Michelle – CrossFitter of the Month

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Congrats Michelle on being our next CrossFitter of the Month

From the Coaches

“Michelle is awesome! Her dedication to getting fit inspires and motivates me to be better as well. Well Done!”-Doug

“It is great to see Michelle’s hard work and consistency paying off. She is absolutely crushing workouts and has gotten a ton stronger along the way. Glad to see her hard work paying off in and outside of the gym. Keep up the great work!”- Eric

“Michelle’s commitment to consistency and quality eating habits has paid dividends and it shows. So much improvement and an encouragement to others!”- Chris

“Michelle personifies what being a member of the CFPC family is al about. She always has a smile on her face and works hard during every workout. She is a coachable athlete who constantly strives for improvement. Congratulations! You Deserve it!” -NIck

“I don’t have the opportunity to teach CF classes that much and so I literally had to do a double take the last time Michelle was in my class! Visibly her body composition has changed tremendously but her tenacity during workouts has really ramped up as well! Michelle bravo on your hard work, we have the pleasure of coaching you 1 hour a day but you are putting in the work outside the gym and it shows!”- Kenzie

From Michelle

I’m Michelle Bowlen. I’m married to Neal, mother of Ava (13), Jacob (13), and Charlie (9). I’m an anesthesiologist at Primary Children’s Hospital. Taking care of children is incredibly rewarding. I am constantly impressed by their strength and ability to find joy even in challenging circumstances. When I’m not working, I’m binge watching Netflix with the family or riding my mare Sugar. Neal and I moved to Park City in 2002 from Indianapolis. We live in Silver Creek.

Neal started Crossfit first. He talked me into trying it in March of 2017. So I’ve been at it for 10 months! I often still feel like the newbie as I’m still learning movements.

One of my greatest struggles has been finding the time to get to class. I tend to bounce around to whatever time fits into my work schedule. Neal is my enabler- he makes the coffee and drags me out of bed for the 5:15 class when that is the only time I can make.

I was a little surprised by how much I enjoy weight lifting- especially squats! I’m getting stronger and leaner and seeing real changes in my energy level. In October, I got serious and added portion control and a mindful diet to the crossfit wod’s. Since then I’ve burned off 20 pounds, decreased my body fat by 6%, and gone down 2 pant sizes. I honestly haven’t felt this good in years…

My favorite work outs are heavy days or works out with lots of repetitions (like chipper or cindie). The 12 Days of Christmas was really fun! I despise running and the assault bike even though I know they are good for me.

If I could choose a super power it would be mind control… that, or muscle ups.

Jay Dyal: CrossFitter of the month

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Congrats Jay on being our next CrossFitter of the Month

From the Coaches

“Always great to see Jay in here giving it all he can, when he can. Even when Jay gets tied up and busy he’s always do throwing down whether it’s here with us or at the firehouse. He loves his lifting and gymnastic moves which always makes for some great conversation, brain picking, and mini clinics between us, ha!Jay puts a lot of effort into solid technique and is always working on dialing in flawless form. Keep moving that weight and keep flying up on those muscle ups Jay!” Ryan

“It’s cool to see Jay rip up some of those gymnastic skill elements and I appreciate his relaxed attitude as well as the focus he puts in towards technique in the barbell lift. It’s cool to see him take advantage of the accessory programs which can be a valuable tool. Keep up the good work Jay!” Eric

“Happy to have Jay as CrossFitter of the Month. Jay is always paying attention to detail, listening to coaches, asking questions, and showing consistency day in and day out. He also frequently takes advantage of the accessory programs that are offered through the gym and it pays off. Glad to have him a part of our community and always look forward to seeing him in class.” Chris

“Jay has been with CrossFit Park City for a few years now and what I appreciate is his passion for the sport. Jay has volunteered at regionals twice now and he also does workouts at his base at work if he is unable to make it into CFPC. If you can’t find him in the afternoon classes he likes to come in at noon and work his high box jumps. All around great guy and I love having him in class”- Kenzie

“Jay Rocks! I enjoy seeing him at the gym and his positive attitude and demeanor are contagious! He’s throughout about his fitness, asks great questions, and is a true asset to the gym!” Doug

From Jay

My wife and I moved to Utah in 1996 and Park City in 2006. I have been working for the Salt Lake City Fire for 20 years and am looking forward to retirement. For 8 of those years, I functioned as their media specialist, producing media content for various departmental needs. My wife is a special education teacher, working on a masters degree. I have a degree in advertising/public relations but am currently in the first year of a law doctorate program. We have four girls, ages, 12 – 16, all involved in different activities. My oldest, Hannah, and I are volunteers for the National Abilities Center, a great organization. We all enjoy nordic skiing, hiking, rock climbing and mountain biking.

I started at CrossFit Park City in July, 2013. We had been using some high intensity, functional training at the fire department and I wanted more of that type of training. Much like most of you, I have always enjoyed trying different activities, scuba diving, paragliding, weight lifting, rock climbing, parasailing, etc. CrossFit seemed like a great way to be fit enough to try almost anything. The methodology does work. I have noticed how it is possible to PR on a particular lift even weeks after the last training session on that lift. Strength, agility, mobility and aerobic capacity are key to functionality, especially as we age.

The training staff at CrossFitPC is great! They present the technical training information in a very consistent manner. Yet, they all have their unique styles of teaching. That’s the fun part. It’s never boring. I really enjoy the social aspects before and after class. I always enjoy hearing other people’s life experiences. I’m usually pretty quiet during class because I don’t want to interrupt or lose focus. However, just know, I am holding back a plethora of humorously, sarcastic comments.

Alison Minter | CrossFitter of the Month

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Congrats Alison on being our next CrossFitter of the Month

From the Trainers

Alison is awesome to have around. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a complaint and she has worked hard every time I’ve had her in class which has lead to her seeing some solid gains. She has made a habit of visiting other CrossFit gyms while on the road for work which can be a challenge at times and only the truly dedicated make time to do. Keep up the great work Alison!-Eric

Alison has a great attitude and is always ready to give it her all no matter what the workout is! She’s always willing to put in the extra effort and extra work to improve on all of her skills. Before and after class she’s always performing the extra accessory work and body maintenance that is essential to improvement. With a big smile and positive motivation her energy is contagious even at that early hour! Nice work Alison! – Ryan

Alison is awesome! She has a great attitude, works hard at everything she does, and I truly appreciate her dedication to doing the movements correctly AND quickly. She’s easily coachable and a model class member! Congratulations Allison.-Doug

Alison is always ready to go at 5:15 am. Never a complaint at the early hour and ready to work hard. She frequently listens to both coaches and her own abilities while still working to push the limit. She cares about movement, is willing to receive feedback, and isn’t afraid to ask questions. Love her attitude toward the gym and working out and I have a huge appreciation for it- Chris

Alison W. Is one of my favorite people to watch work out (not to sound creepy!) All of her gymnastic skills are fluid, she cycles a barbell well, and she always seems calm yet determined mid & after workouts. I can tell she listens well to her body and navigates workouts with a clear goal. All of her hard work pays off because her son Zach is a rockstar in kids class and works really hard to understand the movements. Way to go Alison, keep up the good work-Kenzie

From Alison:

Such a great surprise to get Kenzie’s email, thank you so much! It turns out that when you fling yourself off the pull-up bar onto your back during a WOD that you probably increase your chances of getting Crossfitter of the Month!

A little bit about me… I grew up in Oil City, PA then went to college at the University of North Carolina and started my career in investment banking in Charlotte after graduation. I moved to Park City almost 18 years ago for a venture capital opportunity (at the time I thought I would stay a year or two but never ended up leaving). I met my husband a few months after moving here and we have two amazing boys, Dylan (11) and Zachary (9 and also a Crossfitter). For the past six years, I’ve been with a private equity fund, Mercato Partners, in Salt Lake, investing in private technology and consumer companies.

