9.16.11 WOD

Andy explodes through a Power Clean!!

Note: There will be a BIKE OPTION for the WOD on Saturday, so if that is something you would want to do then prepare to bring your bike to class on Saturday!!


AMRAP 15 minutes

12 Deadlifts (135/95)

4 Push Press (135/95)

12 Sit-ups

*If you want to change things up a bit then try out a pair of dumbbells for the Deads and Push Presses (55/35 per hand as rx’d weight)*

Comments: Would you rather back squat or deadlift?


  1. If I bring my road bike on Saturday, does that mean I’ll have to do double unders or box jumps with my cleats on? I know you two, and I can easily see your diabolical programming involving such awfulness….

    Back squats good. Dead lifts not so good.

  2. Addy, there probably won’t be any box jumps or double unders so feel free to wear your cleats. It should be a “fun” one!!

    Deadlifts rule!!

  3. Road or mountain bike?

  4. Kenzie, either one will be okay but it will be on the road

  5. What about Tammy, the tandem beach cruiser? Unfortunately, this WOD falls on Chris’s drill weekend but I might be able to talk Mama Hasiak or my sister into the back seat.

  6. Squat.

  7. back squats, not even a question, or any type of squats for that matter

  8. Deadlift, fo sho!!!!

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