Wanye Hall |CrossFitter of the Month

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Congrats Wayne on being our next CrossFitter of the Month

From the Coaches:
“Wayne is great to have in the gym. He asks good questions of the particularities of the movements to further his understanding and has a fun demeanor to him. He has been consistent and does not cherry pick the WODs, even if they are workouts that contain a bit of running. I heard a while back that he went to a competition to support our gym members he ended up participating in the competition on the spot to help out the team when one of the team members could not finish……that is just plain cool”- Eric

“Love seeing Wayne in the gym. He is the quiet beast. Although he already moves well he takes the time to listen to the coaches and improve during the instruction portion of the class. You can also find him making use of open gym hours working on Olympic lifting which is always bonus points in my book. Great attitude and supports those around him in workouts, team or individual. Guys like Wayne make my job easy as a coach.”- Chris

“Wayne likes to keep a low profile at the gym and while he is lifting an insane amount of weight he hates to draw attention to his successes in the gym. Although heavy lifting is his strong suit he continues to work on his endurance and takes advantage of open gym hours to improve his skills. I love having Wayne in class because he’s quick to crack a joke and is appreciative of trainer feedback. I also nominate Wanye because he jumped in when we needed someone during the Lululemon throwdown a few months back. Well deserved Wanye!!!”-Kenzie

“Wayne is great to have in the gym! I’ve gotten to know him a bit more and he’s great to be around, easy going, fun, and funny. He works hard in the gym and I love to see him push his limits with the Olympic lifts. Congrats Wayne!!!”-Doug

“I’m super pumped to have Wayne as a member of our gym and our community. His love for Olympic lifts and throwing around heavy barbells always keeps him coming back for more during any open gym time. He also shows up and does a workout he doesn’t want any part of just because he knows it will further improve his skills. With all the support we have shown Wayne he gives it back just as much by being the ultimate fan. Wayne has shown his support to me by always coming to watch me perform at any local competition and cheers loud even when I’m at the brink of devastation! He even came out of the crowd and jumped in on the competition when an extra man was needed, in loafers! Congrats Wayne, glad to have you part of our CrossFit PC family! ” -Ryan

” don’t get the chance to work with Wayne very often, but when I do I love his work ethic and positiveness. He’s always open to suggestions and cues, and that combined with his consistency has lead to great improvement. Congrats, Wayne!” -Shannon

From Wayne:
Wow, this was a completely unexpected but pleasant surprise. I still feel like the new kid who just moved into the neighborhood but I guess it has been almost a year since I moved to Park City. Thanks to Chris, Eric, Kenzie, Doug, Ryan & Shannon for considering me, I couldn’t have found a better community to become a part of. It is a great feeling to watch and follow an athlete you are inspired by and when you get the chance to meet them in person they are even nicer and more humble than you could have imagined. Chris was that person for me. The gym and community that he has built is incredible. Through my travels I have had a chance to train in dozens of CrossFit boxes and I have never seen such a great staff as we have. I don’t think I know of a CrossFit affiliate besides Park City with 3 coaches who are part of the Crossfit HQ Seminar Staff.

So, who is this new guy… This Wayne character. Well I was born and raised in Ohio. I grew up playing football, basketball and baseball like most kids. I really loved basketball but the elusive growth spurt never hit and in junior high I started focusing on wrestling and football. Since there would be no growth spurt, I realized I would have to work harder in the weight room than anyone else in order to compete. That is where my love of the barbell started and still continues to this day. I was fortunate enough to continue playing football in college and started for 3 years as a running back at Baldwin Wallace College. After those 4 years I wasn’t ready to join the workforce so I accepted a scholarship to get my Master’s Degree in finance at the University of Akron. This gave me two years to figure out what the hell I wanted to do. After graduating I boarded a greyhound bus headed for New York City for the first time to start a career as a trader on Wall Street. I worked as an equity trader for several Institutional Money managers. This led to an opportunity to join a new startup Money Management firm, Integrity Asset Management. We built the firm over the next 7 years and then were acquired by a large capital management firm in 2011. The purchase of our company afforded me the chance to work for myself and over the past 3 years I have been keeping the electric on by trading my own personal accounts.

In grad school I got the chance to take a spring break trip with friends out to Colorado for a snowboarding trip. The first time I saw the mountains on that trip, I knew I would be trying to find a way to get back to them and find a way to live in a ski town. The purchase of our company handed me that opportunity to get back to the mountains and that is how I find myself in the land of powder, Utah. Now if someone could just tell me where they hide the stuff that would be great.

When did i start this thing called Crossfit?

In 2010 I was planning a trip to Park City for a snowboarding trip with friends. Sitting behind a desk staring at screens all day did not seem to be the prescribed training regimen for a week long powder fest. Another trader had recommended that I try this thing called CrossFit and brought me along to CrossFit Cleveland. I was completely crushed by the first workout and found what I had been missing in my life after finishing competitive sports in college.

What keeps me at CFPC?

The trainers are phenomenal and the community is top notch.

Biggest Improvements/struggles with CrossFit?

My biggest struggle has always been with the gymnastic movements (rings) and that weird thing they call running. I would be very happy if they locked us in the gym and forced us to work only with barbells and kettlebells. I know this is a pipe dream and so I am determined to get better at running, unfortunately I think that means I am gonna have to run more.

If I could Design my own workout…

It would involve no running, maybe some rowing, definitely some pullups and hand stand pushups all intertwined with a few heavy barbell movements in it. – Ok trainers come up with a good one for me 🙂

Favorite Benchmark workout

I like the short and sweet ones. I’m pretty good at Grace but if I want to know where my current fitness level is I turn to FRAN. Its a bit sadistic but it lets me know where I am at pretty quickly.

Super Power I would want most?

I hate to be a copycat but Anna and her skill of teleportation would be the best superpower. Whats that? It just dropped 2 feet of fluff in Japan. Boom, I’m there and back in time for the 4:30 workout.

Evan and Anna Miller | CrossFitters of the Month

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Congrats Evan & Anna for being our next CrossFitters of the Month

From the Coaches:

“Evan and Anna are outstanding examples of what it’s like to have strong community support in and out of the gym. They love being as social as possible with everyone in the gym and even like to bring the party to their own house on a daily basis, Millertime! They have really been there for us in the past few years. From throwing a Mountain Meltdown to celebrating your PRs just a big as you do they are a great addition to the community. Well earned and well deserved guys! Can’t wait to see you accomplish even more in the future here.”-Ryan

“I nominate Anna and Evan for CrossFit Couple of the month because of their involvement in all things Gym related. Not only have they dedicated their fitness to CrossFit they have embraced the lifestyle associated with it. They eat paleo, they promote our community, they engage in CFPC events, and are always cheering members on in the gym. I love their commitment and believe they could not be a better fit for Crossfit Couple of the month.” Kenz

“Evan and Anna are AWESOME! I am really glad that they are a part of our community and appreciate the impact that they have had on the gym as a whole. In the gym they work hard and as well as providing some humor and fun elements to the classes as well. I look forward to the adventures that await them!!” Eric

“Evan and Anna rock! Their investment in the community is awesome and they are a wonderful addition to the gym. They make the gym a better place and I’m excited to see them every day. Keep it up!” Doug

“Anna and Evan are more than deserving of the CrossFit Couple of the Month! Their support in and out of the gym for our community has been amazing. I love how they take the time and make great efforts to pull people together for fun activities. Their efforts in the gym are equally awesome, with personalities that make CFPC what it is! Congrats you two.”-Shannon

“Love seeing Evan and Anna in the gym. They have been a dedicated couple in their fitness and have been a huge part of the CrossFit PC community. Their investment in their own fitness and the relationships they have built with others in the gym has been fun to watch and be a part of. Plus, I’ve heard of some epic cheats after paleo challenges that you can count on from them. ” Chris

From Evan & Anna:

Wow! Thank you so much for nominating Millertime for CrossFitters of the Month! Super excited! Millertime consists of Anna Michalko-Miller and Evan Miller, both originally from the Twin Cities, MN and have lived in Utah since 2007. In addition to the Charley Brown Dog, our family is expecting to grow with our first little addition arriving in August! The passion of Anna’s work-life is teaching, and has been teaching Elementary School for 10 years. Evan is a “Marketing Gun for Hire”… whatever that means. We warn everyone that comes to stay with us for a couple day ski vacation to be careful, because you might just find yourself still here enjoying life 8 years later.

We cannot thank the sport of CrossFit, and CrossFit Park City, enough for the personal impact that it’s had on our lives. The Paleo challenges, the Framily that we’ve grown to love in the parking lots of Regionals, to the trip we all embarked on to go down to the Games together and whatever future craziness we have planned. We thank you all for the impact each and every one of you has on our day-to-day lives and well-being (yes, even Bacon).

CrossFit Questions:
A: I started CrossFit over in Heber in Nov 2011, and tricked Evan into coming a couple weeks later. We started at CFPC in Aug of 2012

What keeps you going at CFPC?
E: The trainers. I’ve had the privilege of dropping in all over the country, and you cannot beat our Trainers.
A: My friends. And dance parties.

Biggest Improvements/Struggles with CrossFit?
A: Increases in overall fitness and energy level – still struggle with gymnastic movements
E: 2014 was a really good year for me, and the extra training I put in with Doug really showed me that I am capable of PR’ing everything. All the PR are belong to me.

IF you could design a workout, what would be in it?
A: Dancing in the “rest” between barbell movements.
E: Something like “The 50’s” from last year that really challenges my weaknesses on gymnastics, but let’s me play with a barbell too.

Favorite benchmark workout?
A: Dirty 30! and Team Workouts like in the Team Series.
E: Helen. Because I’m not good at it, and it’s always a terrible fight.

Super Power?
E: You’re seriously asking the nerd that question? How about the ability to regenerate damaged, or destroyed, areas of cell structure at a rate far greater than that of an ordinary human. And I’ll take an adamantium skeleton while you’re at it.
A: Umm… Teleport without Evan, and the ability to steal Evan’s powers if I need to.

Kim Denkers | CrossFitter of the Month

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Congrats Kim on begin our next CrossFitter of the Month

Why we chose Kim this month?