I started Crossfit a little over 3 years ago, I’m not sure what took me so long. I was a competitive diver through college and really struggled finding a workout routine that made me as happy as competing. I love mountain biking but I struggled to get through a Park City winter with a satisfying workout besides Iron Canyon. Please don’t ever put me back on a treadmill or in front of a P90x video. I love the constant variety of Crossfit, the competitive aspect and especially the community. I thought I was a pretty self-motivated person but there’s another level of motivation that comes from the trainers and the regulars at the 5.15AM class. It creates an environment that makes me want to perform better every time I come in. I travel all the time for my job and have probably been in 50 different boxes over the last year and a half (I joke that I should be a Crossfit secret shopper). CFPC by far has the best trainers, the best community and the most thoughtful approach to keeping athletes healthy.

My biggest struggle with Crossfit has been the concept of heavy days. I’d much rather come in for a WOD that makes me collapse on the floor afterwards. I gradually have learned to embrace heavy days and not cherrypick workouts. The Olympic movements have been the hardest for me (especially the dreaded snatch squat) so my biggest improvement has been getting stronger at those movements and being able to do the RX weights at the Open this year. I love all the gymnastics movements but really need to get a muscle-up. If I designed a WOD, it would be a long chipper with running, pull-ups, wall balls, handstand push-ups and swings. My favorite benchmark is probably Helen.

Andy Cordray | CrossFitter of the Month

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Congrats Andy on being our next CrossFitter of the Month

From the Trainers

“Andy is a breath of fresh air in the gym…. sort of. Love that he works hard, fitness is an important part of his life, and he is consistent, but it doesn’t define or control him. He never gets so wrapped up in the workout that he misses the community element of heckling his friends, jamming out the music, or just catching his breath to see how much he lost count 🙂 Our gym wouldn’t be what it is without characters like Andy. Plus, he’s always putting his fitness to use outside the gym and helped me to do the same. “- Chris

“AC!!! I love having Andy in class. Not only to provide immediate humor to any comment, but the dude works hard. He always comes in with a smile on his face and approaches every workout with a positive attitude. Sometimes we get so hung up on a workout whether its the weight or the time domain and let it bury us, however I appreciate looking over at Andy mid-WOD and he is guaranteed to be “Air-guitaring” or busting out the “air-drums”. Keep bringing that vibe Andy, I love it”-Kenzie

“Oh Andy…where do we even begin…The sarcastic comments about how amazing a 30 minute EMOM is? Laughing when someone out lifts him? Air guitaring and jamming out to the Metallica station mid workout? Haha! For real though Andy is a great dude and couldn’t be more stoked to have him at our gym. Always knows how to make you laugh and carries his easy going attitude with him everywhere he goes. He’s a good friend and anytime I want to spend the majority of the workout laughing until my sides hurt, I’ll partner with him! Congrats man, keep working hard and see you at the next WOD! #fastestkidalive “- Ryan

“Andy is always a blast to have around the gym for the fun environment that he creates as well as the heckling and it’s awesome to see other people feed off of his energy. It’s cool to see him push hard on a daily basis and put up some awesome scores but also not take the workouts so seriously that it becomes frustrating….that is a great attitude to have. You are the man! Keep up the good work” – Eric

“Andy is awesome. Always sporting a smile, friendly, happy, and great to be around. Every time he comes in, it brightens my day and I look forward to seeing him at whichever class he drops in to. He;s got a great attitude when it comes to exercise and doesn’t tale to too seriously, which I appreciate. Congrats Andy, well deserved.”-Doug

From Andy

Dude! This is awesome!! Double Rainbow!!! It’s crazy to me how much you guys as trainers (and members too) can brighten up anyone’s day. I could be having such a crappy day and as soon as I walk into that gym, BOOM!! All those problems seem to disappear. Imagine how fun it is when you’re having a good day, HA! As much of an honor as it is, I absolutely hate talking about myself, so I’m gonna keep it short. It took me like a week to write my bio for work, and it’s only like a paragraph long. I wish I was kidding.

I grew up on a small horse farm outside Philadelphia. After graduating from a Catholic prep school, I attended the University of Rhode Island. I then decided to kick around Costa Rica and the Caribbean for a while and barely escaped a sailing accident involving a lot of rum and a hurricane. I decided to land-lock myself for a winter in Park City. 13 years later I now work at Summit Sotheby’s International Realty slinging houses and moonlight as a bartender once a week at the No Name Saloon. My lovely wife Kara and I have been together since 2007 and we have a son named Johnny Rad and a little baby girl on the way at any time now.

1. I started Crossfit at Silver Mountain Sports Club in 2012 with Bacon and the Pepito Family and shortly after switched over to Crossfit PC in early 2013….I think. Im not sure, I’ve hit my head a lot.

2. I think what keeps me going is I’m really only competitive with myself, and I can’t outrun myself. Ha!

3. I think my biggest improvement and the thing I struggle with the most is being able to scale appropriately.

4. If I could design a workout, it would have legless rope climbs and bar muscle ups and sprints and moderate push jerks and burpees and wall balls and overhead squats and rowing and deadlifts and thrusters and pull ups. Pretty much everything with a couple keg stands peppered in there.

5. My favorite benchmark workout is probably Angie because I love pull ups.

6. If I could have a super power it would be to be able to turn into any animal.

Teddy Sternagel | CrossFitter of the Month

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Congrats Teddy on being our next CrossFitter of the Month

From the Trainers

“It’s awesome to see how dedicated and how motivated Teddy has been from the very start! Teddy puts in great work and is always striving to improve. Even through pregnancy Teddy has never given up and to see her m compete in this year’s Open is incredibly inspiring and motivating no matter who you are! Never give up Teddy and keep fighting the good fight, the whole CFPC Fam is proud of your effort! ” -Ryan

“How awesome is Teddy! So great to see her getting fit each day. When we first met, she had discovered she was pregnant and had decided to discontinue her intro sessions. Shortly after our conversation, she let me know that she’d like to continue and has been consistent ever since. She works hard, is easily coachable, and her effort is inspiring. Keep up the good work Teddy, glad you decided to keep it up!” -Doug

“Teddy has set such an awesome example for all of our members. It’s easy to be intimidated when you walk in the doors and aren’t sure what to expect, but Teddy stuck with things all while being newly pregnant and has consistently come in the gym, worked hard, scaled when needed, and had a positive attitude. So awesome to see another mom taking care of themselves and there soon to be little one. Plus, she signed up for the Open… bonus!”- Chris

“Teddy has been with Crossfit Park City for less than 9 months and is taking the afternoon classes by storm! Starting a new exercise program at the beginning of pregnancy can often turn people away and in this case Teddy takes every workout as new experience, scales down to her comfort level and maintains great pacing to control her heart rate. She listens to the coaches and asks questions or options if needed. I love having her in class as she sets such a postive example to expecting moms. Congrats Teddy, happy to have you as part of our community”- Kenzie

“Teddy is a great person to have around the gym and I have NEVER heard a single complaint or negative comment. It is unique to have someone start any new fitness program, especially a CrossFit program, after finding out that they are pregnant so that alone is extremely impressive. Beyond that she is participating in the CF Open competition…….this is amazing! I am looking forward to seeing what you can do once this baby is born! Keep up the great work Teddy”-Eric

From Teddy

First I want to say how honored I am to be “CrossFitter of the month!”… This was definitely a surprise and I had to reread Kenzie’s email a few times to let it sink in! I really want to say THANK YOU to our absolutely incredible coaches (Kenzie, Doug, Chris, Eric, Ryan, & Pip) for your support, constant feedback, and welcoming me into this wonderful community of people… Your positivity, hard work, and passion for CrossFit is truly inspirational and contagious!

