in the gym. She continually works to improve and it shows in her health & performance” Chris

“Nancy is always trying new things and pushing her limits. She did incredible with the last paleo challenge and is consistent in the gym. You can see its paying off.” Katie

“Nancy always has a smile on her face when she comes in and is one of CrossFit Park City’s biggest cheerleaders! Her commitment to the gym has not gone unnoticed and she is well deserving of CrossFitter of the Month!” Kenzie

I grew up in the heart of Los Angeles, between Beverly Hills and Hollywood, and went to high school with some famous people. I never thought I would leave LA, but in 2003 my husband was offered a great job in Salt Lake City and I decided I would be open to “moving anywhere people go on vacation.”

I have a BS in Nutrition and an MPH in Health Education. By the time we moved to Park City, I was ready to get out of health care and corporate life. My kids were 2 and 3 at the time and I decided to pursue something I was really interested in, which was real estate. I’ve been a real estate agent in Park City for 10 years and have built a significant business.

I was not active in high school or college. I did not start exercising regularly until I was in my early 30’s when I took up running. I ran a marathon and a few half marathons before I moved to Utah. Once I got settled into my real estate business, I started going to a local boot camp and ran the Ragnar Relay race, the Park City Marathon and Half Marathon. At this time, my kids started going to CrossFit. I looked at the people walking into the 4:30pm class and thought, “I want to look like them. I need to be doing what they are doing.” I thought I was in decent shape from running and boot camp. Boy was I wrong.
I started CrossFit in October, 2010. It was incredibly humbling. In those days we were in the smaller gym and I was the newest person for months. I finished every WOD dead last. But I wrote down my WODs and I kept coming. I started at 3 days/week then after 3 months increased to 5 and have done 5 days/week ever since. I tell the new people that it doesn’t matter where you are when you start, if you keep coming, you will see results. I love it when I look back on the last time I did a WOD and find that I PR’d. The feeling of accomplishment after every WOD keeps me coming back.

I am truly amazed at the results, both mental and physical. At CrossFit, we conquer our fears and shut off the negative self-talk to get through a difficult WOD. These qualities carry over into everyday life. I also enjoy the benefits of being stronger. If I need to pick up something heavy, I think of cleaning or dead lifting it. I started mountain biking a couple of weeks ago and it was much easier than I thought it would be. I’m just a 50-year old mom, but I feel like I can conquer anything. In May, I ran a half marathon without any training other than CrossFit. The other added benefit is physical. My kids are tired of hearing people ask me what I do to stay in shape or telling me how fit I look.
The CrossFit community is amazing. Jill Spealler has been a tremendous support and inspiration to me since Day One. I embraced my first paleo challenge early on, read Robb Wolff’s book, and my entire family has been on the road to strict paleo ever since. I love the paleo challenges and my diet has come a long way. Ironically, it is the complete opposite from the way I was trained as a nutritionist. Shannon Doleac is my inspiration for following the paleo diet at home with my family.

Some people ask me if I get sick of CrossFit. On the contrary, when I am on vacation and away from my CrossFit family, I miss it. I love our trainers. I’ve been to 3 other boxes in California and each one has made me grateful for the expertise of our leaders and trainers. I have tweaked a muscle here and there, but have never been hurt at our gym. I attribute that to the excellent coaching and programming at CFPC.
My greatest challenge is double-unders. I’m embarrassed that after all this time, I still can’t do them. But, I keep trying and I know I will master them one day. I’ve made peace with burpees and am starting to enjoy them. In thinking about my favorite benchmark workout, I’ll have to say “Grace”. I like it because it epitomizes what I love about Crossfit—a short, efficient workout that works the entire body. My daughter, Whitney, still does CrossFit Kids and I like that it is an interest we share.

If I could have one super power, I would like to read minds.

Rick Maggio | CrossFitter of the Month

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Congrats Rick on being our CrossFitter of the Month. Here is why we nominated you.

Rick1 “Rick has really excelled this last year. He really pushes himself, is consistently in class and has been working on his form. Its been great to see how much he has improved lately and hi is getting better all the time” -Katie B

“I nominate Rick for CrossFitter of the month because of his consistency and eagerness to learn. He challenges himself with loading, while also striving for proper mechanics. he is seeing great results in movement and strength because of this.” -Shannon D.

“I pick rick because he has been super consistent, has focused on improving his technique as well as his weaknesses.” Eric O.
“Rick is super consistent, listens to coaches, and pushes himself appropriately. It’s showing and he has totally changed since walking in our doors” Chris S.

“Rick is my nomination as the dark horse of CFPC. He has been very consistent and is starting to see some major gains all while maintaining proper mechanics. He keeps to himself but mostly because he’s going to sneak up and give Chris and Eric a run for their money during the OPEN!”- Kenzie R.

“I nominate Rick because he works hard and pushes his limits mentally and physically. He sees results because of this and has made some huge gains”-Doug. Z.

Very cool to be nominated as CrossFitter of the Month. It has been a long time since I have been nominated for anything athletically that wasn’t just a participation “award,” so thank you to all the coaches for critiquing my technique on everything.

I grew up outside a town called Coarsegold in the Sierra foothills south of Yosemite. I learned to hike, backpack, and snowboard in Yosemite and I feel that it gave me a somewhat adventurous spirit that has greatly affected my life decisions. I studied hard and went to the University of California, Davis because it was the closest UC to Tahoe (and they have a good mechanical engineering program).Rick3
When I graduated I had the good fortune to get hired at a start-up biomedical device manufacturer in Tahoe as an intern. I worked my way up from the basement (literally, as we were operating in a cabin at the time) and eventually got promoted to a R&D engineer for the the company. The company eventually relocated to SLC when it needed to grow and I moved to Park City at the end of 2011. Now I am in the process of exploring all of what Utah has to offer. I consider myself lucky to have lived in some of the best places in the US despite all the tourists that came with it.
I started CrossFit at the beginning of 2012 after moving out here and I was bored and the snow season had been so far disappointing (everywhere including Tahoe). I want to be able to do everything that is put before me and my previous gym routine had stagnated and I was bored. A firefighter friend of mine told me I should look into joining CF since I want to be multifunctional. His reaction to the fact I was getting e-mails from Chris Spealler when I was inquiring about joining was pretty funny.