“Kim is the bomb.com . She is actually fun to be around at the dreaded hour of 5:15 am and this is definitely appreciated by me! Love the fact that you have been doing this for a long time and seem to have been able to keep motivated and have been working harder on finding the “pain cave”. Proud of you Kim and the progress that you have made. Keep up the great work!”- Eric

“Kim rocks! Her great attitude and consistent effort help her see results. She works hard, is great to be around, and brings a wonderful presence to the gym! Congrats Kim!”-Doug

“I’ve noticed that Kim has recently been putting in a lot of work and effort in drilling her form and technique. She’s taken extra time after class and during open gym to back the weights down and work purely on perfecting the movement outside the workouts. Your efforts haven’t gone unnoticed Kim and you definitely are well deserving of CrossFitter of the month. Congrats Kim!” -Ryan

“Kim is awesome! Always has a good attitude, has worked through some little nagging tweaks here and there, listens to her body, and pushes herself when the time is right. Always a pleasure to have in class and coach. Congrats Kim, well deserved! ” -Chris

“I nominate Kim Denkers for CrossFitter of the month because she has taken the time to work on some of her weaknesses, including overhead squats and handstand push ups. She continues to get stronger in these movements and sets and excellent of example of consistency. I appreciate having her in class as she is supportive of other members and focuses on technique under duress. Way to go Kim!” -Kenzie

“Kim is greatly deserving of CrossFitter of the Month. She sets a such a good example by taking time to work on her goals and weaknesses. Kim is smart with her training and always a pleasure to work with. Congrats, Kim!”- Shannon

From Kim

Who is Kim Denkers you ask??? Someone who is in utter and total shock. This is such a huge surprise. It has taken days for me to wrap my head around this incredible gift of being nominated as Crossfitter of the month. Thank you Eric, Chris, Kenzie, Doug, Ryan, and Shannon. You have all been such an intricate part if this journey and I appreciate how each of you has made an impact. Your knowledge, expertise, enthusiasm, and commitment make Crossfit PC an amazing and unique place.
I am a 1st grade teacher at The Weilenmann School of Discovery. I completely LOVE teaching. Even on those challenging days, I am super psyched to walk into my classroom . Everyday is an absolute adventure!

I grew up in Western Massachusetts and went to college in Vermont. I moved to Park City in 1992. It was only supposed to be here for 6 months; but as we all know…

It didn’t take long for me to realize how special this place was so I settled in and never looked back. 22 years later I have an incredible life filled with my amazing family, friends, and adventures.

I met my husband, Blake, 16 years ago. We have been married for 13 years. He was the one who encouraged me to try Crossfit. He literally took both hands and pushed me through the front doors. Together we have an 11 year old son. Kellen keeps us enjoying life with the love of comp baseball, comp basketball, skiing, mountain biking, and ocean adventures. It is with my family that I experience my most joyful moments!

I started Crossfitting in the spring/summer of 2011. I started out slowly; I attended only 1, 2 maybe in a blue moon, 3 classes a week. It was not uncommon for me to also skip a week here or there. At first Crossfit was the most intimidating thing I had ever faced. Just walking through the door made we want to cry. My head was filled with every insecurity imaginable. I had this notion that I needed to be super strong, super talented, super athletic, super perfect.

Even with all of my insecurities I kept coming. It was around the fall of 2012 that I had a moment where I said to myself, “Enough, you either go for it, embrace it or give it up.” It was then that I committed myself to going 4 days a week, every week without excuse. I became fully invested. I prepared to do anything I needed to follow through with my new commitment. As I began to chip away, and the weeks passed I noticed small improvements. I noticed small successes. I noticed small proud moments. Walking through the door now brought an excitement, eagerness, and a new found sense of confidence.

I continue to keep coming because my Crossfit carpool depends on me to pick them up at 5:10 a.m. 🙂

No, just kidding… I keep going because I want to keep climbing that ladder which brings me one step closer to the next thing. I want to keep pealing back the onion so that I can discover what else is there. With every class I move closer to something, whatever that something can may be.

I keep going back because I like that feeling of being committed to something. I love that Crossfit is there for me not matter what is going in my life. It is dependable and it is my constant.

I keep coming back because I love that I have developed such fabulous, supportive friendships. It is an honor to watch as these amazing people work hard and find success. I love to watch as this Crossfit community is in it together and we participate along side one another.

I love that I learn about healthy eating and proper nutrition.

I love that there are no failures, but rather I can just keep trying again the next time I am in the box.

I keep coming back because truly there is no other place that I would rather be!!!

What do you feel have been your biggest improvements/struggles with crossfit?

Biggest improvement- over coming the mental message “I can’t” and replacing it with “I am.”
Biggest struggle- linking together those dang double unders!!! UGGGH!

If you could design a workout what would be in it?

A workout that has us working together in teams. A little bit of something from all modalities: med ball cleans, box jumps, hang power clean, rope climb or farmer walk, and a little plank hold at the end. Let’s throw in a 25 minute AMRAP.

What is your favorite benchmark workout?

I don’t know about “favorite” but it’s a strong “like”
Filthy Fifty

If you could have a super power what would it be?

Superhuman Agility– It would be so cool to have lightning-fast reaction time, great flexibility, and excellent jumping capacity. Crossfit would be a piece of cake!

Doug Vanderkooi | CrossFitter of the Month

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Congrats Doug on being our next CrossFitter of the Month

Why we chose Doug:

“Congrats to Dougster the Hugster! Doug’s great attitude and willingness to work hard have given him great results. I appreciate his even keeled approach, solid effort, and coachablity in class and love to work with him. Congratulations Doug!”- Doug Z.

“Doug has always exhibited great motivation and dedication over the past years. No matter the workout out or time of day Doug always makes it to class with a smile on his face. He puts 110% into what ever he’s doing and whatever he’s working on, but is always one to laugh it off and have good time doing it. Nice Job Doug, keep up that perfect attendance! “- Ryan R

“Doug V has been a member at CFPC for 3 years and I can honestly say he is one of the most consistent members. I’ve appreciated his coach-ability and willingness to push the boundaries of his comfort zone. Every morning Doug arrives he works on some accessory work which has proved to be helpful in his squat and posterior chain strength. Thank you for your positive attitude, your consistency, and your sense of humor! Way to go DOUG!” Kenzie G.

“Doug has shown consistency and is never complaining in the gym. Although things may be difficult he is always up for the challenge, scaling appropriately, and maintaining good technique. Maybe I’ll be like Doug someday!” Chris S.

“Doug certainly deserves to be our CrossFitter of the month for his awesome positive attitude and consistency in the gym. He is always a pleasure to work with, take cues well, and sets a great example for all of us!” Shannon D.

“Doug always seems to have a positive and laid back attitude when he comes into the gym. I don’t think I have ever heard him complain about a movement or workout and this is a great attitude to have. He works hard and focuses on doing the movements well. He has progressed a ton since he first started and this is due to his awesome attitude, effort, and consistency. Great job Doug, you are the man.” Eric O.

A little feedback from Doug:

When I got the email from Kenzie that I was nominated for CrossFitter of the Month, I thought “WOW!” Then I showed it to my wife and she laughed hysterically, “Maybe they’re just trying to get you to leave the nest and quit going to the Elements class”. Despite what my wife thinks, I’m honored to be CrossFitter of the Month and appreciate all the trainers for even considering me, let alone nominating me. Thank you Chris, Eric, Kenzie, Doug, Ryan & Shannon! You’ve all been a great help and I’ve learned a lot from each of you but most of all – you make CrossFit fun.

I was raised in Northern New Jersey and spent my first 44 years there. You can make all the jokes you want, but NJ’s a great place and I still think of it as home. After graduating from Rutgers, I worked a few years as an engineer for the DoD. I then decided to go to law school (again Rutgers), where I was lucky enough to meet my awesome, beautiful wife Bonita. I spent some time as a tax attorney for a large NJ law firm, and then decided lawyering wasn’t for me and spent the next 20 years working for State Farm Insurance. I thought I retired at the end of last year but my wife decided otherwise and I’m now working for Bonita in her State Farm Agency.

I grew up playing the traditional sports, baseball, football, basketball and stayed pretty active with those into my 40’s. I always liked playing games but never thought of it as exercise or fitness. Started skiing after college but was never any good at it. I never had any intention of leaving NJ, but in 2002 work brought Bonita and me to UT and we’ve loved it ever since. I found out snowboarding is a lot easier than skiing and it’s now about my favorite thing to do.

I’ve always tried to stay active but I never liked exercise for the sake of exercise and was never motivated enough for any kind of organized fitness program. We had some friends who were CrossFitters and Bonita wanted to give it a try. She didn’t want to go alone so she dragged me to the one on ones with Chris & Eric, signed us up and 3 years later I’m surprisingly still at it. I think what keeps me Crossfitting is that it doesn’t seem like exercise for the sake of exercise. I like the variety, the trainers and my classmates who always make it an enjoyable, comfortable place to go. And, it’s something Bonita and I have fun doing together.

I don’t think I realized how unfit I was until I started CrossFit. CrossFit has definitely improved my overall fitness and strength. Even my flexibility is better. When I started, squats were a real struggle and forget about the couch stretch. They’re still not pretty but I’m getting there. A lot of the CrossFit movements can still give me trouble at times but my biggest challenge continues to be endurance and the mental side of CrossFit. I sometimes find the longer, high volume WODs to be daunting. And, as Bonita will tell you, I’ve never been much good at counting. If I had to program my own workout, it would be an 8-12 minute AMRAP of 4-5 low rep movements (and no running!). I probably like Cindy the best of the benchmark workouts. Although it’s longer, I’m not stuck doing any one thing too long.

I never really gave much thought to superpowers but I’d like to go back in time. Not to change anything but just to see what it was like to live 100-200 years ago. I think it would be a good reminder of how good we have it today.

Kim Losee | CrossFitter of the Month

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Congrats Kim on being our next CrossFitter of the Month

From the Trainers

“I nominate Kim L. for CrossFitter of the month for her consistently positive attitude and smile during class. She rarely gives herself enough credit when it comes to lifting and is often surprised by her own strength. Kim asks questions and isn’t afraid of trying something new. Lastly Kim is such a positive role model for her girls and continues to show them that strong is the new sexy. “-Kenzie

“Kim has made great improvements in the gym and is always working towards that perfect technique. She is always positive and always happy to be with us at the gym. Her dedication to a daily, consistent routine has always kept her coming back for more and it is awesome to see. Nice work Kim!” – Ryan

“Kim is more than deserving of being our CrossFitter of the Month! I remember the first day that Kim gained enough confidence to venture from the Elements class to a regular WOD and she never looked back. She is a complete joy to work with. Her consistency and push to be better in the gym, along with her dedication to nutrition out of the gym show in her success. She also adds such a positive element to our box. Congrats, Kim!”- Shannon

“Kim’s dedication, great attitude, and hard work have paid off! She’s a joy to have in class and a wonderful part of the gym. Congratulations to Kim as our CrossFitter of the month, well deserved”- Doug

“Congrats Kim. It’s been great to see you have do consistency and step out of your comfort zone to challenge yourself a bit. The hard work is paying off and the results are showing!”- Chris

“I nominate Kim because I have seen an unbelievable transformation that I honestly did not know she was capable of making. It just goes to show that when you commit to a goal and put the work into achieving it that it can be possible. She has made some good progress in the gym and did awesome in her first nutrition challenge with the gym. She has two daughters and both have been motivated by her to join the teens and kids programs…..this is awesome!” Eric

From Kim

Wow! Is all that I have to say to this nomination! I want to give a big thank you to all of the Crossfit PC trainers!
Kenzie, Doug, Shannon, Eric, Ryan and Chris I am forever indebted for all of your support and faith in me. Never and I mean never, have I had such great results from a training program! Between all of the fantastic coaching and Shannon’s nutrition tips…. (the Paleo Challenge app is superb!) I have started to make amazing changes to my lifestyle and body!