I moved to Utah from the Seattle area in August of 2014, first to American Fork and then to Park City two months later with my husband Ryan, our now almost three year old son Ryder, and our chi-weenie dog Batman. It’s kind of a long story but to give you the short version, eleven days before Ryder’s first birthday, we heard the words no parent should ever have to hear… “your son has cancer, it’s Stage IV, and the chances of survival could be about 50/50”. We were swept into the hospital right way and he began chemotherapy. Ultimately, we didn’t see eye to eye with his doctors and after a serious staph infection lasting six weeks, two port surgeries, and about a month inpatient, I looked at Ryan and asked him if we should move to Utah (we had talked with the oncologists at Primary Children’s, among many others, early on but were on a “no travel” restriction during Ryder’s infection). Without hesitation Ryan said yes and two weeks later we were on the road to our new beginning leaving behind all of our family and friends. We both agree it was the best decision we’ve ever made and since our move, Ryder has made leaps and bounds and we’ve all begun to heal as a family in this wonderful community we are blessed to now call home. His current oncologist is also much more optimistic that it’s no longer an “if” but “when” Ryder beats cancer regardless of how and how long it takes to get there. We’re still a long ways from out of the woods but we’re learning to make the best of our situation and live and love that much more fully. We’ve also launched a website dedicated to helping families navigate through supporting their kids with alternative and integrative cancer treatments called MyKidCuresCancer.com as we credit so much of Ryder’s progress to the many natural protocols we’ve implemented since his diagnosis. Between managing the site with Ryan, chasing after Ryder and keeping him on his daily regimen, and of course going to CrossFit, my days are pretty full and very blessed!

After going back and forth for weeks, I started CrossFit at the end of August, 2015. I had sampled my first class about a week before Ryder’s diagnosis and then my world came crashing down so it was definitely a big step for me to try again. Ironically a few days after my intro class, I learned I was pregnant! It was a bit of a surprise but a huge blessing to say the least. I thought I was done with CrossFit before I started so I thanked Doug and explained why I couldn’t continue. He let me know that if I wanted to I could and they could just scale the workouts so I thought OK, no excuses, I’m going to do this. I am so thankful I did because this has been another huge part of my own healing process and has given me the gift of even more positive energy for Ryder and baby number two… which is why I keep coming back! I feel stronger both mentally and physically even though I’m almost nine months pregnant. I really can’t wait to see what I’m capable of after Ryder’s little sister gets here!

I see my biggest CrossFit improvements whenever I work with a partner and feel that extra pressure of keeping up. I never really think I’ll be able to hang on but then when I do I’m thrilled! My biggest struggles are double unders (which I couldn’t do even before I was pregnant) and anything that involves hanging from the bar!

If I could design a workout, I’d throw in running and deadlifts…I had to google “benchmark cross fit workouts” but I settled on “Grace” 🙂

If I could have a superhero power it would be to wave my magic wand and cure cancer but if there’s anything I’ve learned, cancer is a marathon and not a sprint and I know I’ll never stop fighting to get there.

Jon & Leslie Snavely | CrossFitters of the Month

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From the Trainers

“The Snavely crew! Well deserving of CrossFit couple of the month! While juggling full time jobs in which one is constantly traveling and two kiddos under the age of 7, the Snavelys continue to make their Health and wellness a priority by coming in to CrossFit consistently. I love having the whole family come in, you can tell what a positive influence Jon and Leslie are on their daughter Katherine and son “shifty” Matthew. The two kids always want to imitate their parents after workouts. Keep doing what you do Snavelys! ” Kenzie

“Love the Snavely’s! Largely because John is such and easy target for heckling and he can dish it right back… not really, although that is great. Both have been members for a number of years now and have shown their commitment to health and fitness by their consistency in the gym. Even after a knee surgery from skiing John continued to come in after recovering and used CrossFit to gain some of the strength back in his leg which I have a huge appreciation for. It’s a pleasure having their family be a part of ours at CFPC.” -Chris

“Jon and Leslie are CrossFit PC couple of the month! I love seeing you guys at the gym and enjoy the atmosphere you help create as well as the friendly banter. Keep up the good work!” – Doug

“Love the Snavely’s and the fun energy they bring to the gym! Even when it’s a whole family affair they are always having fun and working out stress free. Can always count on Leslie to be there for a partner WOD and can always count on John with some quality, smart-alec humor to liven the mood. Keep it up guys you’ve been killing it!” -Ryan

“Let’s face it, we wanted Leslie to get the CFer of the month award but we were afraid that Jon would throw a fit so we were forced to do a couple of the month award…..okay, just kidding. I love having both of them around and in class. I always enjoy having Jon around and he does a great job with the heckling. He has been with us for quite a while now even with a few set-backs and works hard on a consistent basis. Leslie is a ton of fun to be around but honestly I thought she was going to be really cautious and timid with the weights, etc but I was wrong. I have seen her work hard, challenge herself, and get after it. It is great to watch. Keep crushing it guys!” -Eric

Congrats Jon and Leslie on being our next CrossFitter’s of the Month

Jon started in fall of 2010 & Leslie started in Nov 2014. We both love the challenge that CFPC gives us. It has helped us to realize that we can do more than we think, and the encouragement of the trainers and the other people in the CFPC family helps us along.

CrossFit has really helped us to recover from a few injuries and introduce to kids to fitness.

When asked what do you feel have been your biggest improvements/struggles with CrossFit?

Jon – My biggest improvement has been increases in my endurance overtime. This has helped my CFPC work, but also my mountain biking and skiing.

As for struggles, muscle ups. I almost had them right before my ACL surgery and have been plugging away at trying to get them again ever since. ;

Leslie – My biggest improvement areas have been in adding weight to the power lifting elements. I remember not even being able to keep track of what a clean, jerk, snatch were for the first few months, let alone being able to trust my body to do the movement safely and ultimately add weight. The team at CFPC has helped me to build my confidence so that I can begin to get stronger and push myself.

As for struggles, running! It is something I need to keep pushing myself to do when it is in the WOD, and often I have my little people at the gym with me so don’t want to leave them alone for the trainers to babysit! Or, that is an excuse.

If we could design a workout what would be in it?

Jon – Burpees and Overhead Squats

Leslie – For me, I like the times where we work on something for the first 5-7 minutes and then add in a full WOD to follow. This helps me practice things that I wouldn’t normally. My most recent favorite was the Power Snatch practice with Power Snatches and Box Jumps to follow.

Our favorite benchmark workout?

Jon – Nancy

Leslie – Cindy

If you could have a super power what would it be?

Jon – What do you mean if?

Leslie – I would love the superpower of making more time in my day.

Jake Malloy | CrossFitter of the Month

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Congrats Jake on being our next CrossFitter of the Month

From the Trainers

“Jake has done a great job of staying consistent over a long period of time and making schedule adjustments to do so. It takes a lot of willpower to come to open gym on a consistent basis and workout by yourself, this is awesome and very difficult to do! He’s always a great addition to the class……especially when he beats Addy in the workouts. Keep up the great work!”- Eric

“Congrats Jake, well deserved. I appreciate your great attitude, dedication, and good conversation at the gym. Also, I love watching you throw down solo during open gym times, I know that it can be tough to get done on your own, and appreciate that you make it happen! You’re a great part of the community and I enjoy seeing you there whenever you come in. Congrats again!” -Doug

“Jake was one of the first people I met at CrossFit Park City back in 2009. 6 Years later and I look forward to having him in class or at OPEN gym. He gives each of us trainers and ADDY some sort of witty comment and keeps us on our toes. Jake is a no stress exerciser, he comes in and tackles each workout and is clearly sold on the programming of CrossFit (member since 2007). His hard work pays off, his daughter is a competitive Volleyball player and attends MOVE 2 nights a week to work on her strength. Way to set a good example in and out of the gym Jake!” -Kenzie

“Jake is definitely what we like to call “O.G.” The fact that Jake has been with CrossFit PC since 2007, and still going strong, is almost a bigger and cooler accomplishment than being CrossFitter of the month! Jake has been with this crew since the beginning and to this day still believes in Crossfit and trusts what it has and will continue to do for him. I had the pleasure of having Jake on my team for the intra gym competition and can confidently say he is an incredible athlete that can push past his own limitations to find new heights, conquer new skills, and tell me to get a move on! Always great to see his dedication at hard work in the gym almost every single day, and very Stoked to still have him as member so he can continue giving Steve Addicott a hard time. Keep on trucking Jake!” -Ryan
Kenzie R. Groot, M.S., ACSM HFS, CrossFit Level 1

“I still remember crushing Jake in the Rec Center with push ups and 200 meter runs. So great to have a committed member and friend in the gym. It’s been a pleasure watching his kids get involved with some of the programs and even more so to hear him continually heckle Addy. Taking full advantage of class times and Open gym hours Jake seems to always be getting the work done even on a tight schedule. Keep it up Jake… mostly the heckling you do to Addy. “- Chris

From Jake

This is awesome… I really appreciate the nomination and thank you to the training staff for the honor. I am continually amazed by the passion and depth of knowledge displayed by CFPC trainers. You guys know your stuff and are occasionally funny, so thank you again.