I keep going to CFPC because all the coaches are awesome and I am a perfectionist. I want to better myself in every way and they make sure to criticize me when I am doing something wrong or if I should be lifting more weight (or less but not often). Everyone at CFPC are encouraging and helpful since I try to push myself and tend to be one of the last to finish. Since this is my first CF box to attend it is interesting to see and hear how other boxes are run and many times I find it difficult how those other boxes continue to do what they do (it makes one realize how CF gets a bad reputation when they are not actively enforcing some of the lifting fundamentals at all that we get every day).

Rick5I feel that I have improved physically in every way since starting. By getting stronger, the activities I thought used to be hard or a challenge are now just warm-ups or active rest. It is nice to be able to wake up in the morning and hike an “easy” 10 miles and be back by lunch. I like being able to backpack for 20 miles on the middle day of a three day trek not feel totally destroyed. That being said, I think I have room for improvement on everything and especially hope to one day be able to do 100 push ups during a WOD.

If I could design a workout it would depend on what my goal is. A workout I like to do is any combination of squat cleans, pull ups, and sprints. A workout that destroys me would be a combination of presses or push presses, high rep toes to bar, and 800m+ running. The first is good for my confidence and the latter is good for really attacking the weaknesses I need to work on. These days I actively try to make every workout that I know I will hate.

I don’t really have a favorite benchmark workout but I am going to go with Elizabeth as it has something I like in the cleans and something I need to improve in the ring dips.

As a geek I know a thing or two about various super powers in comics so I will go with probability manipulation a.k.a. Luck. It would be nice if events always fell in my favor.

Steve and Brooks Addicott | CrossFitters of the Month

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Why we nominated Brooks & Steve:

“I nominate them because they are the originals. They have been with us from the very beginning they understand the value of CrossFit and our trainers, and they see the benefits in their daily activities. Awesome, supportive couple.” _Chris

“I Nominate Brooks and Addy because of their great attitude and dedication to hard work. They’re a great representation of CFPC”-_Doug Z.

“The Addicott’s were some of the first people I met when I started CrossFit. They have always been so helpful and able to put a smile on my face throughout my almost 3 years at CFPC. They are a true and shinning example of what makes our community so great. ” _Katie B.

“I nominate Brooks and Steve for our CrossFit Couple of the Month because of their dual commitment to the gym and to improving their fitness. Each in their own way, they are equally determined to work on their weaknesses, adjust and scale when they need to, and thus have see excellent results. They both bring such great energy and personality to the gym.” _Shannon

“I nominate Brooks because she is awesome and puts up with Steve.. That is an amazing feat itself! I nominate Steve because of his amazing grammar skills and if we nominate Brooks without Nominating him they he would cry and get his panties in a bunch! Haha, On a more serious note, they have always been an extremely supportive part of our community, both to the trainers and to the other clients. I appreciate their hard work, effort and comedic personalities.”_Eric O

“The Addicotts have been part of my CrossFit journey from my first day at CFPC. They set the example of what hard work and dedication can get you. They continuously strive for technique and welcome any and all feedback. Not to mention the banter on the Blog is much appreciated!”_Kenzie

From Brooks

It is quite the honor to be selected as CrossFit Couple of the Month, (although we can think of many other people perhaps more deserving). We love our CF community!

I was raised in New York and attended the University of Vermont. I had a career in public relations in the television industry before moving to Utah in 1997. I oversaw p.r. for for four years; now I write for various CrossFit affiliates and spend most of my time driving our children Sam (13) and Danielle (nearly 11) to their various activities.

I started CrossFit nearly three years ago, VERY reluctantly. I was a no-show to at least three one-on-ones: I was scared to death. Sports have always been a part of my life: I was a soccer player and ran track, and in my 30s I ran marathons, but CrossFit is unlike anything else. Addicotts6I will be 50 in October and I’m probably in the best shape of my life. What’s more, I have forged great friendships through the gym, and I feel more centered emotionally.

The training at CFPC is excellent. I am a slow learner but all of the coaches take time to walk me through the movements. I struggle with overhead movements and mobility in general, but the biggest struggle is mental: I have to fight not to drop the bar sometimes.

If I could design a WOD it would have deadlifts, box jumps, 200 meter sprints and a bunch of hang power cleans, because I like those. What I probably should do is wall balls, chest-to-bar pull-ups, OHS and rowing: because I am not a fan of any of those!
My favorite benchmark WOD is “Annie,” because I finally have double unders!

If I could possess any super power it would be teleportation. Definitely would come in handy during Park City’s mud season, or whenever the trainers program Fran.

From Steve:

Crossfit Couple of the Month? What an honor!!

Addicott fam is Steve, Brooks, Sam and Danielle. At times (not during lax and ski season), all four of us CrossFit!

Wednesday was our 14th anniversary. I met Brooks 16 years ago in my living room over President’s Day. A buddy called up and said, “Hey, a friend from UVM needs a place to stay before her friends show up and her hotel reservation kicks in. She’s cool, she’s beautiful, she’ll take you out to dinner, let her stay at your house.” I fell in love that weekend, and two kids and a mortgage later, we’re the CrossFit Couple this month. Rock on!

I moved to Utah in 1987 after graduating from the University of Maine at Farmington (it’s near a ski area called Sugarloaf). At that point, I had been ski racing (poorly, by the way) at UMF and obtained a job coaching at Rowmark Ski Academy in SLC. After a few years of coaching, I somehow embarked on a career path in technology sales and marketing, which is what I still do. In almost 26 years I’ve only left Utah for one year—the skiing is too good! (at least until the last two seasons).
I started CFing in September of 2007, so I’m just a couple of months shy of six years. Before CF, I was always a long-distance mountain and road bike racer. Double-digit Lotoja’s, multiple E100s, etc, etc. Hours and hours and hours on my bike….Soooooo boring. Thank goodness I saw Speal at Basin Rec running classes. Pete, Jake, and I did a Helen kind of thing, and then my first real WOD was a little ditty we call Fran. Seriously. First-ever WOD. Chris still likes telling the story. The whole Onramp thing? Not back then. Despite how horrendous that experience was, I realized that Chris needed a client who was not an immediate family member, and I hitched my cart to CFPC.