I am a true Utah native. I moved from Salt Lake City to Park City in 1983. I am so fortunate to have grown up in this amazing town and now raise my family in the same fantastic place! It is so beneficial to live in such an active, healthy community. I married my high school sweetheart 24 and some odd years ago. We have two beautiful, smart, crazy daughters. Currently, I am the antithesis of a paleo crossfitter… I make specialty cakes! And yes, they are full of sugar (that’s the name of my company!) and gluten! Terrible – I know! During the winter months, I am a PCMR Mountain Host. That’s why you wont see me at the gym on Tuesdays. I also love to travel, play in the desert, ski, fly fish, scuba dive, and drink wine!

In years past, I have mainly focused on cardio work outs – running, mountain biking and hiking. Weight lifting was terrifying and cardio made me feel that I had actually accomplished something. Never, had I put the two together and really never got eating healthy and exercise to work at the same time… I was mediocre at one or the other.
I knew for a couple of years that I should get my bootie to the Crossfit gym down the street. I actually had no clue what it was all about… but I saw people that looked great and loved their ‘box’! I had no knowledge that Chris Spealler was a super hero, no knowledge of ‘the Crossfit Games’, and zero knowledge how amazing crossfit actually would turn out to be! I am so thankful to my girlfriend that finally talked me into giving crossfit a try and I wish that she would re-join in the fun!!

I started Crossfit 1 year ago. On my first days working with Kenzie, Doug & Eric, I thought I may just die right there on the spot! 10 wall balls… in a row?! Are you kidding me!! I’ve come a long way… did 145 yesterday!

For some crazy reason, I keep coming back for more! The trainers give me confidence to push myself… I mean, they are professionals – right? If they tell me that I can do it, then I must be able to! They are the best in the business! Not to mention my fellow crossfitters! The 8:30 class is full of cheerleaders! Even when my WOD doesn’t hold a candle to theirs, they are still supporting and cheering me on. They all remind me that they started at ground zero too!

Crossfit has brought many improvements and struggles for me. There are the obvious things like sore muscles and a tired body but the #1 worst thing is the overhead squat!!! Hope to graduate to the 35# bar some day! GRRR! But, the benefits greatly out weigh the struggles. I am much stronger, in better all around shape, can climb a rope and I have made some amazing friendships. I am even working on getting my entire family to be crossfitters! Both of my girls – ages 11 & 15 love crossfit too! The husband… well, he is still a work in progress!

If I could design the ‘Kim’ WOD… tough question… I would include some split jerks, a rope climb or 6, maybe a few burpees (did I just say that?), and some kipping pull–ups – that hopefully, someday, I will be able to do at least one!! Ooh and it would all be done to some foot stomping, toe tapping country music! …Eric will be pleased!

My favorite benchmark work out…. funny question… I had to look them up to see what they were! If I had to choose, I’d say Grace. Because that is what I feel like when I do clean and jerks, graceful… NOT!!

If I could choose a super power… I think that I would fix things in this world that just aren’t fair. You know, like… cure kids with cancer, swoop in and save the decorated Marine from getting killed in a tornado while in his own bed,
and of course save all of the homeless and abused pets in this crazy world!

Someday, I hope to rock double unders, pull-ups, and RX a WOD. With the help and encouragement of my new friends and the CFPC trainers, anything is possible – right? Again, I want to express my gratitude to all of the CFPC staff and athletes. Thank you for including me in the family!

Tracy Otterness | CrossFitter of the Month

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Congrats Tracy on being our next CrossFitter of the Month

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A little feedback from our Trainers

“Although I’ve only had a couple opportunities to work with Tracy, I could quickly tell he has a great work ethic and attitude. I look forward to seeing his continued progress!”- Shannon Doleac

“Tracy is a great addition to our gym and has really shown tremendous determination and improvement over these past few months. He always has a great, positive vibe when he walks through our doors and is always ready to throw down on any WOD. He asks great questions, responds well to any kind of teaching, and is always ready to give his 100% effort. Always smiling and always making us laugh, congrats Tracy well deserved!”- Ryan Reilly

“Love Tracy’s attitude and willingness to work hard in the gym. I think we have all seen some great gains from him both as trainers and members. He sets a great example of how well things work when you work hard and are consistent. Good positive vibes coming from him and a pleasure to have in class.”- Chris Spealler

“It has been awesome seeing Tracy progress so much in a relatively short amount of time. He has been working hard, being consistent, and scaling the workouts appropriately so that he gets the most out of every class that he does. I have also seen him spend some time focusing on a couple of the movements that bring him some trouble (Overhead squats) and he has seen a lot of improvement here due to the focus on proper mechanics. His attitude is awesome and he brings a awesome element of energy and humor to the class. Great work, look forward to see your progress in the future as well!!” Eric O O’Connor

“Tracy’s positive attitude is contagious! He works hard, is eager or coaching, and responds to coaching cues to get the most out of his workout. His body transformation has been amazing and is a testament to his effort. Keep up the great work Tracy.” Doug Zakaras

“I remember when Tonya mentioned she would try to get her husband to come in and that she didn’t think he was a ‘gym guy’. Tracy has proved he IS a gym guy and is rocking the CrossFitter of the month title. I absolutely love having him in class, and appreciate his attentiveness & dedication to getting stronger. Just the other week when Tracy walked into class I thought to myself, WOW, look at how much weight he’s lost! Keep up the consistent work Tracy and I love your positive attitude in class!” Kenzie Groot

From Tracy

I want to thank all the trainers for this privilege. You guys (and gals) have helped me so much and I appreciate every day what you have all done for me. Thanks also to all my classmates at the 4:30pm class. What a great bunch of supportive people. I can’t thank you enough. Thanks also to my smokin’ hot Crossfit-wife, Tonya, as she was my inspiration to start Crossfit. I could never do Crossfit and maintain my (somewhat) healthy eating habits without her.

I was born in Denver and moved to southeast Missouri when I was 3 years old. I grew up with a pretty normal small-town childhood and have an older brother and younger sister. I played all the normal sports, but focused mainly on distance running through H.S. and also finished a marathon when I was 13.

I worked on farms and at a filling station through H.S. and then at a lead smelter while in college. After college, I worked for Newport News Shipbuilding as a mechanical designer on the Seawolf Submarine. Following that, I worked back and forth overseas for 6 years as a commissioning engineer/designer installing copper melting furnaces. I found myself in 37 countries during this time of my life. In 2003, I went to work for an industrial insulation and scaffolding company (Redi Insulation) which I eventually bought. I sold that company in 2010 but continue to work for them as President of the Utah location and as an internal consultant for locations across the US and Canada.

During my time in Virginia, I was big into fishing, both fresh and salt water and I waterskied during every month of the year. I loved kneeboarding and was even able to barefoot ski for a few years. I also spent time working with my father-in-law at his antique sawmill for fun and built, with my own hands, every aspect of a 1200 s.f. addition on my 800 s.f. house, right down to cutting the trees, sawing the lumber and hand digging the foundation.

I hit some rough bumps in my personal life with some failed relationships so in 1996 I decided to make a “change of scenery” and move to Utah. Before long I met the love of my life, Tonya. She was beautiful, smart and fun to be with and I loved her immediately. Fortunately for me, she had bad eyes and poor sense of smell so she liked me too. We skied and stayed active and were married in 1998. We were given our “Miracle Man”, Tracyn in 2003 and he was followed 14 months later by “The Blessing”, our Taylor.

Since being in Utah, my passion has been hunting (of all kinds). We also have alpacas and llamas on our small acreage here. I love being outdoors in any way I can.

Fitness has been a challenge for me since my late 20’s. I never felt horribly out of shape and I had completed the Insanity workout 3 times but I always lost focus and gained all my weight back. In Nov. 2013, I had ballooned to my highest weight ever. I was starting to have some health effects so Tonya made me go to the Dr. and make some drastic changes to my eating habits. By January 2014 I had lost about 15 pounds. Tonya had been going to Crossfit PC and was “yapping about it incessantly” so I went for an introductory meeting with Doug. I was immediately excited about Crossfit. Since then, I have come to the 4:30 class regularly when I am in town and have lost another 30+ pounds since starting. I’ve been maintaining at this weight for a few months now, but have continued to see positive effects of the Crossfit lifestyle.

Thanks again to our trainers and to our whole Crossfit community. I will continue to work hard and I appreciate greatly all the support.

  1. I started Crossfit in January 2014.
  2. What keeps me going to Crossfit is the encouragement, the community and the variety of the WOD’s
  3. My biggest improvements at Crossfit have been technique and strength. I have found that I have better endurance when hunting and packing. I also have had to adjust my golf game down by a full club due to my increased strength. The trainers have had to keep after me to improve my technique. My biggest struggles are double-unders and pullups. Conquering double-unders is my next focus.
  4. I’m not good at running anymore, but my background in running makes me like it. If I had to design a WOD it would have running combined with heavy lifts. Probably clean & jerks.
  5. My favorite benchmark workout is either Nancy or Grace. If Grace had some running mixed in, it would be the runaway favorite.
  6. My superpower would be Telekinesis. I could choose any sport and dominate it. I would never miss when hunting no matter the weapon or distance. On a more philanthropic slant, extreme telekinesis could be used to manipulate cancer cells and reverse the effects of aging. The possibilities are endless. Research it. Telekinesis is the ultimate superpower.

Susie Boerboom | CrossFitter of the Month

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Congrats Susie on being our next CrossFitter of the Month

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Why we chose Susie

“Susie has shown great determination and dedication ever since she’s been here. She’s always showing up to gym with a smile on her face and the willingness to learn. She works hard in the gym, at her job, for her family, and is always there to lend a helping hand or support when needed. Great job Susie! ” -Ryan

“I nominate Susie because of her wonderful attitude. She never gives up and works hard no matter what. She’s always happy and fun to be around, encourages others and is an asset to CrossFit Park City!!”- Doug

“Susie has shown determination and consistency time and again. I love that she steps outside of her comfort zone and is willing to do things like the Open and other challenges in the gym… all while being a dedicated Mom, wife, and nurse. And she is quite possibly the sweetest person on the planet. “-Chris

“Susie is a great representation as to what Crossfit is about and what can be accomplished through dedication, consistency and hard work in the gym and out of the gym by focusing on good nutritional habits. Her results that she has seen have been astounding to me and I never would have predicted her to have the capabilities that she has now and the transformation that she has had. Way to go Susie we are proud of you!”- Eric

“I love Susie’s commitment to challenging herself! She sets such a great example for all (especially us working moms) with her consistency, coach-ability and dedication. Her smile and positive attitude brighten the gym.”- Shannon

“I love having Susie in class because she is coach-able, sweet, and is always giggling. Susie has been a member with CFPC for years and that consistency sets a great example to our clients. I appreciate her hard work and balance with family, fitness, and work. Love having you Susie!”-Kenzie

From Susie

Thank you so much for this honor, it means a lot to me. I think everyone in the gym is awesome and I enjoy working out with you all. I can not believe this September I will have been Crossfitting for 5 years! Crossfit has enhanced my life so much and has be such a fun outlet for me!