I don’t want to brag but this is my 2nd time receiving Crossfitter of the Month. The 1st time I believe CFPC had 5 members so I think it was by default. I had to ask Kenzie when Chris started the affiliate because I couldn’t remember how long I’ve been crossfitting. It turns out I have been doing this for 9 years…I can’t wait till I get strong.

My father was career Navy so I grew up all over the place and never lived anywhere for more than 3 years until I moved to Utah. I have been in Park city for 13 years now and can’t imagine living anywhere else. Every once in a while I need to step back and make sure I don’t take this place for granted. There is so much to do in this town and state. Aside from crossfitting, I spend as much time as possible skiing, trail running, camping in the desert, mountain biking, and playing sand volleyball. I own a small business where I trade and distribute dairy commodities. I have 2 kids – Audrey 16 and John 11. Audrey has started doing the MOVE CrossFit program. I am so envious of her… if I started CrossFitting at sixteen I might be strong by now.

Nine years ago I was doing bench press and lat pull downs with Addy at the Basin fieldhouse when I noticed Chris running a crossfit class. I had no idea what it was all about but was drawn to it immediately. I soon discovered everything about the CrossFit formula works for me…amazing community, great coaching, and you always hurt no matter what. There are many days I walk into the gym sore and worn down but still end up having a great workout. I am always inspired and motivated by all the positive people and camaraderie at the gym.

Over the years I have seen many improvements but I still suck at double unders. I can’t wait until spring when we start running again and doing less double unders. If I could design a custom WOD it would be a 30 minute amrap (love the longer wods) of muscle ups, 800 meter runs, power cleans and toes to bar. Favorite benchmark wod has to be the filthy fifty. Mentally it’s easy to move from one exercise to the next and know you’re done with it.

My super power would be time travel. I could go back nine years and start over….I would be a beast (maybe).

Siri Zakaras | CrossFitter of the Month

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Congrats Siri of being our next CrossFitter of the Month

From the Trainers:

“To me, Siri is what the CrossFit program is all about…….overcoming physical and psychological obstacles and having an improvement in quality of life. I have seen a lot of progress from Siri over the last year and she is doing things that I didn’t know she would be capable of doing. This type of effort and consistency has been motivating and inspiring to myself as well as other members of the gym. Beyond the physical feats that she is doing, I have noticed a huge change in her overall mindset…..which for many of us could be the most important thing to change. Siri, you are awesome and we are proud of you! ” – Eric

“Siri is giving it her very best every time she’s in the gym. Since coming back from a tough shoulder injury she’s stayed smart and worked her way back to getting stronger than ever one small step at a time. She’s always pushing herself to new heights all while staying healthy and mindful of what her body can handle. Great job on pushing yourself to those new PRs and stepping up to that next level Siri!” – Ryan

“Congratulations to my wonderful wife! Your hard work and effort pays off and I’m happy for you that others have started to notice it. Spending so much time at the gym, I love being able to share time there with you and even workout with you from time to time. Keep up the hard work and I love you!”- Doug

“Siri has shown a great level of commitment over the past year in the gym. She continued to do what she could in the gym while rehabbing her shoulder and stuck with CrossFit through a variety of subs with her shoulder. I recently got to have her on my team for the intragym competiton and she was a team player and always willing to step up to the plate. PR’d her snatch twice in one day and did burpees for 7 min with a head cold and no complaints. It was awesome to see her step outside of her comfort zone a bit and rise to the challenge. Plus, she has to put up with Doug everyday. Is there a separate award for that?”- Chris

“Siri is absolutely deserving of CrossFitter of the Month. After having surgery on her shoulder she diligently worked through Physical Therapy and rehabbed her shoulder. While rehabbing you could find her in the gym constantly working within her abilities and improving such movements as her air squat or building a strong core through GHD work. I am so impressed by her strong will and positive attitude and I love having her in in class. Keep up the good work Siri!!” -Kenzie

From Siri:

Wow, this was very unexpected! Thank you Chris, Eric, Doug, Kenzie, and Ryan for helping me become a better athlete. I really appreciate all the help you have all given me over the years.

I am originally from Roseville, Minnesota and moved to Park City with my amazing husband Doug in 2003. Before coming to Utah, I had the great opportunity to work in Glacier National Park in Montana which sealed my love for living in the mountains. Long story short, we came to Park City for one winter season and never left. I think I truly fell in love with Park City during our first summer here. I love to hike and explore with our dog Oliver, so what better setting! I’ve had several jobs since moving ranging from a city bus driver to dog trainer, and I currently work at The Montage Deer Valley as the Residential Accountant. I am also able to bring my dog training skills to good use there as I am currently training our newest canine ambassador for the hotel, Parker (a frequent visitor to the gym). It has been really fun to be able to combine my ‘real’ job with my ‘fun’ job, (you can decided which is which since my boss is a member of CrossfitPC). ☺

Growing up, I was always on some sort of team…mainly basketball and soccer. I loved being a part of a team and staying active. During college I wanted to try something different so I joined of The University of Minnesota Lumberjack team. It was a lot of fun and something very different!

Moving to Park City, I loved hiking but I got to a point where I needed something more. I hated going to the gym and lifting weights by myself, so when Doug got into CrossFit it piqued my interest. I was very apprehensive at first. I don’t remember the exact workout but it was a partner workout, so naturally Doug was my partner. I just remember being in the parking lot throwing med balls over our heads as far as you could. It was really fun but I was wondering what I was getting myself into! After that, I was only in the gym periodically because my work schedule would not allow me to be a regular. I didn’t really get into in until about 2 years ago when my work schedule became more consistent.

The community is the main reason I love coming to the gym. I really enjoy having a fun group of people to work out with. The way which everyone supports and encourages each other makes our gym such a great place. Then you have the trainers… Some of the jokes may get old (ie. “your shoe’s un tied”) but it makes warming up so much more fun when there are lots of laughs. I appreciate the trainers pushing me to do better, or putting more weight on your bar when you are on the running portion of the work out.

I had shoulder surgery in January so it has been a struggle for me to let the recovery happen. I just wanted to be able to jump right back into things, but I can’t. I am finally getting to the point where I can start doing work outs with the prescribed weights. I still struggle with overhead stuff, but I am focusing on strengthening my upper body so those movements are not as difficult, and I am determined to be able to do pull-ups soon.

If I could design a work it would be something similar to the dirty 30. I enjoy the workouts that have multiple movements in them. I may not be great at all the movements so to have movements I can work on and ones I am good at makes for an all-around good work out.