So, for three years, Brooks hated Crossfit because it was “Steve’s thing.” Then she finally gave it whirl, and check her out now! Girl CRUSHES it in the gym. She kicks my ass all the time!

What keeps you going at CFPC?

I am motivated to keep my work capacity well beyond Chris’. No matter how fit I get, that little guy is right behind me, catching up.
Ok…seriously…I just love CrossFit. The workouts, the pre-WOD jitters, the post-WOD camaraderie, the heckling, the movements, the friends, feeling strong, the competitions (both formal and informal), knowing “I got this” whether I am skiing, waterskiing, climbing, skinning, biking, whatever. I’ve never had such work capacity, and I just plain dig it.

What do you feel have been your biggest improvements/struggles with CrossFit?

This year has been a real struggle for me, as I’ve dealt with two pretty significant injuries. The first was a fluke last September, where I pulled/ripped a pec tendon doing ring dips. At this age (I’m 48), these things just take….forever… to heal. Then, when I was coming back from that, l was a total knucklehead and hurt my back (didn’t warm up+should have taken the day off+went too heavy+sat on a plane to China = 4 months of misery).

In hindsight, the injuries may prove to be a good thing. Yes, I’ve lost a ton of the work capacity I had spent years trying to build, but I have also been forced to rethink my Crossfitting and lose a good bit of ego. I used to be the guy who would always, always, always want to go Rx’d, just so I could say I did. Also, mobility and stretching were things I did a little bit, but not a lot. The back thing was really tough, and little things like rolling out of bed or getting in and out of a car were struggles. So, I was forced to change my attitude and perception, and would celebrate little wins (like doing an air squat pain free, or lifting an empty barbell overhead). And, instead of a necessary evil, mobility is now my primary focus. I’m spending about an hour a day stretching and moving, and I’d much rather focus on strong technique than heavy weights. And I think it’s paying off—the strength and work capacity are (finally) returning, and I know I’m moving better.

One other thing that I want to work on is my intensity. I was talking to Doug about this last week. Once you kind of figure the CF thing out, you can begin to “game” your workouts. You go hard, and you crush yourself, but you don’t just BURY yourself the way you did when you started and didn’t know better. You sort of try to save something in the tank. I want to stop doing that. I want to tackle a workout, just flying, and if/when the wheels fall off, so what. That’s the type of effort that really results in fitness gains, and I want to work on the mental game to go “there” more often.

If you could design a workout what would be in it?

I like heavy back squats, swings, and burpees. So there you go: 5 rounds of 5 BS with 225lbs (heavy, but not too heavy. Out of the rack); 25 swings with 1.5 pood (20 reps isn’t quite enough. The extra 5 take a heavy toll mentally I think); and 20 burpees. Yeesh.

What is your favorite benchmark workout?

Oh boy. I’ve been around long enough now that I really don’t like the benchmark workouts. They hurt. I don’t know…Angie maybe? Or Cindy?

If you could have a super power what would it be?

The ability to know what my wife really wants from me when she gets mad because I can’t figure out what she really wants from me.

Lia Aguirre | CrossFitter of the Month

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Why we nominated Lia Aguirre for CrossFitter of the month:

“I think Lia is a great nomination for July CrossFitter of the month, not only did she rock the Paleo challenge, she’s put some serious time into open gym and a squat program.”- Kenzie

“Lia works incredibly hard and has such a sweet heart. I love seeing her make use of open gym and push herself in class. She also makes a great tailgating buddy”- Katie

“I nominate Lia for CrossFitter of the Month because she has made an impressive commitment to upping her game in the gym and improving her nutrition. Both have paid off tremendously.” – Shannon

“I nominate Lia because of her great attitude, hard work, and dedication. She’s proof that hard work pays off” – Doug

Lia2“Lia has shown consistency and continues to push herself in the gym on the daily basis. I can tell she is working to get out of her comfort zone and its paying off” – Chris

“I nominate Lia because she has been putting in a lot of effort in the gym lately by focusing on her weaknesses and challenging herself more with loads in the WODs. Also, because she has been committing more to her nutrition and continues to have a positive attitude.” – Eric

This is so AWESOME!!!!

Who is Lia? I grew up about an hour away from Park City in Layton; however I was born in Arizona and was lucky enough to spend 3 lovely years there, I’m kidding of course, like I really remember. Growing up I did all the normal girl stuff; dance, tap, ballet, gymnastics then discovered soccer and that stuck. I started playing soccer when I was 5 and played all the way through high school. After graduating from high school I went to Weber State University where I received my degree in Interior Design. My senior year of college I landed an interior design job that brought me to Park City almost 10 years ago. In The spring of 2008 a friend and I decided to take the plunge to start our own business, Area Design LLC. Almost 6 years later and we’re still going strong.
When did you start CrossFit? I started at CFPC June of 2011; my roommate at the time was going and convinced me to sign up and after finishing my first marathon in February it was time to try something new. Before CrossFit I thought I was in good shape, I mountain biked, hiked, ran a few half marathons, went to the gym, but didn’t really watch or pay attention to how I was fueling my body.
I remember my first one-on-one with Eric, during the warm up he had me do pass throughs, as I watched him show me how to do them I thought to myself, “there’s no way… my arms are going to pop off!” I quickly realized after the one-on-one sessions that I wasn’t in the best shape I thought I was. Unfortunately for me I didn’t really take CrossFit serious for the first year and a half, I’d show up 2 maybe 3 times a week and saw little progression. It wasn’t until Shannon’s latest paleo challenge where I decided it was time to make some moves and get my sh*t together! I finally feel better physically and mentally, I can see the progress, I look forward to every WOD and seeing the friends that I have made along the way… All of this is what keeps me coming back!

