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By June 11, 2016 crossfitter-of-the-month

Congrats Alison on being our next CrossFitter of the Month

From the Trainers

Alison is awesome to have around. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a complaint and she has worked hard every time I’ve had her in class which has lead to her seeing some solid gains. She has made a habit of visiting other CrossFit gyms while on the road for work which can be a challenge at times and only the truly dedicated make time to do. Keep up the great work Alison!-Eric

Alison has a great attitude and is always ready to give it her all no matter what the workout is! She’s always willing to put in the extra effort and extra work to improve on all of her skills. Before and after class she’s always performing the extra accessory work and body maintenance that is essential to improvement. With a big smile and positive motivation her energy is contagious even at that early hour! Nice work Alison! – Ryan

Alison is awesome! She has a great attitude, works hard at everything she does, and I truly appreciate her dedication to doing the movements correctly AND quickly. She’s easily coachable and a model class member! Congratulations Allison.-Doug

Alison is always ready to go at 5:15 am. Never a complaint at the early hour and ready to work hard. She frequently listens to both coaches and her own abilities while still working to push the limit. She cares about movement, is willing to receive feedback, and isn’t afraid to ask questions. Love her attitude toward the gym and working out and I have a huge appreciation for it- Chris

Alison W. Is one of my favorite people to watch work out (not to sound creepy!) All of her gymnastic skills are fluid, she cycles a barbell well, and she always seems calm yet determined mid & after workouts. I can tell she listens well to her body and navigates workouts with a clear goal. All of her hard work pays off because her son Zach is a rockstar in kids class and works really hard to understand the movements. Way to go Alison, keep up the good work-Kenzie

From Alison:

Such a great surprise to get Kenzie’s email, thank you so much! It turns out that when you fling yourself off the pull-up bar onto your back during a WOD that you probably increase your chances of getting Crossfitter of the Month!

A little bit about me… I grew up in Oil City, PA then went to college at the University of North Carolina and started my career in investment banking in Charlotte after graduation. I moved to Park City almost 18 years ago for a venture capital opportunity (at the time I thought I would stay a year or two but never ended up leaving). I met my husband a few months after moving here and we have two amazing boys, Dylan (11) and Zachary (9 and also a Crossfitter). For the past six years, I’ve been with a private equity fund, Mercato Partners, in Salt Lake, investing in private technology and consumer companies.

I started Crossfit a little over 3 years ago, I’m not sure what took me so long. I was a competitive diver through college and really struggled finding a workout routine that made me as happy as competing. I love mountain biking but I struggled to get through a Park City winter with a satisfying workout besides Iron Canyon. Please don’t ever put me back on a treadmill or in front of a P90x video. I love the constant variety of Crossfit, the competitive aspect and especially the community. I thought I was a pretty self-motivated person but there’s another level of motivation that comes from the trainers and the regulars at the 5.15AM class. It creates an environment that makes me want to perform better every time I come in. I travel all the time for my job and have probably been in 50 different boxes over the last year and a half (I joke that I should be a Crossfit secret shopper). CFPC by far has the best trainers, the best community and the most thoughtful approach to keeping athletes healthy.

My biggest struggle with Crossfit has been the concept of heavy days. I’d much rather come in for a WOD that makes me collapse on the floor afterwards. I gradually have learned to embrace heavy days and not cherrypick workouts. The Olympic movements have been the hardest for me (especially the dreaded snatch squat) so my biggest improvement has been getting stronger at those movements and being able to do the RX weights at the Open this year. I love all the gymnastics movements but really need to get a muscle-up. If I designed a WOD, it would be a long chipper with running, pull-ups, wall balls, handstand push-ups and swings. My favorite benchmark is probably Helen.

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