Chris Rutkowski |CrossFitter of the Month

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Congrats Chris on being our next CrossFitter of the Month

From the Trainers

“Chris is the man and I want to be like him when I grow up! I love his attitude and the intensity that he brings on a continuous basis….you always know that he will give 100%. A prime example of his intensity is when he rowed a blazing 2k (top time in the gym, including the trainers), which would have place him in the top 30 in the world for his age group, I then made fun of his technique and he proceeded to tackle me……there’s only two people that could possibly do that: Superman and Chris Rutkowski. Beyond his effort, he is always fun to be around and has been gracious and respectful throughout his journey with us. Keep up the great work Chris!”- Eric

“I Nominate Chris R. due to his insane ability to push himself in workouts. The man moves fast and works hard to get the Workout of the day done. Chris also knows his limits, some of his lifts are limited do to his mobility and he works within his parameters. I appreciate his gracious manner when he is in the gym, always saying thank you to the coaches and cheering other members on. Keep up the hard work Chris, love having you in the gym” -Kenzie

“I am nominating Chris Rutkouwski for CrossFitter of the Month simply because of his nickname… “Chainsaw”. Anyone that has that nickname has an automatic in. On a serious note Rut is always working hard. Intensity is one thing he doesn’t lack. Frequently putting in the effort, even when his schedule doesn’t always cooperate, and trusting the process of the programming. Always great to have Rut in the gym for the high fives and slaps on the back that nearly knock you over. Well deserved and long awaited my friend. Keep up the great work.”- Chris

“Chris A.K.A. The Chainsaw, Is an absolute beast! Chris brings his A-game and attitude every day and does whatever he can to get a workout in no matter what’s happening around him. Whether he’s sprinting to chase down another athlete, or if he’s leading the pack Chris always gives 110%. Hard working man in and out of the gym, he’ll be the first one to cheer you on or congratulate you on any accomplishments in or out of the gym. Well deserved Chris keep up the amazing effort and never stop proving that age is just a number! I hope I can run as well as you someday! But honestly probably never going to happen…”- Ryan

“Congrats to Chris! I love Chris’s approach to everything he does in the gym, maximum effort each day. He has a great attitude, is thankful and gracious, and is a fantastic member of the gym. Well deserved Chris!”

From Chris

Who is Chainsaw?

It seems like I’ve had many nick names over the years, my personal favorite that Coach Eric calls me and all the rest of the trainers think it along with Addy and Ray is “No Rep”! Chainsaw came from the Hockey rink and it’s hung in at the gym. I guess I kind of do like it! Susan and I moved to Utah for the first time back in 1989 (say what!) and have been here permanently since 2000. We have two great boys Caleb 17 a junior at PCHS (great musician and writer) and Cody 11 a 5th grader at Jeremy (football, basketball, baseball, x-fit). I stay busy with my work as a Sales Manager with Energy West Controls (SLC & Denver Industrial Rep/Dist of process valves, steam/air/hot water equipment and fluid sealing products), along with coaching football, basketball, playing hockey and the typical PC things skiing, boating, camping, fishing, golfing, softball, dirt bikes etc….However my most passionate activities are CrossFit, riding our horses and being a hand to a rancher for cattle round-ups. The roundups are cool, I ride for 5 straight days in the desert (spring) and mountains (fall) gathering cows and living out my boyhood dream of being a cowboy. Susan, the boys and I live in Silver Creek with Tokoda, Ginger, Stormy, Grizz, Rusty, Roo, Shadow, Lightning, Stella, Que, Kiwi and Chocolate our critters.

Where are you from?

Both Susan and I are from a small farming/U of M (Go Blue!) town of Dexter MI, approx. 10 miles west of Ann Arbor MI. We met there in grade school, dated in HS and have been together ever since!

When did you start CrossFit?

April 2011

What keeps you going at CFPC?

A number of things, when I first started my left shoulder was a mess from many years of sports and skate skiing (100 x that winter). The Doc said another rotator cuff surgery was required. I walked into Chris’ gym, where barbells where clanging and music cranking and thought this is great, sign me up! I spoke to Chris about my shoulder and decided to try it, couldn’t hurt my shoulder anymore. 4.5 years later, no surgery and I have never been stronger however, my flexibility is a joke. What makes Chris’ gym great are the trainers and us “the community”. What a great group of people with common goals, interests, and motivation. I don’t know if anybody agrees with me but this @#$& is hard. I feel very fortunate to meet and work out with people that love to give it their all and support each other during and after the WOD. The strength that we gather and feed each other is powerful, for that, I thank everyone. I have exercised my whole life in one fashion or another. The programming that our amazing trainers come up with, their instruction and motivation is world class, we are lucky to have them in our lives giving us their instruction and insight, they are BA’s. The way I look at it is CrossFit is the hardest thing I do all day giving me the confidence to handle anything else in my personal or professional life, bring it on! The mental high after a WOD is the best, even better than a Tito’s on the rocks with jalapeno/garlic stuffed olives!

What do you feel have been your biggest improvements/struggles with crossfit?

Overall fitness is the biggest improvement, I can throw 300 bales of hay for our mini ranch, or a neighbors on a Saturday, wake up on Sunday and think nothing about it. I have many poor movements remember “no rep” but really struggle with overhead squats, handstand push-ups and connecting muscle ups.

If you could design a workout what would be in it?

Well let’s see, how about 5 rounds of 400 yd. run, 10 power cleans, 20 box jumps and 3 rope climbs!

What is your favorite benchmark workout?

Probably “Cindy” as a benchmark but I like to stretch her out to 5 rounds (Coach Eric’s suggestion) for a work out.

If you could have a super power what would it be?

Flying High! I’ve always had a dream since I was a kid that I can jump and hover into the sky, looking down and admiring the farmland of MI and now our wonderful mountains.

I really want to thank Chris, Eric, Doug, Kenzi and Ryan! You all have developed a great box where we all feel welcomed, get challenged and become better people under your guidance. Thank you very much!

Laura Lamando |CrossFitter of the Month

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Congrats Laura on being our next CrossFitter of the Month

From the Trainers

“Congratulations Laura! I appreciate Laura’s willingness to learn and her constant interest in improving her technique. Her hard work and dedication are inspiring and she’s great to be around!”-Doug

“Laura is consistent, works hard, asks questions, and is receptive to suggestions from trainers. So great to see her improvement over the year. I am especially proud of her willingness to participate in last years Open with such a great attitude. Knowing her abilities but still working to push through perceived limitations set a great example to others around her. “- Chris

“I nominate Laura because she is constantly trying to improve. She takes the teaching cues we give her in class and puts in extra work at open gym to improve her technique. I enjoy her positive attitude in class, she helps make the 5:15 class awesome! I am impressed with how far she has come in her time with CFPC and I look forward to seeing her progress over the year!”-Kenzie

“Laura is a dedicated and persistent individual. What I enjoy most about about having Laura in a class is her constant willingness to ask questions and seek out additional assistance. She’s never afraid to speak up and ask a trainer to watch her perform a movement to make sure she is 100% on the right path. Always asking for additional efficiency tips and the best way to approach each and every workout, Laura is on a constant mission to better herself. Keep up the good work Laura!”- Ryan
“Every time I have Laura in class she attacks the workouts! She has done a great job with staying consistent and working on the mechanics of the movements. She uses her fitness to help her do things she loves outside of the gym as well which is something that I appreciate. Keep up the good work!”-Eric

From Laura

Who is Laura? What do you do for work? Where are you from?

So first off…Wow-Wheeee what an honor! I am humbled and excited at the same time! To be recognized and nominated by our world class trainers has truly made my year! Thank you so much Chris, Eric, Kenzie, Doug and Ryan for the recognition, for watching out for all of us while pushing our potential at the same time. Our gym is a magical place filled with a tight community of fun and hard work because of the energy and commitment you all have. You have each been instrumental in bringing me to a whole new level of fitness that I never thought would be possible in my later years!

Now and since you asked, a little tale about me…I hail from a big group of crazy Italian and Irish New Yorkers. On the Italian side, my grandfather was thrown on a ship at the age of 9 with his Aunt and 2 cousins to come to America from a small farming town in southern Italy. As an adult I realize how brave and fearless he was to land at Elis Island, not speaking a word of English, and figuring out how to make a life for himself in NY. I’m proud to have that determination and courage running through my veins. On the Irish side, I’m convinced they partied themselves into a life in New York. They taught me that life is a barrel of laughs and to not take it too seriously. The shining star is my life is my 4 year old nephew, Levi – he reminds me everyday that life is beautiful, which is his most frequently used word.