My biggest struggle has been movments that are overhead with a wide grip. I have since graduated from the 35lbs bar and am now working up my goal of adding 25lbs plates to the bar. I can’t really say that I have a favorite benchmark workout YET, I kind of feel like a born again crossfitter. As for super powers, I’m going to err on the side of caution and go with flying. I feel like this is the most manageable and coolest option.
If you could design a workout what would be in it? I like body weight workouts and am trying to love burpees, so can you guys help me with this one?

Thank you so much Chris, Eric, Doug, Kenzie, Shannon and Katie for everything you do!!!!

Doug Dillon | CrossFitter of the Month

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Why we nominated Doug Dillion for Crossfitter of the month:

“Doug has been my parents neighbor for a while now, he is a great guy with a great family. I’ve really enjoyed watching such an avid runner learn to throw some big weight in the gym”- Katie Bova

“Although Doug participates in the 8:30am class, he shows up ready and prepared to throw down, even if he just came off the night shift as an ER Doctor. He fights for technique and it shows when lifting heavy.”- Kenzie Rowland

“I nominate Doug because he has shown consistency with a challenging schedule with work and is taking the time to lear mechanics instead of focusing too much on intensity”- Chris Spealler

DougPics_0001web“I nominate Doug because of his commitment to improving nutrition and fitness both inside and outside of the gym. Doug is an ER doctor and as we can imagine that is a freaking stressful job where most people eat crap out of convenience. When Steph and I were in the hospital after we had Abe, I saw Doug at the cafeteria and was extremely impressed by what I saw on his plate; especially after nearly every other employee there was eating complete trash. This type of commitment is extremely difficult when not surrounded by like-inded people especially when combined with a stressful job/ In the gym I have see Doug focus more on technique as well as being consistent with minimal time available to train on most days. It has been great to see his progress as well as him starting to crush a lot of the WODs.”- Eric O’Connor

“I nominate Doug for CrossFitter of the month because he is always pushing himself to work outside of his comfort zone. He’s moving better and getting stronger as a result. In addition, I admire his spirit in the gym-always encouraging others to push beyond what they think they are capable of. “-Shannon Doleac

“I nominate Doug because of his great attitude. He works hard and inspires others to do the same. He’s also got a great first name! Congrats Doug” -Doug Zakaras

DougPics_0003webIts 0330 (that’s 3:30 am for you non military folks), there are 20 people to be seen in the waiting room, and the head nurse just informed me that 2 trauma patients will be here in 5 minutes. Thank God I worked out today! The life of an ER Physician is a bit crazy and I am so thankful that I have a beautiful loving wife that understands me and that I have found a way to thrive physically and mentally with a chaotic schedule. CrossFit has become an important part of my mental sanity at home and at work. After working out, I am at my best, able to provide more compassionate care and manage the highs and lows of working the ER (how can you not be more mellow after the filthy fifty). I am honored to be named CrossFitter of the month.

My wife (Molly) and I are both military brats, having lived in numerous states and abroad. We moved here in 2007 and this is the longest we have lived in one place. I graduated from the Coast Guard Academy 91 and have spent years navigating the ocean and a good chunk of time flying helicopters off the west coast. After leaving the military I went to med school and eventually found myself living in Park City and working in SLC.

gaspe06_004webLife BC (before CrossFit) was filled with long bike rides, endless carbs, and what I thought was a fit Doug…. Although I ate like crap and my training was weak at best (lets not even mention my lifting form), I managed to do well in most sports. I had a 5 day a week ice climbing habit (addiction) and loved to put the body and mind to the test on new exposed and sketchy routes. With age (certainly not maturity), two young children, and a busy work schedule my priorities changed (and so did my waistline- looking back now the pictures are not pretty!).

A good friend recommended CrossFit and I thought he was on crack…”Really? – a work out in 5 minutes – that’s a joke. You can’t get in shape doing that crap, it’s just a fad.” A year and half later and my notions of fitness and working out have completely changed thanks to the crew at CrossFitpc. More Kool-Aid anyone?…I would like to thank all the trainers – you are truly making a difference!

Favorite wod:




Grace is the empowering Presence of God enabling you to be who He created you to be, and to do what He has called you to do.

Nicole McMullin

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Why we Nominated Nicole McMullin

“I nominate Nicole because she has made good strides throughout the last couple months by challenging herself more on the WODs and I think she has been doing a good job on the nutrition side of things. She is starting to surprise herself with her strength numbers and it was awesome to see her enter herself into a very different environment by doing the CrossFit Open. “- Eric O’Connor

“I nominate Nicole for CrossFitter of the month due to her determination to simply be better! I love her desire to move better, feel better, and work on her weaknesses. She has made huge progress as a result. “- Shannon Doleac

IMG_0355“Every time Nicole comes to class she is not afraid to ask questions to improve her fitness. She always asks to make sure her technique is right and it really showed in her performance during the open. It is absolutely rewarding as a trainer to see her dedication and determination!”-Kenzie Rowland

“She is always willing to listen to suggestions and feedback and give things a try. She is also super motivating and encouraging to others in class.”-Katie Bova

“I nominate Nicole because she steps out of her comfort zone and encourages others to do the same. She works hard and sees results because of it.” – Doug Zakaras

“Nicole stepped out of her comfort zone competing in the open and has really started challenging herself more in the gym; you can tell its paying off”- Chris Spealler

Words from Nicole:

IMG_2995Being chosen for CrossFitter of the month is super awesome! Thank you.

“Whatever stage of life you’re in, do your very best. Give back to your community. Make a daily commitment to faith. With God’s help, I pray that you will finish your “race” with the assurance and hope that God is with you.” Yes, I believe…in God, myself, my family, and all of you.