I was born in Ogden and lived there until we moved to Park City when I was about to start middle school. My childhood was pretty nice, filled with eating out, relaxing, playing with my cute brother Max and I sang in a childrens choir for years. Our move to Park City was a rocky transition for me. I was not that confident and did not handle some of the awkward new girl moments that well. Lets say I had friend issues for a couple of years…but I did meet my best friend at this time…..so I can not really complain. At this time my parents separated and that was a hard situation. I felt pretty lost at the time and was pretty much just flailing around in the school scene, and with friends and with my identity. I was making some very bad choices at this time. I was a pretty dark area of my life. Then the summer after my Freshman year I ended up going to a Young Life camp and that changed my life. I realized during that week Jesus loved me so much and He wanted to be with me and help me continually in my daily life. Choosing to basically give Him all my pain, anxiety, guilt, unforgiveness and letting Him come and consume me with love and happiness was the best decision ever. I was changed and filled with so much peace and love it was incredible. So after that I was able to move forward with Him in my life and ended up being able to forgive people and started really seeing the best in others.

I started to apply and enjoy myself in high school, and was on Student Government for years. I made some new friends for life and joined a Youth Group at my new church and then met my hunky husband, Aaron. Aaron was and remains so funny, sweet and hardworking. We started dating when I was a Junior in high school….crazy huh! I love him so much!

I then ended up going to Westminster College for nursing and the summer after my Freshman year Aaron and I got married…..I was 19….also crazy! We lived in SLC until I graduated with my Baccalaureates in Nursing in 2003 and then we moved back to Park City and bought our cozy house that we live in today. I got a job as a nurse at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center and am still there today 11 years later. I work an evening shift a week on an inpatient cardiac monitoring unit and love my work. I have really grown a love and respect for the veterans I take care of and every time I read about a Hero from a WOD my heartaches.

After 6 years of marriage we had our first baby Brecklyn. She brought me so much joy, and I loved my new role as a mom. Brecklyn is so fun, smart and really sweet. She is our little tomboy with an amazing imagination. At age 5 she told me she wanted all boy stuff, I soon realized she was serious and slowly we got her the clothes and toys and the things she really felt were her. I want her to feel like herself. Then we had another daughter two years apart from the first and she is all princess. She is sweet with a little bit of a competitive spirit. She loves dresses, babies and wants to help me with everything around the house. She is my little shadow and having her go into all day school this fall is going to be a transition for her and I. But I know I have to let them grow-up….sad! Then came along our third….yes third daughter Elyse and she is now 2 years old. She has been such an added pleasure to our family. She keeps us all laughing with her cuteness and her fun personality. She is so precious and loves to dress-up, play tea party and try on my lip gloss. I love being a mom to these girls and I have so much fun with them every day…full of hugs, playing, reading, messes upon messes and then topped with snuggles.

So now to add Crossfit into my life….I started in 2009. It was amazing after my second baby I wanted to start to really work out and feel good about myself…..this was the ticket! It took me 5 months to get a pullup and I was so happy. I used to go to bed thinking about how I was going to get that pullup in the next WOD and then one day it happened! I used to practice boxjumps on my bed because I was scared, but eventually I came into the gym and went up to the box and did one, that was awesome. I remember doing two rope climbs the day before my 30th birthday and I thought that was so amazing because I was not an athletic or even very active girl growing up.

I am glad I am at least working on fitness now in my life as a wife and mother. I love showing my girls that working out is so fun and being active is a great way of life. I like all the workouts from heavy lifting to the fast and speedy WODS. Snatches, hang power cleans and double unders I could really use some work on but deadlifts and squats I love!

A WOD I would make up would be: 3 Rounds for Time
22 Deadlifts 22 Burpees 22 Boxjumps 22 Squats…….I like all these movements and 22 is mine and Aaron’s number! ( I would insert a heart here if I could 🙂

I am so thankful for Crossfit Park City and for Chris, Eric and Doug and their cute wives. I am thankful for Kenzie, Ryan, Shannon and Katie too. You all have taught and encouraged me so much and I am so grateful for your patience, enthusiasm and time. I love that my sister and brother in law, Alicia and Mike and my brother Max and his girlfriend Taylor are all apart of our gym enjoying Crossfit PC….I love it!!

I really love you all. A super power I would love to have is to be able to help and be there for many people at once and then help take their pain away, give them joy, hugs, food, love and anything they need.

Ray & Susi | CrossFitters of the Month

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Why we chose Ray and Susi?

“Ray and Susi have embraced an attitude of learning and improvement and it shows. They take instruction well, work hard at their weaknesses, and see gains as a result. Congrats Ray and Susi” Doug Z

” Ray and Susi are incredible additions to our gym and it’s community. They are friendly as can be and are always willing to throw down no matter what the WOD is. Ray and Susi are always showing up to the open gym in their free time, as well as jumping on any one-on-one opportunities, to consistently better themselves and work on any weaknesses and that makes them great well rounded CrossFitters. I always enjoy having them in class and can’t wait to see what they can continue to accomplish.” Ryan

“I pick Susi because she is awesome and by default I guess I have to pick Ray as well….haha!! Seriously though, I remember doing their initial intro sessions a few years ago and Ray was really struggling. He has come such a long way and is now capable of doing things that would only be achievable through consistent hard work in the gym and through a change in dietary habits. This can be a hard battle and he won. One of my favorite moments of the open this year was Ray doing the 14.4 WOD with Evan and a huge crew of people watching. He put forth 110% effort and I can say that I was extremely proud of him and motivated by it.
Susi has been an animal from day 1 and it has been awesome to see her make some solid gains as well and her effort it awesome. It has been great to see her battle through a nagging shoulder injury but she continues to modify accordingly and still crush, beyond that she does not complain about it…..at least not to me!!
Together they are both a ton of fun to have in the gym and I appreciated the camaraderie. It is also cool to see how much they put their fitness to use outside of the gym through their biking and skiing activities….which is really awesome!!” Eric

“Ray and Susi more than deserve to be our CrossFitters of the Month given their well-rounded approach to health. They work hard, are consistent and fun to coach IN the gym, but they also use their fitness OUT of the gym doing the things they love. In addition, they have worked hard to dial in their nutrition for both health and performance reasons. We love having them as part of our community.”

“Ray and Susi are a perfect fit for this months CrossFit Couple. They are regulars during the noon open gym and you can tell the solid effort they put in towards their weaknesses. Ray is constantly trying to master his double unders and Susi continues to perfect her squat technique. I can count on them to provide constructive feedback during small group breakouts and I really appreciate their suggestions. I also love their enthusiasm and positivity in the gym, they bring a good vibe that’s contagious. Way to go you guys, keep up the great work” Kenzie

“Ray and Susi are awesome members of the gym. They show consistency both here and when they are on the road visiting other boxes along the way. While at home they continually put the fitness they have gained to use doing the things they love outdoors. It’s great seeing them get some extra work with the trainers outside of class to help improve some of the things they would like work on. ” Chris

From Ray & Susi:

Honestly, Susi and I don’t feel deserving of this honor but we sincerely appreciate being recognized for our floundering around the box weekday afternoons. While we try to leave it all on the floor during our workouts there are so many other members who inspire us daily! Before moving to Park City, Susi and I had corporate careers in the Boston area. Susi was a Director of Marketing for an international dental implant company and I was a Tax Partner in one of the major international accounting firms. One day around four years ago, we decided to leave our corporate careers behind and moved to Park City and we still can’t believe we live here! What were we going to do now? Well, teach skiing and work a couple of youth camps of course. Snowbird was kind enough to hire us (probably to meet an age quota) and we have never looked back.

We started Crossfit because I was rotund and needed to get in shape for the ski season and to keep up with all the amazing fit people in PC. Susi went along with me because she wanted to make sure I went!! Over the first couple of years I dropped 45 pounds, my LDL decreased by 40 points and my body fat percentage went down by 14 percentage points. Susi ended up loving it, works her butt off and just continues to get more jacked!

We keep going to Crossfit because of the people, programming, challenge, and staff! We have a supportive, like-minded community that understands how lucky we are to have some of the best trainers and programming in the world! It has given Susi and me the fitness level needed to chase our clients around Snowbird for over 100 days a season. Why would we go anywhere else?

Our biggest improvement is our general strength and fitness. We have learned to appreciate the journey of fitness and benefits of a healthy lifestyle. It is just plain awesome to walk into the box and try to improve every day. Gaining an understanding of the importance proper technique and mobility has been extremely beneficial to both of us. While we continue to struggle with many exercises, gymnastic movements and double unders, drive us crazy!

For me, an ideal workout would be a 15 minute amrap of deadlifts, wall balls and push jerks.

For Susi an ideal workout would include sit ups, box jumps, deadlifts and burpees.

My favorite benchmark is Grace – nice and simple but crushing!!

Susi does not have a favorite. She likes them all!

My superpower would be whatever one the Spealler kid has. Simply inspiring to watch what he can accomplish. Can’t wait to see what he will do when he grows up!!

Susi’s superpower would be teleportation. Then she could visit her family in Germany for lunch and would be back in time for the 4:30 class at CFPC!

Honey Parker | CrossFitter of the Month

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Congrats Honey on being our next CrossFitter of the Month

There are no photos with those IDs or post 7959 does not have any attached images! “Honey is fun to be around and is almost always has a positive attitude, which is greatly appreciated by me. She has spent a good bit of time focusing on the mechanics of the movements and has seen a good bit of improvements. Thanks for all of your hard work, you have nard tons of progress due to the effort you have put forth and you consistency. Keep it up!” Eric

“I nominate Honey for CrossFitter of the Month because she sets an all-around great example. She comes in ready to challenge herself, is receptive to coaching, has worked really hard on her nutrition, and is a fun, positive person to be around. She has made huge progress as a result! Way to go, Honey” Shannon

“Honey is a wonderful asset to CrossFit Park City! I appreciate her great attitude, willingness to work hard, and her great sense of humor. I’m thankful to be able to work with her!” Doug

“Honey has been consistent both in and out of the gym and it has shown in her overall health. She has also found a great balance of continuing to maintain her fitness at CrossFit while pursuing her love for running” Chris

“I knew of Honey before she joined our gym, as she ordained at my sister-in-law’s wedding. I had heard great stories and hilarious commentary but had yet to meet her. After getting to know her in the gym, I’ve grown to share the same stories and appreciate the hilarious commentary. I look forward to her coming to class and bringing the positive energy. She loves to lift heavy and is always willing to try progressions with gymnastic skills. Honey you are so deserving of the CF of the Month title as this past few months you’ve taken a hold of your diet and training for your triathlon. Keep pushing hard!” Kenzie

“Honey is wonderful addition to our gym and it’s community. She is always smiling, has a great sense of humor, and thinks positive in every situation. Her positivity and love of the community keeps her coming back for more and it’s great to see what CrossFit has done for her running and other sports she enjoys. Eating right and working hard, that’s what Honey does!” Ryan

“Honey is awesome. Easily one of the funniest people I know. Always such a great attitude and she is joy to have in class. She has come so far and I’m so excited for her to continue excelling in the gym” Katie

From Honey:

An honor indeed for this Philly girl, currently Creative DirectorPresident For Life of Slow Burn Marketing LLC.