I was born in NYC and raised in eastern Long Island in a town called Farmingville. Growing up with 2 younger, active brothers, made me into a tomboy and young athlete. In junior high and high school I played basketball, softball, volleyball, ran track and field (my least favorite) and played field hockey through college, which was my favorite of them all. I attended college at SUNY Plattsburgh, received a degree in teaching and taught computer programming to grades 4 through high school as my first real job. Also coached HS field hockey for a few seasons, which wasn’t nearly as much fun as playing. I was constantly fined by the referees for being on the field too much during play!

After teaching, I found a career in sports and retail marketing and merchandising, which I have loved – worked for 2 Olympic Games (Atlanta and SLC), FIFA World Cup Soccer in Paris, managed events for Foot Locker which got me to Super Bowls, and NBA, MLB and NHL all-star games. After the Salt Lake Olympics, I went back to school and got a degree in photography. After graduation, I shot professionally for a few years, mostly for magazines and sport organizations. I am currently the VP of Partnerships and Client Services at Huge Brands USA, which is a national merchandise development and production company based in Salt Lake.

When did you start CrossFit?

In 2012 I was training with a Personal Trainer in Brooklyn, NY and out of nowhere one day he said to me “Man this Spealler guy in Utah is amazing” Having befriended Jill a few years prior to that I thought “Hmmm, there can’t be that many Speallers in Utah”, so I google searched ‘Spealler Crossfit Utah’. The gym’s website came up and there was a video of Jill doing pushups on one of the CFPC website pages. Then I learned about Chris’s legacy and got real curious about the sport, so I asked my trainer to teach me some crossfit movements – needless to say he tried – but when I moved out to Park City and started at our gym in May 2013, I quickly learned that what I was doing in NY was not crossfit.

What keeps you going at CFPC?

So many things but mainly: the great community of people that motivate me every day, the life long friends I have made, that I can deadlift and clean a 50lb bag of cat litter onto my shoulder and carry it to a register, and squat while reading product labels on the bottom shelf in the grocery store for minutes on end, while everyone else in the store is bending from their hips!

What do you feel have been your biggest improvements/struggles with crossfit?

For the first 6 months my struggle was adjusting to the altitude and learning to regulate my breathing, especially while running. My biggest overall struggle then improvement has been mobility. Since I’ve started with massages with Gerritt and learned what it takes to keep my body mobile, lose and limber, I feel that my movements and technique have been better.

If you could design a workout what would be in it?

Double Unders, Deadlifts, Pull-ups and hang power cleans

What is your favorite benchmark workout?

I actually have 3 – Annie, the hero WOD DT and Fight Gone Bad

If you could have a super power what would it be?

I would like the power to change hindsight into foresight – I believe this would save the human race from many bad decisions.

Terry and Aimee Preston | CrossFitters of the Month

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Congrats Terry and Aimee on being our next CrossFitters of the Month

From the Trainers:

“Proud of the Preston family as our CrossFitters of the month. I enjoy working with all of them and their dedication to healthy family living is inspiring. Keep it up!”-Doug

“I Love having Terry and Aimee in class. They both come in ready to attack a workout and use the time almost as a date for the two of them. They work hard and enjoy their hour here. I appreciate their dedication to technique and listening to their body when scaling may be needed. Lastly TP and Aimee set a great example for their three kiddos, two of which we have the pleasure of training. The boys work hard and want to get technique down (as well as get gainzzzz!) Great job Preston family! Keep it up.” -Kenzie

“It is awesome that Aimee continues use her amazing athletic background to crush the workouts and Terry continues to strive for the mediocrity that most former basketball players try to achieve….haha!. On a more serious note they are both great to have in the gym and are a lot of fun to be around. It is great that they have made fitness a family affair and they do an amazing job of leading by example for their kids.” -Eric

“The Preston family is awesome! From the dedication they show from parents to kids they are well deserving for CrossFit couple of the month. So cool to see their commitment to a healthy lifestyle have such a positive effect on their kids. Plus, I can pawn my Reebok gear off on them since no one else is my size.” -Chris

“Congrats to the Preston’s on being this months CrossFitters of the month. Amy and Terry are great and it’s always fun seeing them in the gym. They are very hard working in and out of the gym and it definitely shows even during the toughest of WODs. They’ve always made great improvements and have achieved incredible feats in the gym. I always love seeing them partner up on every partner WOD as husband and wife ready to take down and couple who oppose them! Of course it’s all in good fun! Even their young ones are on the rise in the gym so watch out for those younger Preston’s and the next generation. Keep up the great work guys! ” -Ryan

From the Prestons:

Who is Terry & Aimee?

We are proud parents of three (Chase 15, Alivia 12, Miles 10). Both transplants to Utah (locals now I guess after 24 yrs), we met at the University of Utah in 1992 both members of the University’s athletics department, Aimee competed on the UofU gymnastics team and Terry the U’s basketball team. Married 18 years we love living in Park City enjoying as a family all that our spectatcular community has to offer.

What do you both do for work?

Aimee is the Executive Director of the Youth Sports Alliance based in Park City, Utah. The Alliance supports winter sports activities for youth in Summit and Wasatch counties, promoting good sportsmanship and healthy lifestyles through participation, education and competition.

Terry is Area Vice President Cardiac Sales for St. Jude Medical and works throughout the Intermountain West.

Where are you from?

Aimee: Scottsdale Arizona;
Terry: Mequon, WI

When did you start CrossFit?

Terry began CF in late 2010,
Aimee early 2011

What keeps you going at CFPC?

CF has been a tremendous community to be a part of providing great coaching, high intensity work, in an atmosphere of very impressive individuals and a collective community. We have used CF as dedicated time together as a couple, it has provided us an outlet to achieve together and keep our sanity during stressful, busy schedules. Invaluable!

What do you feel have been your biggest improvements/struggles with CrossFit?

Improvements: Strength gains, diet improvements (80/20 Paleo adoption), Mental clarity post workout!


Terry: All things flexibility, plateauing, taking rest days.
Aimee: Plowing through even when you shouldn’t. Trying to listen to my aging body and rest, lay off when needed.

If you could design a workout what would be in it?

TP- deadlifts, muscle-ups (bar or ring), run, OHS, HSPU
Aimee: Handstand pushups, uphill run, power snatch, toes to bar.

What is your favorite benchmark workout?

TP- Tie between Diane and Helen,
Aimee: Fran or Nancy

If you could have a super power what would it be?

Terry: Time travel
Aimee: moving objects with my mind

Brad Nickell | CrossFitter of the Month

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Congrats Brad on being our next CrossFitter of the Month

From the Trainers

“Pumped for Brad to be awarded CrossFitter of the month! Brad’s attitude is always positive and on point. He, along with many great others, make the early morning classes very enjoyable and contributes to a great early morning community. Besides the humor at 5 in the morning makes you forget how early you had to wake up and starts your day of right haha! Glad to see Brad always pushing hard in his own personal gains, cheering on his friends, and creating fun and friendly community events outside of the gym walls. Keep it up B-Rad, can only go up from here!” Ryan

“I would never have picked Brad for CrossFitter of the month after he posted pictures of my calves on the facebook page as well as some of the other calf bashing he has done! Haha, just kidding. I actually appreciate the humor and the joking from Brad, especially at 5:15 am. He has made huge gains in his overall fitness since joining the gym that is due to his consistency, hard work, and working on the technique of the movements. It is awesome that he has found some pretty cool ways to use his fitness outside of the gym as well. Congrats Brad! Keep up the good work” Eric

“Great to see Brad up as CrossFitter of the month! I have seen some great gains in his body composition and performance over the years. Always willing to work hard and makes an effort to put in the time to do things right. Love the community aspect he works to bring to the gym as well. Congrats Brad!” Chris

“I nominate Brad for CrossFitter of the month because he brings such a great attitude to every workout (Especially at 5:15am) and makes a conscious effort to work on technique. Its really cool when he has a chance to come to class on the weekend and brings his son Hale to watch, he sets a great example! Way to be consistent Brad and happy to have you at CFPC!” Kenzie

“Excited for Brad to be CrossFitter of the month! Every time I see his smiling face at 5:15 am, he’s ready to rock. He has a great attitude and works hard during every class, all while working hard to maintain his technique. He’s great to be around and I’m glad to call him CrossFitter of the month!” Doug

From Brad

My wife is Janelle and our three kids: Hale (9), Kalynn (6), and John (5). I was raised in Iowa and lived in Colorado for 10 years before moving to PC. We have lived here for five years and love it.

