August 2011 was the beginning of my CrossFit story.

Walking into the box, I was nervous, realizing I had never really challenged myself physically in my 41 years. Little did I know what I was in for, as my first workout consisted of three rounds of 200 meter run, banded pull-ups and kettle bell swings. Sounded simple enough but by the second round I hit a wall! Chris mercifully suggested that I walk the 200 meter and scale down the rest of the workout.

I experienced the typical soreness that most CrossFitters experience, yet for me this was a whole new sensation. The thought of quitting occurred to me often those first few months, but I was encouraged by the changes I was beginning to see. I listened to my trainers, asked for help from other gym members, and started setting goals.

Through blood, sweat and tears I began to become “cross fit”. In just over a year I’ve lost 20 lbs. and gained 3 lbs. muscle. More importantly, I feel more prepared to take on new challenges both inside and outside the gym.

While keeping CrossFit at the core of my training I’m pleased to say I’ll be participating in my first half marathon in a couple of months! Pretty amazing for someone who could not finish a 200 meter run not that long ago. I am thankful to our trainers at CrossFit Park City for their support and continued encouragement to help people like me reach goals that were previously unattainable.