7.12.2010 WOD

By July 11, 2010 Daily WOD

Sorry for the late post.

Run 400


Row 2000 meters


Run 400 – keep your time within 7 seconds of your first 400

Comments: What gets you motivated to work harder in your workouts?


  • Mom says:

    I think seeing a shark behind me in the water might do the trick!!! Basically, knowing that I am getting stronger and always trying to eventually get a workout as prescribed. Keeping records in the log and knowing what I’ve done before helps me to try to do more.

  • Mike Lynch says:

    Trying not to suck and trying not to listen to my inner voice screaming at me to stop!

  • Julie Weldon says:

    Mike! I share your pain! I had about 700m to row today and seriously almost got off the rower! The only thing that kept me there were the 15 people standing behind me cheering me on 🙂 I didn’t want to have to answer to any of them had I decided to stop early…

    Thanks 6 am 🙂 Keep up all the hard work!

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