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By January 26, 2009 Daily WOD


Here is CrossFit Flagstaff.  The site for The Great Basin Regionals to qualify for the 09 Games in Aromas, California.  Keep a look out for some of the workouts from last years games over the next couple of weeks to see if you want to give a go at qualifying.  They will also be having workouts for those who need to scale so get your grove on and gear up for a road trip!  Lets represent Park City well!


For Time

100 Pull-ups

Every time the clock rolls to another minute you have to complete 3 barbell snatches (115/75)

The clock doesn't stop so keep movin'!

Scale as needed, you can even use a dumbell or pvc for the snatches if you need to… no sandbagging though or you get a "treat" when you return to your bar.

Comments:  Now that we have a new blog that is apparently easier to comment on bring them on.  Here's a topic for you.  What was your first CrossFit workout like and what did you think of it?


  • Jill Spealler says:

    My first Crossfit workout shouldn’t even be considered as a typical Crossfit workout. It was pitiful…but I’m still at it almost 1 year later. You’re the best. Mom

  • Martina says:

    My first workout was FRAN at the grand opening. My thought was: “Hey, that was a pretty good workout and these people aren’t nearly as scary or as intimidating as I thought!”

  • Lacey says:

    Wow have I mentioned lately how glad I am I don’t come on Tuesdays? That sounds awful!
    My first crossfit workout was one I was dragged into. It was a “newbie” workout created for me. I don’t remember exactly what it was but it had some rowing and some jumping pull-ups. I wasn’t a fan because it was totally different from what everyone else was doing and I was totally out of place. It got much better once I started goin w/friends and was able to actually do the WOD with everyone.

  • Addy says:

    Thanks to your expert prose in the Newsletter, I think everyone is crystal clear on my first workout, Chris! Read an excerpt:
    “The set of 15 wasn’t much better with another peel to 65lbs and more flustering through this thing we call a “thruster”. Who is this girl “Fran” anyway and what did they do to her to cause this. So how can I get a workout in 10 min? Steve stopped questioning
    and was focusing on not asphyxiating.”
    Yeah…I remember it all too well.
    100 pullups? Yeesh. Here’s to turning our weaknesses

  • Elden says:

    My first CrossFit WOD was around 3 years ago from today which is funny. There was a Sgt. at my gym and he told my friend and I about CrossFit and how it will give us a head start in the military. (Canada wasn’t big on the program yet) We checked out the site and was AMAZED of how many exercises there were. We were curious about Wall Ball and it was a link to the Karen WO. We tried it the next day with 1 12# Med (heaviest the gym had) and relize how FIT Crossfitter were when we saw our time. To Summerize, CrossFit rules!

  • Comments! I love it… keep them coming! Chris Bova introduced me to CrossFit in San Diego on a Young Life trip and told me about the website. I checked it out and hit up “Cindy” at the globo gym with some terrible movement and range of motion standards. From there I was hooked though. Nothing else seemed to make sense compared to CrossFit.

  • Ben says:

    Not sure really…all I remember is that I could not walk correctly for about three days straight…I felt that I needed one of those cool elderly standing assisted chairs to help me stand up as well!!

  • Eric O says:

    Not sure of what my very first one was back in November of 2006, but one of my first that I did with Speal was:
    225 lb Deadlift x 15/5 Rope Ascents/Deadlifts x 12/Rope climb x 4/DL’s x 9/Rope Climb x 3/DL’s x 6/Rope Climb x 2/DL’s x 3/Rope Climb x 1.
    That’s bad enough, but we didn’t have a rope to climb so we had to sub 15 Towel Pull-ups per rope climb….that ends up being 225 Towel Pull-ups (with miserable form I might add). My forearms were on fire. Speal, do you remember that one? You had to scale the weight to 185 lbs on the Deadlifts….wimp!!
    Another one of my firsts was the Filthy Fifty where I just about quit once I got to the Wall Balls and Burpees

  • Cobi says:

    Don’t recall, it definitely involved wall balls and rowing, and I thought I was going to die!! Oh, and I forgot to mention box jumps. I thought you people were crazy. What a long way I’ve come. Oh, and I couldn’t move the next few days :).

  • Sarah S. says:

    I don’t remember my first workout but I do remember feeling toasted afterwards and if my memory serves me right, I wasn’t even using a ton of heavy weight. Crazy, how strong you notice yourself getting when you compare your strenght to when you first start!
    “I’m a runner, I’m fit!” Yeah right!!! ha ha ha

  • Ah, the deadlift and rope climb wod. That’s an idea for later this week 🙂 And yes, I do remember the scaling, and terrible towel pull-ups. I think we cut those short too!

  • Clay says:

    Don’t remember first workout, but remember it involved some ridiculous amount of squats where I seriously could not get out of bed the next 2 days and thinking “Is this really healthy for me to feel this way?” It’s been over a year, and I’ve stuck with it. Yea baby!

  • Doug Z. says:

    I think my first workout involved deadlift and handstand push ups. I remember coming home and seeing a few small capillaries around my eyes burst from pushing so hard with all the blood in my head. I thought, ‘whoa, this is the real deal, maybe I should ease into this!’ Anyway, I love it! Sick this week and it’s driving me crazy, hope to be back soon.

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