I’ve lived both around and outside of the US. After years in NY advertising as a SR. VP. Creative at Grey, I moved to LA to be a gun for hire (see: work only when I want to). There, I met my husband in the back yard under an avocado tree. Good times. We moved to Park City where we started our own business at our Mountaintop Marketing Fortress. Our focus: offering big-business style, branded marketing & advertising to small business. (That’s the end of my pitch.)

Along the way I did standup comedy, appearing in clubs and on TV, and winning the highly coveted and totally unpaid title of “Funniest Person in Advertising.” With Mr. Parker, I’ve spoken about branding from the stage to business owners in spots like Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and exotic Boise. We’ve co-authored marketing books, and written and sold several screenplays. My greatest sports moment was getting to spar with female boxing champ Christy Martin—for which I’m most proud that I neither bled nor cried.

I started CrossFit over two years ago. Three years prior I had an injury that had me in bed for 6 weeks. After that, my goal was to continue doing things I’d never done before. 5 half marathons, 1 full marathon and 4 sprint triathlons later, I’m at CrossFit. There’s always something new to accomplish, whether it’s lifting more, actually holding proper form, going through a WOD unbroken, or getting up that rope. I’m not the fastest or the strongest and I care not at all. I’m better than I was yesterday.

Best xfit accomplishment—pulling 250 off the floor. Shocking. My current challenge—pull-ups. Had them and lost them. But I will find where I left them. I’m a fan of any workout that leaves me feeling exhausted.

What keeps me coming back: getting yelled at to pick it up again before I’m ready. “You won’t recover anyway.” Every trainer telling me to fire my butt back. Being high-fived by the entire gym on their way back from a run while I’m still on my way out. Seeing a friend pull off what they never thought they could. This amazing community, the unreal support, deep laughter, deeper friendships, and of course, all the pie.

Ron Reilly | CrossFitter of the Month

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Congrats Ron on being our next CrossFitter of the Month

“I nominate Ron mostly because of his ability to wear purple shirts on a continuous basis and for his sarcastically funny comments that are mostly at my expense. I’ve also seen Ron make a ton of progress since joining CFPC and it has been due to his consistency and effort over the course of the last couple of years. I always look forward to having him in class.” Eric

“I nominate Ron for CrossFitter of the Month because he sets a great example of consistency, coach-ability, and positive energy. It’s always fun to have him in class and see the progress he’s making.”- Shannon

“I thoroughly enjoy having Ron in my afternoon classes. His witty comments turn to classic trainer razzing and his humor is always enjoyed by the class. He clearly sets a good example at home since we have his wife Dana rocking workouts and his son Ryan training at coaching at CrossFit Park City. I appreciate his dedication to the gym over the years as he is one of CFPC’s longest members. Keep up the good work and staying fit for your 100+ days of skiing a year!” -Kenz

“I nominate Ron Reilly for CrossFitter of the month because he’s my dad and if we didn’t eventually do so, he was going to ground me…In all seriousness though my dad is the reason I am a CrossFitter today. He was the one who got me to drink the kool-aid and fall in love with this sport and the community that came with it. His undying loyalty to our gym has never gone unnoticed and he has put in much dedication to remain, and truly enjoy, being part of our CrossFit Park City family. He is always seeking advice and input to constantly netter himself and take care of himself. He avoids cherry picking workouts and makes sure to show up even if it isn’t something he likes or wants to do. We are so fortunate to have members such as my dad stick around with us for so long and look forward to more years to come. Thanks for the inspiration you have provided and keep providing Dad! Keep working hard by attacking your weaknesses and goals and never give up on yourself. Who knows, maybe someday the old man might be able to keep up with his son….”-Cryan

“Ron has been consistent and continually pushes himself while listening to his body. It’s awesome to see the effort he puts into the gym to help his work and play outside.” Chris

“I don’t know what else I can say after Ryan’s tear jerker, but Ron Reilly is a CrossFit Park City Staple. He is a great example of a CrossFitter and excellent family man. He comes into the gym and pushes himself and his family to be better. It’s been fun seeing members of the Reilly family trickle into the gym over the last few years. He always has a smile on his face and a joke to crack, it’s great having him in class” -Katie.

“I nominate Ron because he creates a great environment in the gym. He’s fun, energetic, and works hard. He’s a great asset to our community!”- Doug

From Ron:

Really!? Seriously?!! Is it true? My day of recognition has finally arrived? Or did our trainers just run out of candidates for CrossFitter of the Month? Perhaps, I can attribute this to my attempt to laugh, at the sometimes questionable humor of our trainers? Maybe my beard compliments? Regardless, I gracefully and humbly accept this prestigious nomination.

Now for the serious side of me:

I was born and raised in the Garden State, exit 109. I grew up in a skiing and musical family. Upon my graduation Red Bank High School, I headed west and attended the University of Utah. Go Utes! As part of my education, I supplemented my schooling with more than 150 days of skiing per season at Snowbird and Alta.

Upon Graduation from the U, I headed back east for a few years to pursue two career paths. My primary effort, was to begin my career as a Financial/Investment Advisor. Those long and exhausting hours have rewarded me with my current work. Almost thirty years later, I proudly manage a very successful practice in Utah, working with Wells Fargo Wealth Management. As an extension of my work with Wells Fargo, I have participated, and continue to be active on a number of non-profit charitable boards in Utah.

My second career launch, was my failed attempt at playing music for a living. After performing and recording with a number of great musicians, in the east, I came to the conclusion that music should become a hobby in my life. I am still very active with playing my drums for enjoyment. I have played in Park City with a local band, The Detonators since 2001. We continue to play regularly around town. Many great friends from CFPC have come out to support us. Additionally, I will soon be traveling to Memphis, to record with some of my longtime accomplished musician friend, from throughout the country. With some hard work, we hope is for a CD release sometime in the next 12-18 months.

In the late 80’s, I married my high school sweetheart, and just recently celebrated 28 years of marriage. Dana and I met skiing many years ago, and continue to enjoy our ski days together on a very regular basis. After “holding out”, Dana has joined us at CFPC, and thoroughly enjoys “drinking the punch”.

Shortly after we married, Dana and I decided our life would be better spent in the west. In 1987, we moved to Utah and have never looked back. Both of our sons were born and raised in Park City. After a long competitive ski career, my son Ryan has transitioned his efforts to become a very accomplished trainer at CFPC, while pursuing his education. Our younger son Trevor is pursuing his competitive ski goals, while attending the Winter Sports School. I am very grateful for the great family, and great life we have in Utah. I’ve been truly blessed!

Life in Utah has also created additional hobbies for me. For the past 15 years, I have taught skiing at Deer Valley. My involvement with PSIA, and my affiliation with Deer Valley has allowed me to share my lifelong passion of skiing with others.

Dana Mills | CrossFitter of the Month

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Congrats Dana on being our next CrossFitter of the Month

“I absolutely adore Dana. She works SO hard and has such a great attitude. She is always asking questions and taking suggestions from her trainers. I’ve seen such a huge change in her both mentally and physically in the last year. She is such a positive person and is a great example of what it means to be a CrossFitter.” Katie

“Dana continuously works hard in the gym and always has a great attitude. Her hard work and dedication pay off and her spirit is infectious. Congrats Dana” Doug

“During the Open I watched many firsts for Dana, most notably toes to bar, I thought to myself ‘How cool to actually see the feeling of accomplishment and reward from hard work!’ Dana is a great example of hard work paying off and her positive attitude is great to be around. Way to go Dana, much deserved!” Kenzie

“It has been awesome seeing how far Dana has come and much her hard work has paid off. She is a great example of a determined and motivated individual. Always putting forth the effort to make it to the gym and do the workout no matter what it is and not being afraid to push her limits while doing so. This year in the open she taught us that with great determination, and the will to never gibe up, we can accomplish more than we thought we were capable of. Keep up the great work Dana! See you next wod!” Ryan

“Dana has showed dedication and consistency over the past couple of months. She stepped outside of her comfort zone by taking part in the open and was a true motivator to those around her. It’s easy to get intimidated by something like the open but I think Dana learned a lot about herself and found out she is capable of more than she thought!”

“Dana has been really consistent and has made some really solid improvements. I was really impressed by the effort and determination that she put forth during the CrossFit Open. Great Job Dana!” Eric.

If anyone had told me two years ago that I would one day be Crossfitter of the Month, I would have laughed at them and thanked them for their kind words of encouragement! What I have learned with Crossfit, is that you do not choose it, it chooses you. Most mornings, I look at the WOD and wonder aloud if I will be able to complete it and still go to work afterwards. That is the great thing about Crossfit. When you think you can’t or are not confident if it is for you or not, you are surrounded by an incredible community who will not let you fail. If it were not for the great people at CrossFit Park City, I probably would have given up a long time ago. But with everyone’s support and encouragement, I have achieved something that two years ago I would never have thought possible.

So, a little bit about Dana Mills.

I was born in Toms River New Jersey and moved to Maine at the age of ten. I spent most of my formative years in “Vacationland” and it is there that I learned many things. I learned to appreciate the smell of the Ocean during low tide. I learned to always pick up a Sand Dollar and admire its beauty. I learned to enjoy the wonderful taste of lobster and clambakes and time spent with family. I learned that life is a journey and at the end we always end up right where we are supposed to be.

These days, I call Park City home. While it is the polar opposite of the surroundings I grew up in, it is a just what the doctor ordered. I am self- employed with a house cleaning business in PC, who when not working enjoys spending time with my family specifically my two children Gabe and Attean. Attean is currently an 8th grader and has started doing crossfit with Kenzie. Gabe attends the Duel Immersion program at PPES and is excited to start Crossfit kids. When we are not busy running around to swim and ski lessons, we like to spend time enjoying all that Park City has to offer. We also enjoy traveling as a family, taking our annual trips to San Diego, Maine and Pennsylvania to be reunited with family and friends. Of course I still have route for my beloved Red Sox, Patriots and Bruins, as I will always be an “East Coast” girl at heart.

My biggest improvements with Crossfit are seeing how far I have come in a year. When I signed up for the 2013 Open, I wasn’t sure if I would get through the first wod. This year was much better as I had two great partners and felt more confident with strength and movements.

I had to laugh when I read the next question. “What is your favorite workout at Crossfit?” 14.5 is my favorite because I could actually do the workout even though it took me twenty-eight minutes. I struggle with most gymnastics movements and running has never been easy. That is why I have decided to do the Mountain Meltdown.

