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Addy, Jake, and Dr. Morgan rode in the 18 hours of Fruita Race last weekend, where they held up their bike numbers and drank beer. Oh, and they won their division too.

Workout of the Day

5 sprints for time of:
25-meter handstand walk
Then, 5 sprints for time of:
50-meter walking lunge

Rest at least 2 minutes between efforts.

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U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Michael H. Simpson, 30, of San Antonio, Texas, died May 1, 2013, from injuries caused by an improvised explosive device on April 27, 2013, in Arian, Afghanistan. Simpson, nicknamed “The Unquiet Professional,” was assigned to the 4th Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne), Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington. He is survived by his wife, Krista; sons, Michael and Gabe; sister, Abigail; brothers, David and Isaac; parents, Michael W. and Barbara; and many other friends and family. Donations can be made in his name to The Unquiet Professional, a nonprofit organization started by the family and benefitting Gold Star Families.


Workout of the Day


15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:
Power Cleans (135/95)
Front Squats (135/95)

Comments: Work hard for a hero! Are you looking forward to Hero Month?

Mountain Meltdown!

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Nat and Jim enjoying the track, friends, and a P.B.R.!

Awesome job this weekend guys! Thanks to all who participated, running, stuffing goodie bags, setting up, taking down, and volunteering! Rain or shine, CrossFit Park City has the best members around!

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Weekend WOD 4.16.16

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Great overhead squats this week gang!

Workout of the Day

In teams of 3:

AMRAP 15 minutes:

1. 75 Double-unders*

2. AMRAP Toes to bar

3. AMRAP DB or KB Shoulder to overhead (53/35)

*Double-unders are the rabbit, rotate when they finish

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Photo Oct 31, 4 31 15 PM

Ice Man and Goose.

Workout of the Day

6 Rounds


Minute 1: Bike or row for as many calories as possible in 1 minute.

Minute 2: Complete 15 Russian kettle-bell swings (70/53)*

*Rest the remainder of the minute.

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MOVE class kids getting warmed up.

Overhead Squat*


*3 seconds down and 3 second pause at bottom of squat.

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Andy, looking fast.

Workout of the Day

15 minutes:

Build to a heavy set of 2 in the power clean


30 power clean (225/155)

At the top of every minute, complete 4 bar facing burpees.

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Barbells everywhere!


Workout of the Day


5 Rounds:

Run 400m

30 wall ball (20/14)

30 box jump (24/20)

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Tracy moving some weight!


Workout of the day

8 Rounds
1 Deadlift (365/245)
6 burpee to max distance broad jump
100 m sprint
*rest :30 between exercises



Comments: Do you know what your vertical jump is?

4.2.16 Weekend WOD

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Vertical jump testing with the PCHS Basketball team.

Workout of the Day

With a partner:

30 Clean and Jerk (135/95)

Rest 2 minutes

25 Clean and Jerk (155/105)

Rest 2 minutes

25 Clean and Jerk (185/125)

Rest 2 minutes

15 Clean and Jerk (225/155)

Break up the work any way.

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