Goodness, I have come such a long way since my initial session with Chris and Eric back in October 2011. I had never used a barbell, kettle bell or even knew what Olympic lifting entailed. I was more accustomed to body bar, dumb bells, and indoor cycling. My max weight was a mere 45 lbs, now I work towards the prescribed weight knowing I have my work cut out for me yet I am determined I will achieve it. Knowing it’s no walk in the park! Straight up…add the weight…make it happen. This is my CrossFit journey, I press on. I feel the difference, I enjoy the lifestyle and that keeps me going. Luckily I am blessed with a body that can do this! However I must say that benchmark workout of hitting a 95 lb clean and jerk sure didn’t make me think so at first. Now, you ask me to make improvements on how we train, a better workout? Not so much! CrossFit PC kills it. As for the super power can you imagine if you were so gifted to the point of learning anything within seconds. You could say I was stupid smart.

IMG_2617We recently moved here in 2009 from San Antonio, Texas while I had a great childhood growing up in Pasadena, CA. Most activities were no more than an hour away if not right out our door. I spent elementary years taking ballet lessons, summers sailing to Catalina, and winters skiing in Big Bear and Lake Tahoe. I was fortunate that my parents encouraged and enjoyed an active life style. So…this active Park City life style is fantastic. I want to be a part of it and realize to participate, I need to continue to improve my range of motion, strength, and flexibility. CrossFit is a great means to that end. CrossFit has also challenged me to step out of my comfort zone, exploring options which I may have not been otherwise able to do. I participated in the 2013 Open, so much fun, it was a great experience and I highly recommend everyone to take on that challenge.
I worked hard.
I did more than I thought I could…yes!
I had friends cheer for me…thank you!
I had so much fun.
I keep having so much fun…thank you CrossFit.
“Let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.”- Hebrews 12:1IMG_1408

CrossFitter of the Month – Erik Hamilton

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Here is why we nominated Erik to be CrossFitter of the Month. Congrats!

“I nominated Erik for Crossfitter of the month because of the nearly full circle lifestyle change he has made in a short amount of time. The extremely noticeable change in body and performance came through committing himself to working on the movements he is weak at and really focusing on his nutrition be diving into the nutrition challenge in the fall immediately after joining the gym. After hearing about what he used to eat at work and the unhealthy challenges that he faces on a daily basis there, it really hit home as to how big of a change being healthy and fit was going to be. Proud of the dedication and commitment he has shown.” -Eric O’Connor

“I nominate Erik for CrossFitter of the Month because I am truly impressed by his dedication in and out of the gym. Not only has he made huge gains in his workouts, he has also made huge gains from his commitment to nutrition. Erik has even inspired those he lives with to clean up their diet and look at food differently. He sets a great example for others to follow!” -Shannon Doleac

“I nominate Erik because he comes to the 5:30pm class with a smile on his face and ready to attack any workout thrown at him. He comes to us asking questions and is always interested in ways to improve. From the first time I met him, the overall commitment and dedication to CFPC is evident and reminds me why I love to train.” –Kenzie Rowland

“Erik busts his but in the gym, works on his weaknesses, and doesn’t complain!” – Chris Spealler

“I nominate Erik because he has a great attitude, works hard, and is fun to be around!” -Doug Zakaris


A little summary by Erik

I know it’s all been said before but I am absolutely shocked and honored to be named CrossFitter of the month.

My goal from day one has just been to come in work hard and try to compete and keep up with all the other phenomenal athletes. So to be recognized by such great trainers is very special and I really appreciate it. First of all I want to thank those world class trainers we are honored to work with every day; they really are what make CFPC so special.

I grew up on a small island off the Texas coast where I played all five sports my school had to offer, and spent most days on the Hot Texas beach. After graduating High School I joined the United States Marine Corps as a military police officer, and deployed to Iraq in 2005 with a bomb disposal unit. While in the military, I got my first glimpse of fitness in the form of max bench press work outs in a gym full of jarheads. That meathead work out gets old really quick, and wasn’t for me.

After the military I spent a few years in California before I decided I wanted to move to Utah and see what the mountain life style had to offer. So a couple Skype interviews later, and a one way plane ticket I have been in Park City for almost three years now. I work at Canyons Resort as a Lift Operations Supervisor, which is by far the best job I have ever had. I get to work outside on Ski lifts all over the mountain every day, often snowboarding from lift to lift. In the summers in Park City I work the Zip Line at canyons and enjoy hiking and golfing as much as possible.

I have been at CFPC for about 9 months now, and what motivated me to really focus on getting healthy and truly fit was my Dad. While in his late 40’s my dad began cycling and running triathlons, then one summer my whole family, mom dad brother sister and I, decided to do a long distance bike ride together. We went to Iowa for RAGBRAI (registers annual great bike ride across Iowa) where we started in Sioux City to the west and rode some 500 miles to Davenport on the east side of Iowa. Six days on a bike riding non-stop crushed me, but my Dad made it look easy, I realized I was in bad shape and needed to make a change. I didn’t immediately pick up CrossFit, I of course tried to do it on my own with daily trips to 24hr fitness near my house in San Diego. It was the type of place where the guys all did curls in front of the mirrors and right behind them the girls wore a ton of make-up and walked real slow on the treadmills. That was definitely not for me, I decided it was finally time to try CrossFit, I had heard about it from a few friends and seen a little about it on the internet.

Since beginning CrossFit in July and eating Paleo since the beginning of the first challenge back in October, I have experienced a lot of changes. Not just in body composition and weight, but in overall energy and performance every day during challenging work outs and just in my daily activities. My biggest struggle since joining CrossFit was anything over head and definitely overhead squats. I have since improved on overhead squats from embarrassing to do-able. Admittedly still a long way to go but I even added to them to my WOD I designed.

What keeps me coming back is the great community of hard working men and women, and of course that small group of hard working 5:30pm’ers. Like Pete said last month only sick individuals have favorite WOD’s, but the one I’m most looking forward to would have to be Fran. On my very first day at CrossFit, Fran was the WOD so I look forward to measuring my improvement. If I could design a workout which looks like it’s gonna happen thanks to Nat’s killer this week, I guess I have to make it tougher then hers so better add in my favorite part, running.

Oh and for super power who wouldn’t want to be able to fly? Imagine all the backcountry pow lines you could get in if you could just fly peak to peak.

Thanks again to, Chris, Eric, Doug, Kenzie, and Shannon.