My favorite benchmark workout is “Grace”. I like clean and jerks and my time is improving. If I could program a wod, it would include rowing, thrusters and swings. My double unders have improved so those would be fun as well.

The final question that was asked of me for this interview is one that is somewhat dear to my heart. If I could have one Super power what would it be? I know that most could answer this with fun or sarcastic answers but for me this one was a more serious answer. If I could have one Super power it would be the power to heal. To heal those afflicted with illness. To allow those who cannot speak the ability to say just one word to their families and loved ones. To have the ability to heal those aching from MS or frightened from Cancer to at be cured or know that they will not lose to there dreaded disease. To heal those who are addicted to a substance who fight daily for their sobriety, To heal the wounded from war, the child fraught from divorce and the homeless who life seems to just continue to beat down. To give the blind one more chance to see that beautiful sunset that we sometimes take for granted. To me, the power to heal would be the most spectacular Super power of all time. The power to heal is the power of hope.

In the famous words of Maya Angelou- “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

This is an awesome honor that I will cherish for a long time! Thanks to all…….

David and Krista Mueller | CrossFitters of the Month

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Congrats Dave and Krista for being our next CrossFitters of the Month

“I remember working with Dave and Krista in their very first Elements class over a year ago. They were determined from day one to put in their best effort, and I couldn’t be more proud of the commitment they have made towards better health. What transformation each has made in fitness and confidence. Small improvements add up to great change. Way to go, you two!” – Shannon

“David and Krista have seen a lot of progress over the last year due to their commitment in the gym and making some changes outside of the gym as well. The results have been awesome to see firsthand” -Eric

“David and Krista are a couple of my favorite people to have in class, not only do they always give it their all but they are amazing at listening and taking cues. They trust CrossFit and trust us as trainers and it has really paid off for them” -Katie

“David and Krista are truly deserving of this months nomination. Not only are they extremely hard working but they always come back for more no matter how tough it gets. They are very kind people that are always happy to receive any help from any trainer. They give one hundred percent in every workout and are always asking for tips to help them tackle any workout. They have progressed so well and are only getting better, keep it up guys!” -Ryan

“The commitment and perseverance that Dave and Krista have shown is truly inspirational. They have seen results because of this and have inspired the trainers and the community to be better! I look up to them and look forward to working with them every day!”- Doug

“David and Krista have stepped outside their comfort zone from day one and really gave CrossFit and the trainers a chance. Both have been committed while at home and frequently visit other boxes on the road to keep up their fitness. It’s paid off immensely and both have made some big transformations. People like this are what keep me coming in the gym day after day and are what make our community so great”- Chris.

“I appreciate new members who come in and really give CrossFit 100%. Dave and Krista have done this from the start both in their commitment to the gym and outside. I enjoy coaching the two because they respond to cues and check in to ensure they are moving correctly. I am so proud that the two signed up for the “open” this year and are tackling something outside of their comfort zone. Keep up the great work Muellers, we are so proud of you guys!” Kenzie

Wow…first of all we were stunned when we got the note from Kenzie…We thought it was our good friend pranking us who incidentally was how we heard about CrossFit.

We are so truly honored and delighted!!

Basically we are a couple who enjoy the heck out of each other and life and are enjoying our journey in this life together so very, very much and as corny as it sounds, but Crossfit presented us with another avenue in life to enjoy being together.
In a nutshell: Dave is originally from Chicago, I’m from Tucson and we met via-via through a common passion of diving and aviation. We were married at sea off the coast of Maui in 1991, and after 10 years of incredible Island living, but missing out on family and friends life events, we had an opportunity to live in Park City. Some of the reasons we chose Park City were that neither of us had experienced mountain living, would be within a day’s drive of family and close friends (not too close mind you) and Park City had incredible mountain biking trails!! SOLD! Our move to the Mainland offered us both a unique opportunity to chase our “dream” jobs/careers. Dave was able to purse his “hobby” of aviation art and is now self-employed full-time as an aviation artist and recently has been asked to be an illustrator for a children’s aviation series. Dave’s original art hangs in the Smithsonian, aviation museums around the World, nose art on many flying WWII planes including the PV-2 bomber in Heber City “Attu Warrior” and private collections. I work for Stanford University Hospital as a Clinical Educator in Health Information Management and love being able to work from home after 12-years in Health Care Compliance and weekly travel. My athletic endeavors have included fast-pitch softball, 2 Women’s Ultimate Frisbee National Championships, slogging through a few years of triathlons, a bit of mountain bike racing in Hawaii and more recently riding any kind of 2-wheel bike I can get my hands/feet on. The absolute joy of our lives is a Belgium sheepdog from Furburbia we adopted just over 10-years and literally brings us to tears because he is ridiculously funny and incredibly smart….of course we are proud parents!

We’ve been blessed to travel the world and experience sea life from a fish eye’s view and we’ve been blessed to have a very “unique” family in our Reno Family. Our passion for aviation brought us to the Reno Air Races in 1992 where we started out as spectators. Over the past 21 years we have enjoyed the camaraderie of fellow pilots and race crews, seen enough tragedy to last a lifetime, made lifelong friends and donated countless hours and art work to help support various race teams, as well as the RARA. WE…repeat…WE.. originally coined the phrase “what happens in Reno, stays in Reno”. (Somehow Vegas got a hold of our tag line…seriously).

Last January I found myself extremely unmotivated to do my usual winter workouts at the gym (spin, TRX). I was so bored and knew I would not keep up with it. I looked into Crossfit and Dave supported me by going with me. For the first few months I didn’t notice much change, well let’s face it…I was 54 and lifting really small weight loads. Dave however was rocking and loving it. You know what was my “AHA” moment….after only 3 months at Crossfit, I had a cycling event on June 1st (Little Red). I had only been on my bike twice for a total of 26 miles when I set out that Saturday morning hoping to do 50 miles. By the time I hit 25 miles, I knew I was doing the whole enchilada..100-miles. I remember giggling to myself as it dawned on me that I was feeling so fantastic and it was because of Crossfit. That’s when I became hooked! I rode my best time, felt so strong throughout the ride and no soreness the next day!

I remember when we started and reading other people’s adventure into and with Crossfit and thinking, “well, they are young and fit already so it must be easier for them”. I’ve since learned that while that may be true, Crossfit really is for every one and if you have a box with trainer’s of CFPC caliber, there is no movement that can’t be modified and everyone has the same chance as the person next to them to accomplish their fitness and lifestyle goals.

My motivation for going to Crossfit Park City is because it is so close to our house…heehee…no really..For me the variety, the personal challenge every time I step in the gym (bona-fide endorphin junkie), pushing/pulling/dropping barbells, and I know it’s often been said but merits repeating, the CFPC community…nuff said.

Biggest improvements – being able to put bumpers on a 35# bar for any WOD…
Struggles – Snatch movements, controlling the barbell in overhead squats, and the Usual Suspects…pull-ups, toes-to-bars or anything to bars except a nice glass of wine (I’ve mastered that movement!)

Design a WOD….I really like Tabata’s with at least 6-8 movements (no burpees, muscle ups or pistol squats thank you). Something like rowing, step-ups, sit-ups, kettle ball/one arm dumbbell push press, etc.

Favorite bench mark workout – looking through my journal Diane pops-up the most of the benchmarks which I actually enjoy…however one that I would like to set as my personal bench mark is the “Hotshots 19” Hero WOD which is so dear and close to our hearts.

Superpower – that’s easy…I grew up wanting to be mermaid…so my superpower would be Aqua Woman who doubles as Superwoman.
I hope every person who claims CFPC as their box really knows and appreciates what this gym represents and offers. The Crossfit experience has added to both our personal relationship as well as our community relationship. Although we still experience a naiveté, we have visited various gyms when away from home and CFPC has an amazing team of bearded and non-bearded elite trainers and we feel so very fortunate that CFPC is the gym we started with and will continue our Crossfit journey with.
PS: We do not get Shannon at our 4:30 class very often and her MUSIC ROCKS!!!!

From Dave:

1. When did you start CrossFit?
*One year ago – Feb 2013. We originally signed up for three months, but after just a couple weeks we knew we wanted to sign on for a year and keep at it.

2. What keeps you going at CFPC?
*The sense of community is a huge part, the encouragement from everyone is awesome. Also, the challenge of the WOD and seeing improvement over time.

3. What do you feel have been your biggest improvements/struggles with crossfit?
*Biggest improvements definitely have been with pull-ups and running – and getting there with increasing weight. Struggles, hands down are the three-part muscle-up movements and trying to link together double unders.

4. If you could design a workout, what would be in it?
*Running / Pull ups / KB Swings / Toes to Bar

5. What is your favorite benchmark workout?
*I’d say work to one max rep, or three max rep, especially with deadlift.

6. If you could have a super power, what would it be?
* That’s easy – FLYING.

Mahalo to all of you!

Brian Frost | CrossFitter of the Month

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brian1“Congratulations Frosty! Brian is a fantastic example of perseverance and hard work paying off. I admire his work ethic and mostly his positive attitude. He’s always fun to be around, and his great attitude is contagious, inspiring others to be better. Truly a great member of our community!

“I’m voting Frosty because of his persistence and dedication to fitness. He has overcome various hurdles and set backs time and time again but has always made it a point to come back in the gym and pick up right where he left off. Great example to those of us battling through surgeries or injuries that come from playing hard in Park City. ” Chris
“Yeah Frost! One of our original members and truly a stand out athlete. Frost continues to work through limitations and dedicate his time taking care of himself both inside and outside of the gym. I’ve always appreciated Brian’s support during throwdowns, he really supports the CrossFit Park City Community. ” Kenzie

“I nominate Brian for CrossFitter of the Month because of his persistence for longterm fitness. He has worked through multiple setbacks with continued determination and a positive outlook. Brian brings such encouraging and supportive energy to our community!!” Shannon

Congrats Brian on being our next CrossFitter of the Month

“I Nominate Frosty because of his commitment to optimizing physical performance inside and outside of the gym despite some setbacks. I really appreciate his attitude and being a positive ambassador of the gym.” -Eric
“Brian is well deserving of CrossFitter of the month. He’s fearless and always comes back for more. Not only has Brian been able to battle back from injury and continue pursuing his fitness goals; he is also able to balance the pursuit of both skiing and CrossFit. Knowing personally what its like to be a competitive skier and still find time for CrossFit 5 times a week, I truly admire the passion Brian has for both. He’s there to push you both in the workout and on the ski hill. Keep Shredding Brian!” -Ryan

“So many great things to be said about Brian. I’ve known Brian for years, before my CrossFit days. He is one of the CFPC origionals. He is an excellent example of what it means to persevere. He has come back through multiple ski injuries and never makes an excuse. Every single year he gets better and pushes harder.”- Katie

Who is Frosty?

