Congrats Andy on being our next CrossFitter of the Month

From the Trainers

“Andy is a breath of fresh air in the gym…. sort of. Love that he works hard, fitness is an important part of his life, and he is consistent, but it doesn’t define or control him. He never gets so wrapped up in the workout that he misses the community element of heckling his friends, jamming out the music, or just catching his breath to see how much he lost count 🙂 Our gym wouldn’t be what it is without characters like Andy. Plus, he’s always putting his fitness to use outside the gym and helped me to do the same. “- Chris

“AC!!! I love having Andy in class. Not only to provide immediate humor to any comment, but the dude works hard. He always comes in with a smile on his face and approaches every workout with a positive attitude. Sometimes we get so hung up on a workout whether its the weight or the time domain and let it bury us, however I appreciate looking over at Andy mid-WOD and he is guaranteed to be “Air-guitaring” or busting out the “air-drums”. Keep bringing that vibe Andy, I love it”-Kenzie

“Oh Andy…where do we even begin…The sarcastic comments about how amazing a 30 minute EMOM is? Laughing when someone out lifts him? Air guitaring and jamming out to the Metallica station mid workout? Haha! For real though Andy is a great dude and couldn’t be more stoked to have him at our gym. Always knows how to make you laugh and carries his easy going attitude with him everywhere he goes. He’s a good friend and anytime I want to spend the majority of the workout laughing until my sides hurt, I’ll partner with him! Congrats man, keep working hard and see you at the next WOD! #fastestkidalive “- Ryan

“Andy is always a blast to have around the gym for the fun environment that he creates as well as the heckling and it’s awesome to see other people feed off of his energy. It’s cool to see him push hard on a daily basis and put up some awesome scores but also not take the workouts so seriously that it becomes frustrating….that is a great attitude to have. You are the man! Keep up the good work” – Eric

“Andy is awesome. Always sporting a smile, friendly, happy, and great to be around. Every time he comes in, it brightens my day and I look forward to seeing him at whichever class he drops in to. He;s got a great attitude when it comes to exercise and doesn’t tale to too seriously, which I appreciate. Congrats Andy, well deserved.”-Doug

From Andy

Dude! This is awesome!! Double Rainbow!!! It’s crazy to me how much you guys as trainers (and members too) can brighten up anyone’s day. I could be having such a crappy day and as soon as I walk into that gym, BOOM!! All those problems seem to disappear. Imagine how fun it is when you’re having a good day, HA! As much of an honor as it is, I absolutely hate talking about myself, so I’m gonna keep it short. It took me like a week to write my bio for work, and it’s only like a paragraph long. I wish I was kidding.

I grew up on a small horse farm outside Philadelphia. After graduating from a Catholic prep school, I attended the University of Rhode Island. I then decided to kick around Costa Rica and the Caribbean for a while and barely escaped a sailing accident involving a lot of rum and a hurricane. I decided to land-lock myself for a winter in Park City. 13 years later I now work at Summit Sotheby’s International Realty slinging houses and moonlight as a bartender once a week at the No Name Saloon. My lovely wife Kara and I have been together since 2007 and we have a son named Johnny Rad and a little baby girl on the way at any time now.

1. I started Crossfit at Silver Mountain Sports Club in 2012 with Bacon and the Pepito Family and shortly after switched over to Crossfit PC in early 2013….I think. Im not sure, I’ve hit my head a lot.

2. I think what keeps me going is I’m really only competitive with myself, and I can’t outrun myself. Ha!

3. I think my biggest improvement and the thing I struggle with the most is being able to scale appropriately.

4. If I could design a workout, it would have legless rope climbs and bar muscle ups and sprints and moderate push jerks and burpees and wall balls and overhead squats and rowing and deadlifts and thrusters and pull ups. Pretty much everything with a couple keg stands peppered in there.

5. My favorite benchmark workout is probably Angie because I love pull ups.

6. If I could have a super power it would be to be able to turn into any animal.


  • evan says:

    Why this wasn’t posted on Wednesday, I’ll never know… congrats, ANDY!!

  • Suzanne Pretorius says:

    Congratulations on being Crossfitter of the Month Andy! You are a joy to be around and I especially appreciate it when you are in class for the more challenging WOD’s. You always add levity!

  • Kim Losee says:

    Woohoo Andy! Its true… the sun always shines a little brighter when you’re around… even this week when we haven’t seen the sun!! Congratulations to being cross fitter of the month and on your new baby girl! Give my best to Kara!

  • tracy otterness says:

    Great choice for CFer of the month. Always have fun with my teammate, Andy. Rock on, buddy.

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