Natalie Groenenboom

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Here’s why our CFPC Trainers nominated Nat this month for CrossFitter of the Month!

Shannon: She is an inspiration in the gym! She comes in, works hard every time, has a positive outlook and is always there to encourage others. AND, she has the best cartwheel at 9 months pregnant that I’ve ever seen!!

Eric: Because she always works hard (before, during, after pregnancies), has been consistent, and makes people feel welcome in the gym. However, if I see Nat wearing a Rich Froning t-shirt I may have to take away the Crossfitter of the Month title!!

Doug Z: She continues to make gains even while pregnant and worked hard through her pregnancies

Chris: Always consistant. Even through two pregnancies and she is smart as she comes back after recovering from them. She understands the concept of scaling and taking her time to get back to where she was. It had always paid off for her.

Kenzie: I nominate Nat for CrossFitter of the Month because she always brings a positive attitude to the gym and goes out of her way to cheer her community on. Not to mention she is one of the most fit, determined, fantastic pregnant mama I’ve seen!

I’m just a Texas girl living a great life in the mountains with a hot hubby (pinch myself often!), 2 kiddos and 2 dogs!

servpic-7I was a flight attendant for 11 years ending my aviation career flying the rich and famous on private jets for a company called NetJets. That’s where I met the hot hubby. Yes, he’s a pilot. Yes, it’s so cliche. I then moved to Park City to be with Rick (Boomer) temporarily. Well, that was in 2006. We now have 2 miracles: Knox (20 months) and August (4 months)……oh and by the way did I mention we are Crossfit Junkies?

servpic-9Almost 4 years ago, I tagged along with Anna Crabtree to try out this “Crossfit thing”. I remember some squatting, some rowing, and some wall balls. I immediately went home and told Rick that I would give up pedicures to budget for this new fitness adventure. No need…..he was smitten from first WOD as well! Crossfit also caused me to then immediately retire from long distance running. Can you give me an Amen?!?

Seeing my friends and the crack cocaine aspect of Crossfit is what keeps me coming back. I WILL do a muscle up one day and I WILL walk on my hands across the gym one day. Now, I’m not sure if I will ever NOT hate burpees but I’ll keep wishing.

I definitely have improved on my lifting form and strength over the years. I NEVER thought I would be that girl. I just ran. Of course, I also ate grains/sugar everyday all day too. Things change. Funny, because now I kind of cringe and dread the body weight only WODs. Can we at least mix in a light barbell and do some snatches?

If a WOD were called “Nat” it would be:
3 rounds: 20 Box Jumps, 15 Hang Power Snatches (95/75), 20 sit ups, 15 Hang Power Cleans (115/95)
So, Chris and Eric, pretty please???

DSC_0021Nancy used to be one of my favorites but she was just so unpleasant last time, I think I’m de-friending her and friending Grace or Isabel.

Oh….and super powers? EASY. I want to read minds (but be able to turn it off), just like my favorite vampire. Don’t laugh people! You know that could come in handy!!!!

Pete Jones

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Most people before me said what an honor it is to be chosen for CrossFitter of the month, so let me start off by saying: What took you so long? Seriously! I’ve been coming for 5 years+ and you just now recognize me?

Really though, when I look around the gym in the 5:15 class alone, there are a dozen people more deserving of this recognition. The early morning crew has not only encouraged and spurred me on in the gym, but many have become good friends that I would have never gotten the chance to know outside of CFPC.

My history of working out was limited to what the high school football coach yelled at me, “Stay on the balls of your feet when you squat Jones!” and inconsistent time in the gym to make sure I didn’t have to buy a size up in all my clothes. It wasn’t until I started coming to CFPC in late 2008 that I really began enjoying learning how to workout safely and push myself in ways that I never knew possible.

I had an injury (from previous miss-treatment of my body) in late 2010 that kept me out of CFPC for about 6 months and slowly rehabbing for the next 6 months, but just the ability to get back into the routine of working out with my fellow 5:30am-ers was so inspiring. I attribute a big part of my quick recovery to the camaraderie and support of the trainers and other athletes in the gym.

Kenzie said to put stuff in here about my work, family, etc., so here it is. I am married to an amazing woman inside and out who started coming to CFPC about a year ago and inspires me with the PR’s she sets every time she steps foot in the gym. We have two crazy boys, Parker (5) and Easton (3) who either keep me young or have made me grow old – I don’t really know which at the moment. I own a small business in Salt Lake selling electrical equipment and travel for work about 25% of the time.

If I had to choose a favorite workout, I’d probably say FGB or Nancy, although anyone who really has a favorite WOD is a little sick. Oh, and the superhero question- I’d have to say Spiderman because my boys seem to think he is the coolest superhero and how could a 5 and 3 year old be wrong?

Annmarie Buoscio

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My name is Annmarie Buoscio, I’m 46 years old and I’m honored to be CrossFitter of the month!

I grew up in the South Suburbs of Chicago with 2 sisters and 3 brothers in a typical Midwestern home. My husband and I left the flatlands of Chicago for Park City at a time when we had no kids, dead end jobs and a desire for the mountains. That was over 19 years ago. We love our lives here, miss our families back home, but now have three awesome children ages 14, 13 and 9 and one big black mountain dog.

I have an accounting degree from St. Mary’s College in Indiana and a Master of Social Work from Loyola University in Chicago.
Currently I am employed as an accountant for a Deal of the Day Website in SLC. It’s a great job that offers a flexible schedule and allows me to work from home so I can be there to greet my children after school on a daily basis.

I started at CrossFit Park City 4 years ago. This was back in the day when there used to be a Curves section just for us women. My friend Dan Reilly introduced me to CFPC. I was avidly practicing yoga at the time and Dan was sure I needed to give CrossFit a try. He liked to tell me, “it will change your life.” I had never heard of CrossFit nor Chris or Eric. In addition, the last competitive sport I participated in was my junior year track team at Marian Catholic High School, where our coach used to watch us run laps from her car while she smoked her Pall Malls. Dan was convincing though, so I thought to give it a try by enrolling my son in Eric’s CrossFit Kids class. Through the positive feedback from my son, I soon enrolled.

