1.30.09 WOD

By January 29, 2009 Daily WOD


Our first casualty of the gym.  The busted 10lb bumper.  If it's ever between your safety or the equipment, you always win.  But if you have a bar loaded with 10 lb bumpers and don't have to drop it, do you best not to.  The "taco effect" takes a toll on them and eventually this happens. 


5 Rounds

5 Deadlift (315/205)

20 Box Jumps

If you need a recovery day take it.  You can always do a workout scaled down with lighter loads or rounds and work on technique.  How important are rest days to you and your performance?  How many hours of sleep do you get a night and how many do you wish you could have?


  • Scott says:

    I know the work is what breaks down the muscle and the rest is what makes you stronger, but it’s so hard to pull back and do nothing.
    I’ve found with crossfit I feel so much stronger in my other sports that it makes me want to keep going and going.
    Sleep is key. I can tell the difference in my performance. Maybe 8 hours.
    The funny thing is if I’m over training I don’t sleep well. That’s when I know to take a rest day or two.

  • RussB says:

    Rest. Good. Keep strong. No rest? Sore happens. Not good sore that mean progress. Bad sore, pain and ouch.
    Sleep. Good. Very Good. Like 9. Generally get 7-8. Less than that, not worth much next day.
    Now that I’ve checked the CrossFitPC site, time for bed and rest.

  • Shahan says:

    Rest and work! I think the balance is crucial. For me if my muscles are too tight and not letting up it probably means I should rest. Which either means I dont work out that day, or I do a workout with much lighter loads or a more metcon work out. Just to get the body moving and the blood flowing, which all helps muscle regenerate. Ofcourse all this has been learnt from experience and right now Im in a BIG rest cycle!!!

  • senta says:

    I have to agree with Addy on this one. The nights of uninterrupted sleep are long gone, but hopefully will return when the kids hit 10? Craig and I wish the likes of Eric, Steph, Sarah and Russ the best and stongly encourage them to stock up on sleep NOW!!
    I believe rest is what we all long for and need, but simply never take time for it.

  • Eric O says:

    Thanks for the advice Senta. I thought that the only thing babies do is sleep…. what’s up with all of this uninterrupted sleep talk, haha. I’ll start catching up on the sleep now

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