Good question!! I was born in southern California and grew up surfing at the beach.. I lost my parents to sickness and disease at a young age. This could have been prevented with better nutrition and fitness. This is why i’ve devoted my life to being healthy and helping other achieve the same. I work full time as a fitness trainer and teach a crossfit style. I spent a lot of years addicted to triathlons and long distance ultra running before moving to Utah. Finding Crossfit was the next step in my personal fitness progression.brian4

I feel at any age you can improve your fitness and what we do in the gym enhances all the sports we do outside. Starting Crossfit with Chris back at The Basin Rec about 5 or 6 years ago was just the kick i was looking for, I now look at crossfit as a passion and sport within it’s self!

While I love Ski Racing i’ve become just as passionate about the wod’s we do and the community we train with. My fellow athletes are the reason i stay at Crossfit Park City, The motivation from them and the trainers is through the roof.

My favorite bench mark workout is Angie but I love Chippers with a heavy element, Nasty Girls is a cool workout, so if I designed a workout it would be something along that line.

As for a super power, I’ve always wanted to fly!! Skydiving, bungee jumping, ultralights just don’t quite come close!brian5

The Woods | CrossFitters of the Month

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Congrat Wood’s family for being our next CrossFitters of the Month


Why we chose The Woods | from the Trainers

“The Woods family is a great addition to our gym and it’s community. They are a wonderful example of a truly amazing CrossFit family. Everything they do, they do it with big smiles on their faces. Every member of the Woods family is friendly, outgoing, and positive as can be. No matter what the workout is or how heavy the lifts are they attack it with intensity and confidence. It has been delightful getting to know the Woods family over these past years and I look forward to seeing more of them. The family that CrossFits together, stays together!”- Ryan

“I nominated the Woods family because there is not one member who does not actively participate in the CrossFit/Paleo lifestyle. The entire family does a stand out job supporting one another and I enjoy watching the camaraderie built from hard work accomplished together. Its a pleasure to instruct the Woods family as they respond really well to feedback and are constantly asking questions and seeking to improve their athletic capacity. I think what was the most rewarding for me this winter was watching Maddie’s determination to CrossFit turn into a lifestyle at college and to return home a completely different athlete. The Woods family has come full circle and I can not wait to see what’s next from them!”- Kenzie

“I nominate the Woods family for CrossFitters of the Month because five CrossFitters in a five member family is just cool!! Each are a pleasure to coach, are motivated to improve and be their best, and are encouraging of others. An incredible example of a “fit and healthy family” and they’ve worked hard for it!” -Shannon

“The Woods family has been consistent and supportive of each other and CrossFit Park City from day one. Their dedication as a family has shown time and time again for both quality of life and improved performance in and out of the gym”-Chris

“The Woods family has made fitness part of their lifestyle. They support each other as well as everyone else at the gym, and push them to be their best. We are lucky to have them!” -Doug

“It has been great to see CrossFit become a family event for the Woods Clan. Jody and Barry have made a positive impact on our community and have always put forth their best effort. I’ve gotten to work with the kids a lot and it has been great to see them grow and improve their physical capabilities. Beyond that they are just all around good people and great to be around” -Eric

“How cool is it to see an entire family take charge of their health and fitness? The love the Woods family has for each other carries over from the everyday into the gym. They are constantly pushing and supporting each other.” -Katie


I grew up in Stowe, Vermont, a ski town similar in many ways to Park City. As the son of 2 ski instructors, skiing was in my blood. I took to it at a very young age and began competing at age 8. I had dreams of making it to the Olympics, and came close, but it wasn’t to be. After years of international competition, I chose to accept a full ride at CU and raced NCAA for the remainder of my ski racing career. pic6After graduating and retiring from ski racing, I joined a couple ski racing friends that had started a small retail store in Park City. We have now grown Surefoot to be the largest ski boot retailer in the world, with 24 locations worldwide. My competitive background and living in a town like Park City kept me wanting more and I was constantly looking for new ways to be active. Other than pushing my limits skiing every big mountain I could get to, I filled my summers with various mountain bike races, trail running, and a stint of Masters level Motocross racing. I was fairly disciplined about my Globo Gym routines and quickly dismissed Addy when he told me I really needed to try CrossFit. Then one day, I watched a couple videos, and the light bulb clicked on. “I need to try this!” I still remember my first workout that left me gasping for air and doing the “bacon sizzle” as Eric snickered and said “good job”. That was May of 2011. I have not been back to Globo Gym since. I absolutely love the community setting and the hard work that I see every day. It has inspired me more than I could have imagined. But what I love the most is the personal challenge. Fighting through the learning curve of something like double unders, and finally getting them, is an incredible feeling. My biggest challenge is improving my engine and building strength. At the ripe age of 50, it just doesn’t seem to come as easily as it once did and unfortunately my body doesn’t always cooperate! My favorite benchmark workout would have to be Mary (20 min. AMRAP of 5 HSPU, 10 Pistols, 15 Pull Ups), all skill movements that I can do and long enough that my endurance can keep me in the game! My goals are to continue to gain strength, slow as it may be, and most importantly to stay young at heart and continue recreating for the rest of my life. A huge thanks to the staff at CFPC, you guys are awesome! And a huge thanks to my 4:30 peeps who make it so fun and motivating.


I was born and raised in Birmingham, Michigan. I am the youngest of four children and had a fun filled Midwestern upbringing. We skied in MI as well as trips out west to CO and UT. I played a lot of softball growing up as well as tennis. I competed on my high school ski/tennis teams. My passion for skiing led me to the University of Colorado Boulder, where I got my Mrs. …I mean a Business/Entrepreneurship degree. I also ski raced on the B team at CU. I started dating Barry in 1986 and I joined Barry in Aspen after I graduated in 1989. We had a lot of fun in Aspen skiing and studying martial arts. We got married in September of 1990 and moved to Park City in 1991. I attended skin care school in SLC and practiced as an Esthetician in PC up until we had Maddie. I was a typical PC mom, mountain biking, running, skiing, hiking, with occasional gym classes (NOTHING that was making my muscles grow). This lifestyle kept me relatively fit but I never reached the level of fitness that I knew was possible. Several years ago I saw the CrossFit sign and stopped in to get the scoop. The class times didn’t work with my schedule but it sure looked like fun. As soon as my schedule changed, I went back, did my intros with Eric and was on my way! That was October 2010. Today I’m in the best shape of my life and stronger than I’ve ever been. My biggest struggle in the gym has been my shoulder mobility and continues to be my biggest challenge although it is improving slowly with a lot of mobility work. There have been so many exciting moments and PR’s in the gym over the last 3+ years, but the one that stands out is getting my first pull up on my birthday, 8 months after I started. Funny, it was Addy who saw me doing band pull-ups and said “You can do a pull up, get rid of that band!” And I did! Oh and btw..I think the story goes like this…Barry could see how much fun I was having (perhaps it was because I came home, every day and talked non stop about CrossFit!?!) and he wanted in!! When I think back to my overall strength when I started and where I am today, I have to say I’m thrilled! For my age and size, I feel pretty darn strong! I have to give massive kudos to all the trainers for their constant support and encouragement. You ALL have taught me so much and I know we have THE best trainers in the WORLD of CrossFit! Such an honor to be part of the CFPC family. Also, I wouldn’t be where I am today without the love and constant support from my fellow hens (and cocks!) in the 8:30 class!! I know we are a little over the top sometimes, but we sure know how to make suffering together a helluva lot more fun! CrossFit has enhanced mine and our families lives in so many positive ways! Thank you Chris for following a passion and sharing it with our little community, how lucky we all are!pic1

I’m not a big goal setter…but here goes…muscle up in 2014!

I am blessed to have been a stay home mom for 19+ years . I am grateful everyday for this privilege and it is my greatest passion, followed closely by my CFPC WOD’s/family and playing in the kitchen creating all things Paleo!!

My workout of choice would include power or hang cleans, lateral hops over the bar, running, squats and burpees! Yep, burpees:)

I don’t have a fav benchmark WOD, but I can do all movements prescribed in “Cindy” so I’ll go with that!

Super power = FLY

P.S. I didn’t have time to get this to Brooks to proof read! Please forgive the grammatical errors! Couldn’t let Addy have all the props!!


I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, and was raised in beautiful Park City. When I was younger, I was quite the entertainer–I enjoyed singing, dancing, acting and playing the piano. I tried out soccer, softball, gymnastics and yes, even ski racing. None of which were in the cards for me… I’ll admit it, I wasn’t the most athletic child. My love for music and dance carried on though. In high school, I was a competitive dancer for 5 years at Dance Tech Studios. Dancing 5-6 days a week, 3-4 hours a day definitely kept me in shape and I enjoyed the competitive aspect the most. Even though I had coordination and balance, I still didn’t consider myself “athletic”. I started Crossfit by joining the teen class with Kenz, shortly after we saw how much CFPC was positively impacting our parents lives. I started going once or twice a week and loved the challenge that Eric, Mike and Kenz pushed me through. pic3

During the summer, Kenz and I started coming to the teen class more consistently and I started seeing physical results as well as improved skills and strength. When I first started the teen class, I could barely do a banded pull up and doing a handstand against the wall was a huge challenge for me… I can’t thank CFPC and the coaches enough for building my foundation in Crossfit, for constantly pushing me to succeed and giving me tips/feedback on how to improve my technique. Although it was bitter sweet to leave CFPC, I joined Crossfit Iron Horse in Fort Worth in August of 2013. I have been training there while I attend nursing school as a sophomore at Texas Christian University. I have pushed myself to new limits these past few months and have gotten stronger than I ever thought I could be. It was amazing to me that even though I moved away from my home at CFPC, I found a new home at CFIH and my love for Crossfit and the Crossfit community has continued to grow. My biggest improvements thus far have been getting butterfly pull-ups, handstand push ups and pistols (things I never saw myself being able to do). My goals for 2014 are to do more competitions and keep working towards doing workouts as prescribed… and of course PRing!! My reason for doing Crossfit has evolved from just wanting to be physically in-shape to now wanting to compete and continue to grow as an “athlete”. Thanks to everyone at CFPC who continue to make me feel like part of the family!
My workout of choice would include running, (something I’ve actually learned to love thanks to Eric), pull ups and box jumps.
My favorite benchmark workout is Helen–running, swings and pull ups.
If I could have one super power it would be the ability to teleport.. but extreme strength would also be pretty cool. 😉


I was also born in Salt Lake City, Utah and have lived in Park City my whole life. I am currently a Junior at Park City High School. When I was younger, I was a competitive gymnast for 8 years and I loved it. Gymnastics made me strong at a young age and taught me how to push myself in ways that I didn’t think were possible. Unfortunately, I broke my ankle in a competition when I was 12 which unfortunately ended my gymnastics career. After a long recovery, I started dancing at Dance Tech Studios with my sister. I danced competitively for two years and also really enjoyed that. When Maddie graduated and went to school in Texas, I decided to stop dancing and focus more on Crossfit. That was when my love for Crossfit grew. I became more dedicated and devoted to getting stronger and improving in the gym. I am thankful for the coaches at CFPC(especially Eric and Kenzie) for continuously supporting and encouraging me in the gym. Although I came into crossfit with many skills from gymnastics, it was new and exciting for me to learn new movements that I have never done before. My biggest improvement has been being able to lift more weight. I am constantly surprising myself with how much stronger I am getting. My biggest weakness is running, and Eric continues to make me run so that one day I will lrn to love it(even though I hate him for it now)! My favorite bench mark workout is Angie, because I love pull-ups! I am so glad that I found Crossfit at such a young age, and I know I will be doing it for the rest of my life. My goals are to eventually make it to regionals and possibly the Crossfit games. My family is so supportive of my goals and hopes for the future. I want to thank Eric for pushing me and training me to be the best I can. I am inspired by my parents and my sister everyday for their hard work and commitment in the gym. If I could have any super power it would be the ability to heal others of illness or pain. If I could design a workout it would include pull-ups, cleans, one-arm snatches, and lunges. Im so glad to say that I am part of the Crossfit Park City family.