My favorite workout at CFPC involves our time upside down.
I love the chance to get inverted and I like working on my handstands and walking on my hands. If I could have any super power it would be bi-location. The ability to be in two places at once!

There are many factors that bring me to CrossFit every morning.
Most days I attend CrossFit at 5:30 a.m. and arrive to a room filled with inspirational athletes and friends that also arrived in the cold and dark of the morning to take on some gnarly WOD. Amazing! It helps me to get up everyday knowing they’ll be there waiting to greet me with support, care and lots of humor. The CrossFit community and coaches make it easy to want to get to CrossFit Park City. It’s a painfully joyful hour that I feel lucky to be a part of. And the best way to start any day!

CrossFit has provided opportunities for success in ways I had never imagined. When I began CrossFit I did pull ups with the biggest band available and was frightened everyday I walked in the door. Now, just this past month, I have completed my first string of pull ups and double unders! 4 years in the make! There is a great sense of accomplishment that rewards you when you put your time in at CFPC and so many opportunities to be a yes!

CFPC has provided me strength in my daily life, in my yoga practice on my bike and my skis. CFPC has been an awesome group to belong to. I am grateful for our coaches, fellow athletes and friends, the exercises and our space. I know that my friend was right. CFPC can change your life:)

Georgette Monez

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I am in awe to be chosen as CrossFitter of the month. Thank you Chris, Eric, Doug and Kenzie. Thanks so much Chris for opening the gym and making us all so fit.

Here’s my story. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and raised our family there too. I went to California State University Hayward where I ran track. I met my husband Wayne white water kayaking. We have two sons, Kyle and Tyler. Kyle followed us to Park City and is a ski patroller at PCMR and is a bike mechanic and EMT in the summer. Tyler is a Jayhawk helicopter pilot in the Coast Guard stationed in Florida. We moved to Utah seven years ago, Wayne’s work brought us here. He worked for the general contractor for the Frontrunner projects and the new Trax line to the airport. I worked as an electrical designer for an Electrical and Mechanical Consulting Engineers for over 20 years. I guess you could say I’m retired.

We have always had an active lifestyle, especially with two sports oriented and active boys. We camp, hike, backpack, kayak, river raft, fly fish, ski all forms of skiing and mountain bike. We took up road biking when we moved to Utah. I have diligently gone to the gym for over 10 years and have attended spin classes as well. I always felt that I was just going through the motions during my workouts. I don’t think I could attend another spin class, just shoot me and put me out of my misery if I had to go back. Some friends of ours introduced us to CrossFit three years ago. I was a little leery at first. I didn’t want to lose the cardio that I worked so hard at spin class. My cardio is better now and needless to say I am 100% stronger than I have ever been in my life. Being one of the older people at CrossFit, I feel age is against me where I’m not as flexible as I’d like to be or as fast or as strong as I could be if I were younger. Feeling that I am getting older, I have to say I’m pretty amazed what I have accomplished in the past three years. I have never done any work with a barbell let alone lift it over my head and then squat with it and then add weight to it. I have never done most of the moves we do and now they are so part of my life.

Last March we participated in the Skinny Tire Festival in Moab. We biked for 4 days with rides up to +40 miles, with some climbing. I was amazed how good I felt not having been on our bikes for over 4 months. I realized how fit and strong CrossFit has made me. We have become avid road cyclists which make our biking vacations in Europe so enjoyable. I really like to climb on my bike, thanks to CrossFit.

What I like about CrossFit and keeps me coming back for more is all that it has to offer, our fun loving trainers and their expertise, the individual attention, the camaraderie, working out with some really nice people, but most of all the challenging workouts and leaving the gym thinking wow I can’t believe that I just did that, run, jump, push, pull, lift the heaviest weight ever or doing countless repetitions. I love it all most of the time.

I was asked to include if I had a super power what would it be. I’m going to date myself here, I would like to be like the TV program when I grew up Bewitched. I could put a spell on people to be more active and eat healthier, make kids want to go outside and play, and with a twitch of my nose the house would be clean so I could go outside and play.

I’m living my dream, living in the mountains, going out and enjoying the great outdoors, being healthy and feeling great. Now if I could only get my boys to become CrossFitters!

Ryan Reilly | CrossFitter of the Month

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Congrats to Ryan Reilly for being our next CrossFitter of the Month

It may seem a little bit cliché but I would like to say that it’s an honor to be this month’s CrossFitter of the month and I have to start by giving a big shout out to my father Ron Reilly for turning me onto the best thing since skiing! I’m proud to say that I am a born and raised Utah boy growing up the first six years of my life in Salt Lake City before moving to beautiful Park City where I’ve spent the last sixteen years growing up even more. I completed all of grade school in Park City and graduated from Park City High School in 2008 while maintaining a typical, immature, degenerate, taxing on my parents, social life. At the moment I am currently in summer school over at the Utah Valley University College in Heber finishing up my associates before heading back to the University of Utah to continue studying my current major of Exercise and Sports Sciences.

Since the age of two I have grown up skiing in a skier family. At the age of eight I took my love for skiing and turned it from a hobby into my life by starting my journey in the competitive world of Freestyle Mogul Skiing. Since then I have battled through the ups and downs of my sport, destined to some day make the US Ski team and hopefully the Winter Olympics thereafter. I have been a part of CrossFit Park City for two and a half years now and after the results I’ve started seeing this past year I plan on staying with CrossFit Park City for a very long time.

