1.29.09 WOD

By January 28, 2009 Daily WOD


Dave, second in from the left, is turning 50 tomorrow!!!  Hence the 45lb and 5lb plates. Mike, Sarah, Erin, and Steph help him with the math, it's tough to see those numbers now :)  Congrats Dave.  You're a beast!  In honor of Dave's youth we will be doing his "Goat"!



Overhead Squat (95/65)

Knees to Elbows


Good thing you're taking the day off to celebrate Dave.  We will miss you and I'm sure everyone will be thinking of you!  Congrats again and have a great 50th!!!

    How old were you when you started CrossFit?  If it's been a while are you more fit now than you were five years ago?  What are some of the benefits you have seen?  Spill the beans!


  • Jill Spealler says:

    O.K. Chris…this is NOT a qood question for me and Dad! I was just shy of 60 when I started. Turned 60 and am still going! I really wish I had learned of this in my 20’s or 30’s like you guys, but I guess it is never to late to start! We just try to keep moving so we don’t petrify! Mom

  • Addy says:

    Whatever, Jill. My whole athletic life, I’ve always strived to not get “girled”. Now, every day I have to worry about getting “Grandma’d”! You’re the gnarliest sexagenarian ever!

  • Speal says:

    Addy, what did you just call my Mom. I had to google that to find out the definition. I’m a trainer, not a thesaurus.

  • Sarah S. says:

    Addy, are you hitting on Speal’s mom? ahhhh! This workout is going to be lovely! Dave Happy Birthday!

  • Lacey says:

    Jill I’d love for my mom to meet you sometime. She’s tried crossfit a few times but insists that it’s not made for someone her age and that it’s “just for kids”.
    I did my first crossfit workout about a year ago (I was 23 then), but didn’t start going anywhere close to regularly until last November. I’ve been impressed with how much it’s helped me to manage my weight, and it also led to a 5k run PR while doing almost no run training! Good stuff. 🙂

  • Addy says:

    I have vague memories of this thing you call “sleep”. If I remember correctly, it was something I could enjoy for 8-10 hours straight. Of course, with kids, work, 6am Crossfit Dawn Patrol, etc, those days are way, way, way in the rearview mirror.
    315 lb deadlifts? Glad I’m taking the day off. See you Saturday am.

  • Addy says:

    Oops. Posted that in the wrong day.

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