I’m an avid mountain biker and love experiencing the outdoors with my kids.

For work I do business development for large electric power equipment. Simply put, I sell the all the stuff that moves electricity around the country.

My CF story is about my current job. I met Pete Jones at CF. One day we were chatting about what we did for work and realized that we were both involved in the electric energy, albeit very different aspects of it. At the time he was looking for someone to lead an aspect of his company. After a few weeks of discussion I decided to make the leap. Interestingly, I probably see Pete more at CF than I do at the office.

When did you start Crossfit?

March 2012 – I had been doing a “boot camp” workout program and was introduced to Crossfit by a neighbor and coworker. He gave me Chris’ number and said I should call him. Unbeknown to me was anything about Chris, the Crossfit Games, or that I was starting CF right in the middle of the Open. Needless to say it made for an interesting onboarding experience.

What keeps you going at CFPC?

The comradery of the 5:15 group, the challenge, and the training. After three years and I’m still being challenged by every movement and the trainers have been right there to help “correct” me.

What do you feel have been your biggest improvements/struggles with Crossfit?

Biggest improvement is definitely my overall fitness gauged by the ability to just keep going and doing whatever it is. It’s amazing how CF has changed my mountain biking. My biggest struggle is with doubleunders. After three years I really still can’t do them…at all.

If you could design a workout what would be in it?

Wall balls, HSPUs, and rowing.

What is your favorite benchmark workout?


If you could have a super power what would it be?

The ability to heal

Three interesting things I’ve learned at CF

* I am still amazed at how we all have movements that we excel at and others that we can’t seem to master

* Small improvements in technique yield great gains to your PRs

* Satisfaction is achieved by deriving pleasure from self-imposed suffering

Kris Dougherty | CrossFitter of the Month

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Congrats Kris on being our next CrossFitter of the Month

From the Trainers

“When Kris first came to CFPC I honestly didn’t know if she was going to stick with it or not…..not because the workouts were too hard or anything but because she came from an endurance background and I think she was probably a bit skeptical and hesitant at first. I am really glad she chose to stick around! She has been consistent, works hard and is just a ton of fun to be around. I appreciate that she doesn’t complain and she just puts forth a good effort all the time. Keep up the great work Kris”- Eric

“Good to see Kris still loving it and continuing to work hard after all the years she’s been with us. She’s always dedicated to showing up and getting her workout in, but the best part is she is always smiling and having a good time. No matter how crazy the workout is she’s always there cracking jokes and bringing in the humor at the right time. Always count her in to be there with her 5:30 peeps and cheering one another on until the end! Nice work Kris! “- Ryan

“Kris is the quiet and dedicated one in the gym. A true runner that has taken on CrossFit for a well rounded base. It’s been great to see her improvements over the years and a pleasure to have her in class. Always listening and working hard. “- Chris

“Kris was one of the first people I met at CrossFit Park City! She set the example of consistency, determination and hard work. She has been a role model for me since! I appreciate having her in class as she brings a fun & positive attitude to the 5:30pm classes. Way to go Kris!” -Kenzie

From Kris:

First of all let me start by thanking Chris, Doug, Eric, Kenzie, and Ryan for this! I’m humbled that you guys would nominate me, Thank-you!

I was born in St. Augustine, Florida. My Dad’s job moved us to Salt Lake City when I was 8. I moved back and forth from SLC to Florida a few times and ended up settling in Salt Lake. I went to Judge Memorial High School, followed by the University of Utah where I majored in Computer Science. After college, I got married, lived in DC, Pensacola Florida, Yuma Arizona, Shreveport Louisiana, and returned to the most beautiful place I’ve ever been, Park City, Utah. I share my life with my wonderful and amazing son, Fisher, and our furry canine, Henry.

For the past 7 years I’ve worked for a company in Park City called Lifestyle Electronics. I program and create graphics for user interfaces (iPad’s, in-wall touchscreens, iPhone’s) for Smart Home control. I control things like house audio & video, theaters, lighting, blinds, HVAC, hot-tubs, driveway heaters, garage doors, cameras, door locks, security, safe rooms, wine rooms, etc. Anything you can think of really.

When did you start Crossfit?

I started Crossfit PC when it was across the parking lot in the old location. I believe it’s been almost 6 years ago! Back when Sarah Spealler was my son’s first grade teacher and Eric O’Connor was his P.E. coach. I was reluctant to try Crossfit, I had never lifted weights and I was afraid I would injure myself or end up looking like a professional body builder. Ridiculous right! I’m happy to report that I’ve never been injured thanks to the incredible coaching we have here at Crossfit PC. I know our safety is their number one priority and I’m so thankful for that. As far as looking like a professional body builder… Yeah right, I wish! I’d just like to RX a workout!

What keeps me going at Crossfit?

The community, the coaches, the variety, the FUN! I love to trail run, hike, mountain bike, ski, surf, you name it, if its outdoors I want to do it or try it. Bottom line, Crossfit allows me to do all these things without ending up on a stretcher at the end of the weekend! The Crossfit PC community is amazing too. I love the energy of the afternoon classes, everyone is so nice, supportive, and funny! It’s a place I look forward to going after a long day at work.

What do you feel have been your biggest improvements/struggles with Crossfit?

Biggest struggle, overhead squats and push-ups. Biggest improvements, everything, but to be specific I guess I’d say cleans and rope climbs.

If you could design a workout what would be in it?

How about some trail running, mixed in with some deadlifts, pull-ups, and rope climbs!

What is your favorite benchmark workout?

Angie! I still have to do the push-ups on my knees though, they kill me!

If you could have a super power what would it be?

Healing. But if I can’t have that one I’d take mind control, that could get interesting J

Mikelle and Riley | CrossFitters of the Month

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Congrats Mikelle and Riley on being our next CrossFitter’s of the Month

From the Trainers

“I haven’t yet had the pleasure of working with Riley or Mikelle personally, but after watching their performances in the Open I can say our next generation has a bright and strong future. These two were awesome to watch not only because of their performances, but also because of their motivation and encouragement they expressed for one another. They were always there to cheer one another on and push themselves to new height and new limits. Keep training hard and smart girls cause you have a bright future ahead of you! Oh and for Mikelle, GO UTES!”- Ryan

“Riley and Mikelle are the future of CrossFit Park City! They both showed great determination and support of one another and their peers throughout the open. It’s refreshing to see kids that are embracing a whole new lifestyle of fitness and hard work. Congrats to the two of you. It was inspiring to watch you work!” – Chris

“I nominated Riley Weldon and Mikelle Losee for our Crossfitters of the Month after witnessing amazing strength and determination during the 2015 CF Open. Both girls were exposed to movements we have not done in our teens class and tackled them with grace! I have the privilege of working with the girls in our Teens class and am always impressed by their work ethic. They come in excited and are determined improve their skills. Recently Mikelle Clean & Jerked 100 pounds and Riley got her first Handstand pushup! How cool is that? These girls are on their way to great things! Congrats ladies!”- Kenzie

“It have been great getting to coach Mikelle and Riley in the teen class. Not only have I gotten to see them grow with their physical performances but I have also seen them grow into awesome young adults that are just great to be around. I think they have both found that they are much more physically capable than they thought was possible before and challenging themselves by participating in the Open helped them to realized this more as I saw them do things they previously had not done and push themselves to levels that they perhaps had not gone to before. I’m really proud of you guys for more than just participating in Open but for your effort all the time, for your attitudes, and the way you continue to grow physically and psychologically. Keep up the great work”- Eric

“Mikelle and Riley are awesome! It was great to see them go for it during The Open, especially with the events which were out of their comfort zone. Their great attitude and positive energy is an asset to our community, and I always look forward to seeing them around the gym. Congrats ladies!” -Doug

From mama Kim of Mikelle

I couldn’t be more pleased or proud that Mikelle has been nominated for Crossfitter of the month. Not only has Crossfit helped her improved her fitness, it has taught her learn how to work harder and dig deeper in everything she does. Mikelle runs on the Park City High School track team as a freshman and is faster, stronger, and more detected than ever, thanks to Crossfit. Mikelle has lived in Park City her whole life. Being a member of Crossfit has helped her be more involved with her community. I’m thankful that Crossfit Park City includes her as one of the family.