Throughout my life I struggled to find what the best possible fitness program was for me and what was going to help my skiing. I did nothing but heavy, meathead lifting and strength work with the occasional thirty-minute bike ride or rare thirty-minute trail run. I believed I could survive off my meat-headed ego and as long as my bench press kept going up I would continue to excel in skiing. Growing wider and chunky was not beneficial for getting down a two hundred plus meter mogul course as quick as I could. Believe it or not it was my own Dad that finally came to me one day and said you need to try out CrossFit because it would change my life. Sure enough he was one hundred percent right. My first workout was a combination of pull-ups, push-ups, and sit-ups with my dad and my huge ego that was severely beaten to death after a simple body weight workout. In the spring of 2010 after my first week of real CrossFit, in the old gym, my ego went from Senior year high school jock ego, to being self conscience of how to grip a bar bell. Over the past two and a half years I have fallen in love with CrossFit both from a competitive aspect and of course the awesome community that developed with it. It wasn’t until this past summer that I finally decided it was time to take CrossFit as serious as I take skiing in order to accelerate my fitness and strength to the next level thus taking my skiing to higher levels. This past summer is when I finally put the pieces together and went into beast mode. Starting strict paleo nutrition and cutting down on junk I was able to lose weight, trim up, and put forth more energy into every workout. Paleo = bacon, and bacon = results!

In the past whenever my training, working out, work, and educational schedules conflicted I would just give up and chose some over the others and give up on the rest. This summer I decided to do a little bit of growing up by waking up earlier, packing my own healthier lunches, being more disciplined in my studying, and knowing when there was a time and place for my social life. After watching a CrossFit commercial called: CrossFit makes People Better, it changed my whole perspective on life and I started to better everything in my life. I believe that CrossFit truly does make people better and I can personally attest to it. By taking my CrossFit more seriously and becoming more involved with it I have learned how to get my butt out of bed in the morning. For example class started at eight so that meant WOD at six. I was able to completely turn my nutrition around and put good into my body and in return see good come out of it. By cutting down on the junk my PRs went up along with my cardio and stamina. I also became more disciplined with not letting my social life overrun my priorities and goals in life. These changes in my fitness and my life have increased my skills in my ski training ten-fold.

As I said before I truly do believe CrossFit makes people better and if people don’t believe that then they obviously haven’t seen our gym and it’s community. Even though this is my time in the spotlight I would like to take the time to personally thank all of our trainers who have made all of this possible and of course all of the members of CrossFit PC. Without all of you there to give encouragement and spread positivity every day I would not be able to push myself to new heights and new PRs. From yelling from the sidelines, to running along side me in a workout, or even screaming encouragement in my face when hundreds of pounds are on me or over me I couldn’t be in a better fitness environment. Thanks you all, and seeing as this seems to be the trend at the end of the write up, and see you next WOD!

Favorite Workouts- Oddly enough I like Fran because I’ve recently found out I’m kind of good at it haha, Nicole, Jackie, Amanda, I like chippers in a strange way because they seem to bring out the very best in everyone and are a true testament to your fitness, and I really like the 3 rounds for time of 8 split snatches at 115, 7 bar muscle ups, and run 400 meters from the track event in the 2012 games.

Favorite Movements- The muscle up/bar muscle up, very challenging movement but there’s nothing like finally getting these after spending all the time and dedication to pop up and look at everything in the gym from the top of a muscle up. Kipping pull-ups, because I’m kind of good at them haha. Power cleans and heavy back squats are definitely my favorite meathead movements because there’s nothing like being able to brag about huge numbers in these categories when taking fitness with your buddy’s ha-ha.

Superpower- That’s a no brainer: Teleportation because seeing as I travel all over the world on seriously planes, trains, and automobiles there’s nothing like turning a 24 plus hour travel day across the world and/or country into a teleportation that takes just second to get there with all of your crap ha-ha.

Eileen Moeller

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Congrats to Eileen Moeller for being our next CrossFitter of the Month

I grew up in Long Island, New York in a big family with 6 siblings. I moved to Park City in 1988 to be with my college sweetheart, Mark. He was a mogul skier on the U.S. Freestyle  Ski Team so that’s how we ended up here.  We have been married for 22 years, and have 2 great kids (Madeline 13 and Luke 10)!  I am an RN and have worked at TOSH in Salt Lake for 16 years.  My kids keep me busy with all their activities and sports (both play hockey and lacrosse). In my spare time, I love to be with family and friends enjoying the outdoors (running, hiking, biking, skiing). I love the mountains but still miss living near the beach!  I try to get to the ocean whenever I can!

CrossFit came into my life at a time when nothing I tried was working and I was beyond discouraged!  In the past, I had been able to maintain my weight with cardio workouts but in 2005 I gained 20+ lbs in 2 weeks  and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I started thyroid replacement and assumed I would be back to normal soon… Not so easy!   It was so disappointing to put in 2 hours a day, 5 days a week at the gym and not get any results.  But I kept trying, for 5 years… (what was I thinking)!  I was running, spinning, weight training (with a personal trainer), doing boot camp class, and many other things I’m not willing to put into print!  I finally decided I had to find something different, but what? I had heard my friend, Christy, rave about Crossfit and I was ready to give it a try.  I remember the first workout was a class Doug held at Willow Creek Park. He gave me a quick lesson on how to do an air squat and then put us through a great sprint/pushup/squat workout!  I remember telling Christy on the way home,  “I am starting CrossFit as soon as the kids go back to school”!  That was Sept/Oct of 2010 and it has changed my life!  Aside from the physical changes to my body, I’ve lost 20 lbs. and 5 % body fat.  I have much more energy and feel like I am much more balanced than ever before.  I love the variety of workouts CrossFit offers because it forces me try new things (something I avoided in the past)! It has taught me to see the benefit in doing things I suck at!  I have been able master skills I did not think were possible like pullups and rope climbs!  I have a list of skills I hope to keep checking off and I feel confident that if I keep working hard I will achieve them!!   It’s really exciting to be getting better and improving myself at age 46!

I am so grateful to have discovered CrossFit!  Thank you Chris, Eric, Doug and Kenzie for teaching me a new way to think about fitness! You are amazing trainers and  people, I appreciate all of you!  I do not have to be a slave to hours of cardio anymore!  It has freed me to really enjoy my life!  Before CrossFit, I always turned down offers to bike/hike with my husband or friends because I thought I should be going for a long run instead.  Now I do Crossfit 4 days a week and choose other activities strictly for pleasure. What a concept!!  CrossFit is much more than a gym!  It is a community of great people, with a wide range of fitness levels, who encourage and support each other and celebrate all of our accomplishments big AND small. I am truly lucky to be a part of it!