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5.25.16 WOD

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Jody gets ready for a big jump

*This Saturday we will only have class at 7:00 am due to hosting a seminar

**MEMORIAL DAY: We will have open gym from 8-10. The workout will be the Hero Workout “Murph”. Please be there and start the workout by 9:00 so that we can end at 10.


Row 1k

20 Hang Power Cleans (155/105)

20 Push Jerks (155/105)

10 Hang Power Clean and Jerks (155/105)

Weekend WOD

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Please be careful on your way into class tomorrow am.  Running with Ed is going on and there could be some people out on the roads on your way in.

Nutrition Challenge!!!

Many of you have asked about utilized “macros” for a nutrition plan and some of you have started experimenting with it.  We figured it would be helpful to give you all some guidance with it and have some fun with one another as well as some accountability.  We will be working on getting somethings set up for you to jump in and try it in the coming weeks if you would like.  We will also be having a traveling Dexa scan come to the gym the end of June to help you measure your results.

Some people jumping in on one of the Spark workouts!


For time:
150 squats
75 hip extensions or banded good morning
120 squats
60 hip extensions or banded good morning
90 squats
45 hip extensions or banded good morning

Comments:  Have you enjoyed the option of jumping in on a Spark class?

5.19.16 WOD

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jay l pull up

Jay rocking out some L-Pull Ups from last weeks .com programming


Hang Squat Clean


Comments:  Best place to go on a weekend trip during shoulder season?

5.18.16 WOD

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Vicky setting a 20 lb PR yesterday!!



5 Rounds

Run 400 meters

 15 Box Jump (24/20)

3 Power Clean (heavy, athlete chooses the weight)

Comments:  Do your friends get sick of you asking them to come to CrossFit?  Tomorrow is your chance to get them in the door!

5.18.16 WOD

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Another huge thank you to all of our volunteers that helped out at the Mountain Meltdown last weekend.  You guys toughed it out through all kinds of nasty weather!


AMRAP 20 min

2 Rope Climb (15′)

20 One Legged Squats

40 Double Unders

Comments:  Pistols,  love em’ or hate em’ and why?

5.17.16 WOD

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Boomer running the Mountain Meltdown!  Thanks to Siri for all the great pics from the other weekend.


Behind the Neck Jerk


Comments:  Are you enjoying the month of programming from .com?

5.16.15 WOD

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This coaching side of things is different!  Lots more to learn.


5 Rounds

Row 250 meters

25 Thrusters (45)

15 T2B

Comments:  Which is your favorite athlete from the weekend making it to the Games?