I grew up in Park City and I am now a 7th grader at Ecker Hill Middle School. I have played sports all my life, such as soccer, tennis, football, golf, basketball and baseball. My favorite right now is basketball and I play on a competitive team called the Miners. I started Crossfit because my family loved it so I wanted to be apart of the fun. My biggest strength in Crossfit is pull ups and my goals for this year are to get two muscle ups in a row. My least favorite thing is burpees, but I’m working to love them. I love the coaches of the kids class and it’s always fun to workout with the other kids in the kids class. I hope to continue doing Crossfit as I grow up! If I could have one super power it would be to fly!

Sylvianne Whiting | CrossFitter of the Month

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Congrats Sylvianne on being our next CrossFitter of the Month

“I am so proud of Sylvianne for pursuing CrossFit and overcoming her self-doubt. I had the privilege of working with Sylvianne until she felt comfortable joining the Elements class. Despite feeling intimidated and discouraged at the beginning she stuck with it. Through hard work and consistency she gained strength, an understanding of movement, and the best part – confidence! I love seeing her walk into a regular class ready to tackle the workout of the day! Way to go, Sylvianne!” – Shannon

“Although I have not had the pleasure to work with Sylvianne yet, I have noticed how dedicated she is to putting aside time to come to the gym everyday. We often say that the hardest part of what we do is just having the motivation to show up and overcome the intimidation to perform in a regular class time. Not only does she defy that intimidation, but she reminds us of what true determination is by checking her ego at the door and rocking every WOD!”- RyanSylvianne7

“I’ve only had the opportunity to work with Sylvianne twice, i’ve seen her dedication to Shannon for the past few months. Its challenging to face your fears on the continuous basis and she shows us its possible to overcome your fears and tackle your weaknesses consistently. She is diligent when it comes to completing the workout and I’m proud of how she stuck with the program and is comfortable in the group classes!- Kenzie

“Sylvianne had every right to be intimidated when she first came into the gym. She trusted us as coaches/trainers and stepped outside of her comfort zone on a continual basis in order to make improvements. In her own time she has made the transition to regular classes and her improvements and self confidence speak for themselves. She is a great reminder as to why I do what I do as a trainer. Love it”- Chris

“I nominate Sylvianne because she worked through the discomfort and intimidation that she felt when starting to improve her fitness. Due to this difficult work, she’ now stronger in many ways. She’s proof that we can conquer difficult things in our lives both physically and mentally, and a great inspiration.” -DougSylvianne6

“I’m very proud of Sylvianne for sticking with it and being consistent. She had to overcome the biggest obstacle of all: the mind. Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit, says the biggest adaptation from CrossFit is Mental. She could have very easily given up, this takes a lot of courage to get through. She has a better mindset now and has started to see a bunch of improvements in her overall fitness as well. Great Job.”-Eric

“I had the pleasure of working for Sylvianne when I was teaching at her Montessori preschool. I remember telling her to come down to try CrossFit and was SO excited to see her finally walk through the door. She is an amazing lady with a huge heart and I was so excited for her to stick with it even though it wasn’t in her immediate comfort zone. I love seeing her participate in the regular classes and she has come so far from when she first came in. She is a great reminder that you are only confined by the walls you build yourself” -Katie

When I first read Kenzie’s email informing me the CrossFit staff had nominated me as CrossFitter of the Month – I had to reread it several times.

Why me? I’m just a newbie with a very long road ahead! This is quite an honor and I’m still wrapping my head around it as I write this blurb, however I welcome the opportunity to honor the staff, the excellent professional training they provide and the remarkable atmosphere at ‘the box’ they have managed to create. Before I weave their kudos into this story I’ve been asked to tell you a little about myself.Sylvianne5

Today I’m a proud mother of 3 (29, 19, 17 year olds), entering my 25th year as an educator, owner of Keystone Montessori, and a 54 year old preparing for a new chapter in her life. My youngest graduates from high school this coming June and my responsibilities will drastically change. I come from many places, but have called Park City ‘home’ for the past 6 years. Life started in Algeria where I was born but spent much of my youth living in France, Philippines, and Madagascar with a home base in Maryland. I’m not an army brat. My father was in the Foreign Service and held 2 year posts in various countries. A career in education has provided me with wonderful opportunities from working at the Smithsonian Institute, National Museum of American History to teaching at exceptional Montessori schools and eventually developing and implementing a statewide early childhood apprenticeship and mentoring program in Idaho. I love working with young children and simply being in their presence. I remember my children commenting at one point or another that some of their teachers should retire and really need to stop teaching. I certainly never wanted anyone to think of me that way with regard to my profession. A year and half ago I noticed my patience level waning and decided to step down and hire a teacher. It’s been such a treat mentoring her and having time for myself. Now I can come to CrossFit in the middle of the morning! My own 3 children have been my main preoccupation and career but I feel safe that they have the tools they’ll need to succeed in life and am ready to focus on myself. Getting fit is critical to what I wish to do next. I was a serious modern dance student in my late teens and early 20’s but gave it up at 21 realizing that was not going to be a career for me. Sports and athletics were not a big part of my life but I was a swim, football and soccer mom for my kids. I’ve always loved hiking and travelling and hope to complete a long distance hike either in the U.S. or somewhere amazing, like Nepal, Bhutan or the PCT. My daughter is preparing to hike the Pacific Crest Trail next spring with her partner. She attempted it before but stopped in Oregon due to forest fires, weather and the burning desire to go to massage school. I would love to join her for part of the trek next summer.Sylvianne4

I started CrossFit at the end of May 2013. I knew about it from my son who’d worked out with Eric while he was playing soccer. Then Katie raved about it when she was working for me at the preschool. It took a couple years later to get to the point where I had no more excuses to avoid a workout regime. I definitely started at rock bottom – quite literally – squatting and not able to stand up! The past 5 months have been an exercise in accepting my limitations and developing the routine of exercise into my life. I have struggled mentally getting out of the house with the knowledge that I must humble myself in front of others with the simplest of physical efforts. I remember Eric showing me the basic moves during the 3 intro sessions to help me decide whether I wanted to commit to the box or not. Well, he scaled everything down, then scaled it down some more. He’d talk so fast just switching the exercise going – ‘Let’s try this. OK – let’s adjust and try this.’ Then it was: ‘I’ll help you up’. I left thinking I must be crazy signing up for 3 months of this. I was right. There were about 3 or 4 false attempts. My own mental state was keeping me from moving forward.

Within the first month I walked out during a ridiculously hard workout and didn’t return for the next 2 months. That was a major waste of money. I realized I really wanted to get fit. I knew the coaches at CrossFit were patient and really good at breaking down movements and explaining the WOD before starting it. I also liked the positive atmosphere of folks of all ages and abilities working together. The mental battle was on and I wasn’t prepared to give up – I just needed to adjust how I was going about it. I reached out to Shannon and we worked one on one until I was ready to join the elements class. Shannon was a blessing, patient to the core and positive in nature. She helped me accept where I was physically, and with just the right amount of encouragement. After 2 months of 3 days a week and her kind and persistent encouragement, I graduated to the elements class (again!). I stayed there another 2 months of twice a week. We joked about how I was ready to join the regular class. I wasn’t mentally ready yet. It was such a slow process waking up my muscles, fighting my inner demons and developing a habit of exercise that it was going to be a big deal when I joined the regular classes. Soon Shannon said: “Sylvianne, I may have to kick you out of this class soon because you are really ready”. Shortly after that I realized I was leaving the box sore but feeling good and actually wanting a harder workout. Wow! That was an unexpected revelation. I knew I was ready and it was time to graduate. I quickly made the transition. Shannon called for her elements class to go to the additional room and I remained with Eric. She blew me a kiss and I officially graduated.
The best part of my workout now is that I no longer just focus on myself. While my workout is my own, I can actually look up, see and appreciate all those working through their own fitness struggles around me. It doesn’t matter who accomplishes what, but we support each others personal records or moments of ‘I did it!” I am in awe of the young AND older mothers who struggle with their busy crazy schedules to take time to remain fit and not wait like I did until their kids are grown. I admire the incredibly fit athletes who push to surpass their personal records. I’m amazed at the injured athletes who struggle to remain fit despite their physical pain. I feel camaraderie with the other 50+ year old women and men who work at maintaining their fitness despite the extra effort it requires at our age to see the results. Somehow, Chris, Eric, Shannon and the rest of the CrossFit team have imbued a sense of respect among us that honors each person. I see joy and struggle around me each day at the box and feel alive and human.

As for my favorite workout- You must be kidding! There isn’t one yet but they all have to have certain features: obnoxiously loud music (by the way, I’m a fan of classical music), sweat, a few grunts, just the right amount of stress on my muscles and laughter. Oh… and don’t forget – that feeling of joy when I say: ‘I did it’! I still get the terms all mixed up – power snatch, the 3 types of squats, hang snatch, whatchamacallits. It’s a mess in my mind and I’m not ready to have a conversation about workout specifics. I struggle the most with my core – sit ups especially. I don’t know what a benchmark workout is and would rather set some fitness goals than name a superpower. My goals are to come regularly 4 days a week or more, keep increasing my ability with each move and weight, run a 5k (maybe a 10k), complete a long distance hike, and get nicely sculpted arms and legs so I can fit into a sexy tango dress (my hobby is Argentine Tango dancing). I know I’m on my way because I feel stronger than yesterday and more energetic.Sylvianne2

In closing I have to recognize and give thanks to the CrossFit team. You are amazing! Chris you keep it all real when you work out with all those ridiculously heavy weights and chains clinging and clanging then come and give me a high five when I complete a WOD! Eric, you know how to push me past my limits. Shannon you help me breathe and accept myself with a smile. Doug you remind me to ask God for help (even if in jest). I understand you’re the running coach and I want to be able to run 5k’s. So, we need to talk. I haven’t forgotten the rest of you, I just don’t know you, yet. Thank you for this opportunity to honor and thank you for what you have helped me and countless others accomplish.