From Mikelle

I started Crossfit in the heat of last July. I can’t tell you how much I love Crossfit. It was always a challenge for me to get my butt off my couch and go work out. Now, because of my strange addiction to Crossfit, there is no contemplating weather to go to work out or not. The amount of happiness I get from just walking through the doors of CFPC is amazing. The coaches and the people are just so awesome, and they motivate me to come back again, and again. While I’m there I am motivated by my coaches, Kenzie and Eric, and also by my peers.

When I started Crossfit I couldn’t do a pull-up, or even a proper squat. With hard work, dedication, and lots of time, I can now do countless kipping pull-ups and squats are probably one of my favorite exercises. If I could design a workout it would have kipping pull-ups (of course), burpees, box jumps, back squats, and handstand holds (on the wall). My favorite workout so far was the one we did before Thanksgiving that was called ‘Merry Thanksgiving’ and all I remember about it, is that there were a lot of reps, and I couldn’t walk the next day. And for some very strange reason I love the feeling when your legs hurt so much that it is difficult to walk. It sort of makes me feel like I know I worked hard. If I could have a super power I would be to save lives that were in danger no matter what the situation.

I just want to give a huge THANK YOU to all my coaches who have helped me in my ‘Crossfit journey’. Eric and Kenzie, I would be no where without you guys. You both are really awesome coaches and I’m blessed to have you guys as my daily coaches. Chris, thanks to you I can finally do pull-ups and dead lifts without wanting to jump off a cliff halfway through my workout! Yay! Doug, thanks for always giving me crap, it means a lot. Shannon, thank you for guiding me through the rough challenges of the Paleo diet, and also helping me with my science project, I will miss you!

From mama Julie of Riley

Riley is an 8th grader at Treasure Mountain here in town. She was born two months early in Philadelphia and almost didn’t survive. Riley has been a fighter since the beginning! She’s an amazing big sister to Luke and Finley, the compassion and patience she possesses with them are greater than most adults we know.

We’re extremely proud of Riley for stepping out of her comfort zone, believing in herself and finding the confidence to participate in the CrossFit Open. She learned a lot about herself and what she’s capable of! We can’t wait to see her tackle the Open in 2016!

Riley started CrossFit Kids with Eric when she was 7 years old.

From Riley

What keeps you going at CFPC?
I keep going to crossfit because I like how it makes me feel really good after I’m done, it makes me feel like I have done something well that day.

What do they feel have been their biggest improvements/struggles with CrossFit?
My biggest improvement and struggle has been handstand push-ups because I got my first couple in the open but I had a lot of trouble doing them!!!

If they could design a workout what would be in it?
If I could design a workout it would be handstand push-ups, squat cleans, and pull-ups

What is their favorite workout?
I like rowing, thrusters, front squats, burpees,..

If they could have a super power what would it be?
If I could have a super power, it would be super fast speed

Nathalie Pepito |CrossFitter of the Month

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Congrats Nat on being our next CrossFitter of the Month

From the Trainers:

“Nat has been doing an amazing job the last couple of months by putting extra focus on her nutrition and by taking extra time to focus on technique by utilizing skills sessions. It has been awesome to see her hit a lot of “firsts” the last couple of months due to this effort and I love to see when hard work pays off! She also does an amazing job of dancing to Michael Jacksons song “Thriller”, the choreography and the moves are on point!!” -Eric

“Always great to see Nat in the class setting. I have also had the pleasure to do some one on one work with her and it’s awesome to see things “click” for her and watch her improvements. Well done on the paleo challenge, your consistency in the gym, and your great attitude. It has paid off without a doubt. ” -Chris

“Nat Pepito embodies the term CrossFitter of the month, if not Year! You can find her in programmed class, Open gym, OPEN prep class, and taking advantage of personal trainings! She has such a drive to improve her technique and she works on it endlessly. Most recently she tackled the PALEO challenge and the results paid off! She looks great and feels great. Way to go Nat p!” -Kenzie

“Nat is awesome! She’s been one of the most regular attendees in classes since we started checking in and has seen results because of it. Her dedication to her diet has given her a huge boost and she’s setting new PR’s every week! Awesome Nat!” -Doug

“Nat is the definition of the term ‘Attack your weaknesses.’ She has worked so hard in every class, every prep class, barbell class, one on ones, you name it she has done it to improve her overall fitness. Her improvement in and out of the gym has been as awesome as it is inspiring! Always brings energy to the class and is always willing to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. No matter the workout, movement, or scheme of things Nat will always be there. Great Job Nat!” -Ryan

From Nat:

Who is Momma Pepito?

I was born in Queens, New York and moved to Dallas, Tx when I was 6 years old. Needless to say I was not happy growing up in Texas so I decided to join the Marine Corps. Best decision I have ever made! I met my husband in the Marines.

I am a mother of two awesome kids, Andrew, who is 24 and Kalynn, who is 21.

I am a former Marine, who eloped to Las Vegas at the age of 18 with my hubby Andy Pepito.

After we got out of the service we moved to Long Island and I was a Postal Worker for 11 years. We decided to move to Park City in August of 2002 after visiting my family that previous winter.

We packed up and started over. I went into the daycare business with my Mother and Andy started a new landscape company.

Little did we know that 3 months later, I would be diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. Obviously, I kicked cancer’s ass and have been cancer free for 13 years.

What do you do for work?

I am the owner of The Kids Cabin, an hourly daycare facility here in Park City.

I grew up in the in home daycare environment. My mom did this for a living and I was always very involved with the kids in my house. When we moved to Park City, I decided to give Daycare a try and discovered that I was really really good at it! Who knew!

I love my job and work all the time!

1) When did you start crossfit?

I started crossfit at Silver Mountain in July of 2012 and I loved the concept and I wasn’t bored anymore. I worked out with Andy Cordray and Mike Bacon for a while, and they moved to CFPC. Andy came into my Daycare one day and told me that I HAD to go to CFPC for real CrossFit.

So Andy, Andrew, and I joined CFPC in March of 2013. It was a rude awakening to say the least!

I couldn’t do any of the lifts and couldn’t do a pull-up to save my life.

One thing that stood out to me was the community. I made so many new friends within 3 months of joining and I consider them family!

2)What keeps you going at CFPC?

CFPC is my therapy. It takes away the stresses of running two daycares and life in general.
I get bored easily and Crossfit keeps me on my toes always. There is ALWAYS something to improve upon. It never ends and that is good!

3)What do you feel have been your biggest improvements/struggles with crossfit?

My biggest improvements in Crossfit have been Pull-ups in general. I have never ever been able to do any kind of pull-up and it took me a year and a half to get one! Now I can do chest to bars.

My biggest struggles continue to be my fear of lifting heavy weight and running. I am getting better with this…the struggle is real!

4) If you could design a workout what would be in it?

If I could design a workout it would have pull-ups, burpees, and snatches in it.

5) What is your favorite benchmark workout?

I love Annie.

6) If you could have a super power what would it be?

My superpower would be telekinesis!